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32 thoughts on “2023 Dog Bite Fatality: Child Dies After Being Attacked by Relative's Dog in Frederick County, Maryland

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  1. Buh-buh-buh the poor widdle doggie-woggie didn’t want the boy to leave! The doggie wanted to pla-a-ay some more!

    Sarcasm off.

  2. A jumbo sized dog w 5x body mass of a toddler. Yikes! One would think the grandmother would have more common sense than to allow her dog to get overly familiar w her grandson.

  3. Notice, once again, no mention on the GoFundMe about HOW this child died. God forbid, any other parent is made aware of how dangerous some dogs are. These people will do anything to cover up the grievous mistake they made. A parent’s sole responsibility is the welfare and protection of their children. Parents and grandparents who own these bloodsport pets fail over and over, rarely using their experience to educate and possibly prevent another child’s death by dog. It just took one deadly bite, and another little life snuffed out.

  4. Grandma has enough money to buy a designer breed, feed a large dog, and pay for its vet care. She should pay for the funeral.

  5. Too many people are in way over their heads with these large dangerous breeds. In the vet’s office yesterday a petite woman was having a very hard time keeping her 85 lb Rott pup in line and away from other patients in the reception area. Her attitude seemed to be yes he’s unruly, but isn’t he adorable. Dog owners like this are under the misconception that their dogs think and behave like human children. Perhaps this grandmother was one of those owners. She was clearly misguided. A two year old should have not been in the same house with a 145 lb pit bull/mastiff. This child was “playing” with it? How does that even look? So very sad and very preventable.

  6. Of course the pit bull strikes again and killed a baby.and of course the family members sing the same tune he been here for years he show no aggression babies play with him he was the sweetest dog you’ll ever meet .the best line is I don’t know why my pitbull attack I have no clue .I tell you why the pit bull attack of no’s because of the dog breed it’s in their dna that what they were breed for no amount of love training and patience is going to stop a pitbull from attacking out of nowhere.

  7. There must be some kind of brain pathology that causes these dogs to attack for no reason. If that could be identified, people could have their dogs screened for it. Unfortunately there is no diagnosis on any of these dogs. They are good dogs until they aren’t.

  8. I suspect this mix was a cross of a pit bull with a pit bull.

    Looks like your standard XL Bully, American Bulldog, Mega Mauler to me.

  9. For some reason this morning while I was browsing the anti-pit reddit sub, I thought to myself, “We’re about due to lose another kid.” Shit!

  10. if i had to guess trying to ‘hug ‘ the dog goodbye , they don’t understand. when you love bomb a dog ”all day” its turns into familiarity breeds contempt effect another family destroyed by a dog

    • Yeah, I hugged our family dogs many times as a child. Maybe they didn’t like it, and sometimes would twist out of my grasp and get away from me… but they never mauled me or even bit me. Major difference between pits and almost any other dog breed.

  11. As usual with pit mixes, no history of violence is not an indicator of future lack of violence. What a huge, horrid beast to let a kid play with! He should have been playing with other kids. Might as well have provided him with a tiger for company. SMH

  12. I was watching the grandma being interview and she said something like .my pitbull never had a “history of violence “ he played with my other grandkids he got along with them.the baby grew up with him the baby is two years old not an eight year old boy.I love how they tried to blame the baby if he tried to provoke him that why he snapped don’t blame the baby blame the grandma and the pitbull .babies his ages play rough with dogs everyday like you don’t see a jack russell killed a baby it always the pitbull isn’t it

    • Was it me, or was that interview strange? You would think, if your grandson was just mauled to death by your dog, there would be some tears? Why do these people go on TV so soon? She seemed very detached. I would not be surprised if she wants to keep that big loveable lug of a dog. We’ve seen this before where these dazed pitbull “parents” have to really THINK about whether or not they want the dog destroyed. Really??? This will always go beyond me. One thing is for sure, if this animal is not euthanized, it will kill again.

      • “Animal Control is now assessing the animal’s behavior to decide what happens to the animal.” Does that mean Grandma didn’t ask for her dog to be euthanized? Anyway, Animal Control hasn’t given up on “Cash” yet.

        To be fair, I did see tears in her eyes in that interview.

      • People are often numb after a sudden unexpected death. I still don’t know why someone would agree to be interviewed in this situation.

  13. THAT thing “lovable”???? It’s a monster. That poor child didn’t have a chance once that thing decided to attack. Horrible.

  14. My daughter’s boyfriend’s family has a mastiff mix. She went to visit them and was given a dog cookie so to make friends with him. My daughter is in her 20s and weights 120lbs, the dog 145 (as the dog in the story). She’d be helpless…

    I was terrified, as she knew I would be at her story. With a smile she shrugged and said the dog wouldn’t hurt anyone.

    That’s what people think.

    Except us on this website; and with sickening regularity our wisdom is endorsed.

    I hope my daughter breaks up with the guy.

    And I am disgusted at a family that would allow a 2 year old near a big mastiff/pitbull or xl pitbull like that one in the photo. What the heck!

    Thanks to the person above for the info that in fact the aggression is documented neurologically.

    All the love in the world can’t change those dogs’ behavior. And what kind of granny Tarzan would own a beast like that in the first place!

  15. I hate how the news media such as CBS in this news article always describes these horrific attacks as a “dog bite.” If it had been how most people think of a “dog bite”, the child would still be alive. A normal dog bites when they feel threatened and then they retreat. A pitbull or other dangerous dog mauling it not a “dog bite.” News media need to call these attacks for what they are, maulings.

  16. This is so sad…

    I was shocked by the stats on pitbulls, especially how they account for 72% of fatal bites,. There are a lot of pit bulls mixes at the local dog park. including one that has attacked multiple dogs. I thought it was just that one dog, but now I think I’ll take my 40 lb. Welsh Springer somewhere else.

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