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21 thoughts on “2023 Dog Bite Fatality: Man, 47, Severely Mauled by Pit Bull in September Dies While Hospitalized in San Antonio

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  1. The pitbull strike again.poor anthony just chilling outside his house and these ugly beast of a dog killed him. I seriously wanted to if you give the pro pitbull these dog killing statistics what are they going to say probably these are lies those aren’t real pitbull there no such thing as a pitbull breed and the list goes on.

  2. Look at that hideous, rampaging beast. It is something out of a horror movie.

    The people killed and injured by these things is just the tip of the iceberg (and, no, I am not trying to minimize those outcomes). People are living in fear, and living diminished lives due to these monsters roaming our streets and neighborhoods.

    Enough. Human beings can’t live like this.

  3. Well the texas legislature passed a good law that was a good start but then tx governor abbott vetoed that bi partisan bill
    Greg abbott obviously is taking money and bribes from the pitbull propaganda machine

  4. If you have pit bull owning neighbors it almost guarantees an attack at some point. He should not have gone out without the gun. I keep a weapon on me, even in my OWN yard.

  5. Some people are so desperate to compensate for their inadequacies that they seek out intimidating dogs like this one and put everyone in their neighborhood at risk. These dogs are not even very smart, in my opinion, or even loyal. Just mean and ugly, a four legged weapon, exceedingly dangerous, and should, in the very least, require a background check and permit to own.

    • Quoting from the GoFundMe page:

      “Please spay and neuter your pets. Treat them with kindness and respect.”

      Sorry to say, but none of these actions will prevent what happened to this poor man. None whatsoever.

      • Neighbor…you’re absolutely right. This man was on his deathbed still defending pits, and the photo of him cuddling one is telling. Ironically, this is National Pitbull Awareness month; a celebration of this poor misunderstood mutant. It’s also one year ago on October 5th that two children were mauled to death as their mother fought to save them. She nearly lost her life. As a mother, I bet she would have rather died with them than bear a lifetime of regret and loss. I really thought that might be a tipping point for Tennessee. I was wrong. Whether it’s Tennessee or Texas, nothing changes if nothing changes. In fact, we’re seeing bans rolled back. Take note of Florida and Colorado. In my state, one county rolled back their ban on pits. Since then, three people have been attacked by pit “service” animals. Talk about a contradiction in terms! The hope is that places like the UK will shine a light on the insidious nature of these beasts. If even one life is saved, it’s worth it.

  6. “ He blamed his girlfriend’s elderly mother for letting the dogs outside without his knowledge. He also alleged the victim reached his hand over the fence-line.”

    Of course, it’s always everyone else’s fault when pits do exactly what they were bred to do.

    • Yes, pit bull apologists never take responsibility, its always someone else’s fault. And if this guy was telling the truth and his girlfriend’s elderly mother let them out, it was probably because she saw them sizing her up and didn’t want them to attack her. People should not be owning these dangerous dog breeds, and double that if they live in a small apartment or trailer.

  7. I cannot imagine the horror this man felt while being eaten by a
    pitbull. It’s surprising the female pit didn’t bite.. Obviously the pits’ owner didn’t properly confine them. His male was euthanized. Did he take his female home even though she was spayed? Did he like these dogs or was it all about the money from puppies? Was spaying the female sort of accidental? If the owner didn’t surrender the dogs, did anyone have a legal
    right to spay her? I’m glad she was spayed.

    A friend some years ago had some of her animals seized. (She was found not guilty by a jury, but some of her animals were spayed/neutered.) It was not legal.

    • We are hard pressed to believe the female had no culpability at all. Yes — San Antonio had the legal right to spay her. She bolted off property and was part of a biting incident. The city has an ordinance that addresses this.

  8. Something needs to happen. The shit paul went through this past month was unreal. Venus went back to the owner after being sterilized.

    • Are you in contact with Rep. Liz Campos? She wants to know why the felony dog attack charge that was initially recommended in this case was later pulled. I would contact her office:

      An owner does not have to be present at the time of a vicious attack to be guilty of criminal negligence. At the very least, let a grand jury determine if there should be an indictment.

      If you need any help getting records, we can write those FOIAs for you. Just email us.

      I am so sorry that your brother had to suffer so much. It’s unspeakable and unfathomable. The homicide unit was called to the scene immediately after the attack. That’s how bad it was.

      My heart breaks for your whole family.

  9. Enough already.

    Even if areas aren’t willing to outright ban all pitbulls, for the love of everything that’s holy, at LEAST ban the XLs since they seem to be the #1 headliners due to their inbreeding.

    It would least be a start into making some inroads to lessening the death toll by these mutants.

    Arrest anyone who owns them the second it steps outside without a muzzle. Confiscate it and euthanize it.

    That should at least force SOME compliance from these dangerous nutters.

    • XL bullies or whatever you want to call them may be more lethal simply because they are bigger and stronger. Inbreeding doubles on both good and bad traits.
      By itself, inbreeding does not result in aggressive dogs. However, if inbreeding on nasty tempered dogs, progeny might be more aggressive.

  10. I don’t understand how you can choose to own a known mauler and when it goes off property and kills someone then shrug your shoulders and ask “Wha happened?”

    If a neighbors tiger or bear had mauled someone they would go to jail.
    Sad it is different if a dog does it.
    So many people can not accept that dogs can do wrong.

    • I’ve stopped seeing pitbulls as dogs. They’re genetically manipulated apex predators.

      The yapping Maltese down the street is a dog. The sniffy yodelling neighbour’s beagle is a dog. The ball obsessed mutt the elderly fellow brought home from the streets of Greece is a dog. My friendly but occasionally aloof husky is a dog. The GSD that thinks it needs to protect its stupid owner walking down the sidewalk, is a dog. The offlead Malinois that clings to its owner’s leg like its nose is glued there, is a dog.

      None of them are trying to kill me or my dog. They might bark, stare, or behave but they aren’t lunging like maniacs with a murder obsession.

  11. Once again we see that familiarity with the dogs provided no protection from the dogs. We again see the imbecile who chose to breed thug fashion accessory dogs refuse responsibility when all this could have been avoided has he chose to breed normal, biddable PET dogs. I hope he goes to jail.

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