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12 thoughts on “2020 U.S. Dog Bite Fatality Statistics -

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  1. Thank you, Colleen, for taking the time and effort to compile this comprehensive and valuable report. Why do fatal maulings go unreported? Because local entities are highly motivated to cover up the unreasonably elevated risk of grave threat that stalks their communities. Imagine how many non-fatal, severe maulings go unreported. There is a huge, concerted effort on the part of the all-powerful Dangerous Canine Industry (DCI) and all layers of government to prevent the American public from being informed of the fatal and severe non-fatal mauling statistics that make clear the extent of this out of control public health crisis.

    Again, thank you for being a voice to inform all people of the unreasonably elevated risk of grave threat that dangerous breed canines and their owners and the DCI pose.

      • Even with less than stellar enforcement, BSL *does* make things easier.

        While most pitbull owners do not comply with the muzzle laws, they do know they could be forced to, or their dogs removed so that had two results, here:

        1) Most people who still get pitbulls are a great deal more careful than they were before BSL. No more pitbull owners letting their dogs run loose because if they do and the dog is picked up–it will can be euthanized, and it certainly will never be returned.

        2) Because of the hassles of pitbull ownership, far fewer people purchase pitbulls in a BSL area.

        So I’d say it’s still worth fighting for. Having laws against theft doesn’t mean nobody every steals anything or that it’s always prosecuted. It does mean there’s a public acknowledgement that there’s something wrong with theivery.

        • I would like to point out that within two months, I became the victim of mail theft, identity theft, and burglary. Still traumatized by the experience, and it happened back in 2018-19.

          Despite the fact that I gave numerous tips to the local police, and, in the cases of the thefts of my mail and identity, federal authorities, no one was ever arrested or charged.

          Oh, the police did find someone who tried to pawn some of my property, but our local county attorney’s office declined to prosecution.

          So, color me skeptical about the mere presence of BSL on the books. It needs enforcement AND prosecution.

          • You have to start somewhere, is my point. At least with some legislation on the books neighbours can call up Animal services and register a complaint. If something is on the books then at least you have somewhere to start to hold authorities accountable.

            Of course strong enforcement is preferable.

            We have BSL here. Enforcement seems to come and go. There’s enough risk of it though, that pitbull owners tend to be far more cautious than they were before it was passed. Used to be loose pitbulls wandering around with far more frequency, back then.

            The muzzle laws are rarely enforced, sadly. The loose dog enforcement seems to be more stringent.

            Having nothing means you have zero legs to stand on to stop the proliferation of pitbulls. One thing for sure, much as there’s been a bit of increase in them lately, there’s nowhere near the numbers we had here before it happened.

            All you need to see is the numbers. Clearly with almost no pitbull attacks in Ontario in the past few years–it’s done something.

  2. Amazing work, as always, Colleen. Let’s hope this trend of unreported fatal pit bull (dog) attacks does not continue. You have worked so hard to track down these events because they matter. More people need to say enough is enough.

  3. A woman aged late 30’s — early 40’s, was mauled to death by 3 dogs (mixed- breed) in Queensland, Aust on 8th June, 2021… she was ‘looking after’ the dogs for a friend… hard to find details 🤨 of course it is called “a tragic accident” …an ‘accident’ waiting to happen if you ask me

    • If a human being is not positioned within proximity to a steep precipice, a so-called “tragic accident” directly caused by the circumstances of that situation can not occur.

      If a human being is not positioned within proximity to a dangerous breed canine, a so-called “tragic accident” directly caused by the circumstances of that situation can not occur.

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