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11 thoughts on “2023 Dog Bite Fatality: Infant Killed by Pit Bull-Husky Mix, After 'Bite to the Neck,' in Lenawee County, Michigan

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  1. Here the pitbull strike again and killed a precious baby poor baby girl just living her life and this ugly beast of a dog killed her. I wonder if a full blood pitbull or they just labeling a mix.anyway why would her mother left her baby with someone who own a she on the growing list where the grandma pitbull killed her grandson or granddaughter.

    • Hmm you are on to something. When it’s a family pitbull that attacks most of the time the pitbull seems to be owned by the older family members like grandparents or great aunts or in laws which kill their family members.

      Even when my wife was attacked as a child it was from her great aunt’s dog!

  2. It seems like an inordinate number of babies and children are getting mauled to death by dangerous dogs when they visit grandma. How many of these occur because grandpa feels a strong need to get a pitbull or other dangerous dog?

  3. How sad! In general, the Husky breed is considered more closely related to the wolf than most breeds. The pitbull was bred to kill. Whenever I hear of these stories, I always think of owners squeaking squeaky toys and enticing the dog to go after the squeaky toy. A squeaky toy might sound like an infant.
    Grabbing the squeaky toy is encouraged. Why not grab the baby? The dog might not know better.

    I am not defending the dog. What I am saying is that all dogs should be handled in such a way that the dog realizes the baby is cherished. I see stuff on the internet all the time where a young child is treated inappropriately around a dog. For example, some years ago, a woman photographed her newborn baby with its feet on the pitbull’s head. That baby died before it was a month old.

    Although I fully realize this death may be breed related, I think some of these deaths are preventable. It would be great if we could hear the real story.

  4. I know huskies can be predatory, but if the dog pictured was the attacker… I don’t see any husky in it. Pure, ugly, pit. Pig dogs, I call them.

    • Correct. There is another dog in the home that is neither pit bull or husky too. The usual elements of a husky-inflicted infant fatality also were not present.

  5. That dog has about as much husky in it as my cat, does. What it has, is blue eyes. That’s not just a husky trait.

    Yes huskies have been known to grab infants by the head on rare occasions so most Northern breed owners know to watch for this. I’ve never heard of one grabbing a child by the throat.

    Of course, it *looks* like a pitbull, has pitbull owners and bit in a pitbull fashion–to kill.

    Pitbulls are not pets. Just had a buddy get one from a shelter.

    Just waitin’ on the tragedy. Hope it doesn’t happen but I won’t be shocked if it does.

  6. I do actually see a little Husky in this pit creature. It’s the eyes, the ear set, and snoot a little. But it’s more pit than Husky, and what a terrible combination, especially to have around children.

  7. I suspect as with many genetical traits mixing brings the risk of inheriting two traits- killing small prey and opportunistically human infants, as well as the strong terrier instinct and aggression even towards its own family in pit bulls.

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