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18 thoughts on “2023 Dog Bite Fatality: Four Arrested After Man Killed by Dog Pack, Another Severely Injured in Bienville Parish, Louisiana

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  1. The pitbull strike the guy was feeding the dogs and he got attacked bought medicine and thought it was a smart idea to go back to feed the attacked and died is he a family friend .26 dogs would drive me can they lived in a house not with one or four dogs but freaking 26 dogs I bet not one them get any peaceful sleep with 27 dogs barking through the night.imagine the work it take to care for all those dogs feed walk clean bathe heck I wonder the cost alone.

  2. If I’m understanding this right, Donovan Brooks was killed by the dogs, then the owners moved his body to hide it? I’m not even sure what I came here to comment. I’m just trying to wrap my head around this and understand the thought process involved. I really hope that all of the dogs seized from these monsters are euthanized, and that all individuals involved serve some kind of prison sentence. Dream on, right?

    • Correct. They hid Donovan Brooks’ body after the dogs killed him. There were allegations of murder too. Police interviewed the dog owners for many hours and their conclusion was that a violent dog attack did occur. It’s unclear if autopsy results can conclusively show this given the one month period.

  3. Sounds like the only reason these horrible people are in any REAL trouble is because they moved the body, not because they had a pack of vicious dog running loose killing people.

    • That is the crazy thing.
      If they had called the cops and said “We found a dead trespasser. The dogs got him.” They would have faced no legal problems.

      Thousands of dog owners would have congratulated their “heckin’ good puperinos” for “doing their job”.

      The only possible complication could have been a civil suit and that’s unlikely.

      By moving the body they really stepped in it.
      You can’t help but wonder did they murder him and feed his body to the dogs?

      What if Donovan who said he was going back to “take care of the dogs” meant “Exact revenge upon and make sure they can’t hurt anyone else”?

      A understandable response after getting attacked by them.

      Let’s say the pit owners head he was coming to “take care of the dogs” and “took care of him” first

      Sadly I suspect the body will be too far gone to provide any evidence unless these mental midgets left a bullet in the body.

      Still, moving a body and concealing a death is serious business.
      Hopefully they are all out of the dog breeding game for many years.

      • Let’s put it this way — they had a whole month to concoct a story and to promise each other to stick to it. The good news is that none of them will be able to post bail.

  4. This is all the plot of a horror movie.

    To KaD’s point above, American society at large does in fact seem to be perfectly okay with owning murderous dogs. “Pets,” “beloved companions,” “fur babies” — these benign labels are sufficient to trump that bloody corpse in the front yard.

    As I say, the plot of a horror movie.

  5. I’m with you all, I had to read this story twice before I realized what all was going on. Hiding the body is probably the only thing that will get those sickos any time. I could not imagine living near that crazy house.

    • It was confusing to write about too! They found the human remains October 27th (Friday), and by Oct 31 (Tues), they had executed the search warrant, gathered the evidence, interviewed the dog owner’s family members, pieced together the crime, and issued arrest warrants. Law enforcement at work! The arrest affidavit/search warrant order have not been released, but some of it could be in a week or two. More charges could be coming too. You’d think, “tampering with evidence…”

  6. This is just disgusting.

    I saw the FB page of this man and he lived in his own foggy world of ” Vietnam” war still going on, probably… It was on some photo – addressing to the dog – GO GET THEM !!! He meant that laterally.

    In every case of death by dog so far – there was a single body ,but not hidden.
    So, what is the difference?
    Gruesome or causing repulsion or horror,
    “the most gruesome murder” ? Just in words for the court ?
    I am not sure – what is more gruesome – to die as a baby by your own parents beast, or to die in pain at your front door in your 90’s …

  7. I looked up Dexter, the dog which killed a 95 year old woman in Connecticut. His owners still want him saved. It’s been four years since the fatal bites. They only had him for 4-6 months before the killing. They don’t even know the dog.

  8. All three of those Facebook pages contain disturbing images of criminals striking threatening poses.

    Clearly, when these types of dirtbags own pitbulls they intend to look intimidating.

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