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34 thoughts on “2023 Dog Bite Fatality: Arkansas Man Arrested After Pack of Guarding Breeds and Pit Bulls Killed his Cousin

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  1. Good grief! Mixing pits with malinois, cane corsos, wolfdogs, and the like–what could possibly go wrong? Then training them as guard dogs for social media likes…disgusting. Our society glorifies violence even among our pets. Can we ever change this?

  2. So this fool thought to himself that is will be a great idea to have multiple pitbull and dangerous dogs and he trained them to be aggressive and attacked to protect his land or whatever he reason was behind it and his cousin is more of a fool willing to be around him knowing he trained his dogs to be aggressive lucky is was a adult person and not a child baby or toddler relative.

    • Right now, we don’t know anything about the cousin — why he was on the property or if he was. The dogs were unrestrained. Because of the upcoming criminal case, it doesn’t seem likely that new information will be released. But we might learn more if a family member speaks to a media outlet.

        • My deepest condolences for the loss of your brother, Rhonda

          This guy was NOT a “protection dog trainer”–or at the very least, not a competent one. The #1 rule of ethical protection dog trainers is 100% off-lead control. What does that mean?

          It means the dogs do NOT attack, not ever, without a command from the handler or direct threat to the handler while incapacitated. Pitbulls and molassar breeds don’t have the brains or biddability in a crisis to be trained for such work.

          What he had–was a pack of dogs he encouraged in aggressive behavior. Dogs he profited, from, never worked in the field with, and then sold his half-baked services to rubes. Rubes who didn’t have the sense to contact long-standing competition-winning professionals in the field to get a proper reference. Nobody, but nobody respected in that field leaves a pack of dogs running loose in their yard to do as they will.

          It enrages me that he had the audacity to sell his services to gullible marks and saddens me that your brother was slaughtered as a result of his hubris.

    • I’m sure he put down his “yard of dogs” afterward—the ones involved in the attack. Some dogs may have been secure in outdoor kennels, etc. We aren’t totally clear on this yet, but there seemed to be a property change within the last year.

  3. That was my brother and now he’s dead. This left his 2 kids without there dad. When they told my moma she started screaming my baby is gone. Imagine seeing your mom in that much pain.

    • I am so sorry for your terrible loss. It’s hard to imagine the suffering he endured from those dogs. I hope the media will air your account of this vicious attack. Readers at this website certainly want to know who your brother was too. We have not found any public memorials or GoFundMe’s written about him yet. Contact us directly if you’d like to correspond through email:

  4. 97%

    James was my brother he was the best brother and all I think about is the pain he endured while he was dieing. My moma is still kinda in shock. He was in a wheelchair because he was disabled and he stayed with Scott and Patricia because he thought they was his friends because he lived across the road from them. They saying he was homeless but that’s a flat out lie and we have proof of it. There are kids that live down that road and those dogs were running free but we are still confused he was on the ground and his wheelchair was on the porch. I don’t think the dogs pulled him out of the chair because there was no blood on the porch but it was on the ground about 6 feet from the porch. Scott also threatened to shoot his neighbor so there more to the story and he’s out on bond we are waiting on a court date. His body was so bad we couldn’t even view his body. I didn’t get the chance to say goodbye neither did his 2 kids.

  5. I found out that he only fed those dogs every few days to make them more aggressive. The corner said the dogs didn’t just bite him. They fed on my brother. Can you imagine getting that kinda news about your family member.

    • The pitbull/dangerous dog nutters will try to spin a million yarns about how they were “good doggoes”, that the owner either abused them or they were rescues, how your brother “did something” to make it happen etc. etc. etc. SSDD around here, sadly.

      We’re familiar with all the lies they’ll tell you about these dogs and tell about your brother.

      The base facts are simple. This man had a pack of dogs he claimed he trained for “protection work” (in other words, he knew they had aggressive tendencies) that he let loose in his yard with zero supervision.

      Those dogs shredded a disabled man.

      Negligent homicide, at the very least–just from those simple facts. Anything more? Heavier charges and more context. There’s no excuse for this. None.

      Nobody deserves this fate.

  6. I hope LE investigates the hell out of this and uncovers the complete accurate details of this incident
    I believe there are only 2 probable scenarios
    LE needs to start with the source of the statements of:
    1-that James was homeless (we know the purpose of this lie)
    2-that dogs pulled James out of his wheelchair (why would someone tell this lie or why would this assumption be made or spread around?)

    Also I’m sure Scott and Patricia have fed their dogs many different types of ‘food’ and kibble is probably 1 of the least frequent food sources
    Seriously , think hard about that in detail

    • Pitbulls and Rottweilers will often deglove their victims.

      It’s not always about hunger. It’s about shredding live prey. Think of what cats do to mice/birds even with a full bowl of cat food.

      Same instinct.

    • They show how they fed these dogs on their youtube page. They would place an animal (like a deer) on a rope and hang it up and let the dogs jump at and bite pieces off of the animal.

      • This is a corruption of feeding a prey diet this sadist invented.

        Prey diet is simply feeding dogs what they prefer in the wild in the hope they will be healthier. Certainly it does improve their dental health. Tame dogs are scavengers more than they’re hunters.

        Generally, people just put the food on a mat, plate or even on the ground for the dog…raw chicken legs, chunks of raw beef, raw organ meat etc.

        Never met anyone feeding prey diet who “hung” the meat up to swing and mimic eating live prey. Dogs aren’t snakes–there’s no valid reason for them to be eating faked live prey.

        The man was seriously unhinged.

  7. Thanks both to Rhonda Burns and to Boni for their comments here. They’ve each shed light on different aspects of this horrific incident.

  8. In 2020, the Dog Husbandry Blacklist posted a highly disturbing post showing what Scott (Sam) McCool posted to the “Pit Bulls” group in 2020. There are many posts on McCool’s Facebook page where he shares the post to the Pit Bulls group (that he Admins or did at that time). I am publishing the text — the gory photos can be seen at the link. Despite the relentless argument of whether pit bulls are inherently dangerous due to the selection for dogfighting, this speaks to McCool’s “Stumpline pups” and his desire to breed dogs that are “savage” at birth. His YouTube channel and Facebook page express the same thing. He seeks out specific bloodlines and pedigrees within bull breeds to produce, in the below case, dogs with a “predisposition to dog aggression.” The approach to his “bullherders” and “guard dog” breeds (a cocktail blend of Belgian malinois, bull breeds and wolfdog) is no different, but those dogs are bred to have high prey drive for a different purpose. Bottom line, he was breeding for aggression.

    August 9, 2020
    Sam McCool > Pit Bulls

    “These Stumpline pups (my line, but not on my yard) have not only killed three littermates, but ate em down to the head … these are 9 week old pups … do y’all STILL THINK IT’S HOW YOU RAISE THEM?! This is that predisposition to dog aggression we’ve been preaching about. .. it is GENETICS .. .it has absolutely nothing to do with how you raise em … they have two automatic feeders full of food in there, which you can see in the background … they were just BORN SAVAGE! Stop thinking you can LOVE THE GENETICS out of these dogs! It ain’t happening!”

    • Dang. He knew what he was breeding for, and admitted it. If this guy doesn’t get actual prison time for this killing, there ain’t no justice in Arkansas.

    • It’s a small world – I saw that photo of the decapitated puppy in Reddit’s r/BanPitBulls years ago.

      The consensus seemed to be that it was not the littermates who did that but a full-grown dog. Still, Sam’s message was correct: “Stop thinking you can love the genetics out of these dogs.”

  9. That nasty email is a wonder to behold. Especially its conclusion:

    “You people better stop before I suit you.”

    And, emailer, there’s something that really suits me. It’s called proper English. Try it sometime.

  10. Even knowing what these dogs truly were, he was unable to stop them from killing. Exemplifies why anyone who has these types of dogs should have the some containment and insurance as the owners of wild animals, and should NOT be a felon as they must own a firearm so they could dispatch the beasts if they get loose.

    • He not only KNEW what they were–he bred the absolute *worst* characteristics into them to genetically engineer bloodthirsty predators THEN conditioned them to be the most efficient brutal murdering predators he could possibly turn them into.

      The man is a sadist.

      Also, he did it because it was cheap. A clever, agile doberman, an intelligent, stubborn malinois, a biddable, working stock GSD–these all cost a considerable amount.

      What he did was take cheap, mean, stupid, aggressive dogs, breed them together and declare himself a genius then gulled the public.

      Keith Ranaeri of the dog world, this guy.

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