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19 thoughts on “2021 Dog Bite Fatality: Boy, 7, Killed by Dogs in Marion County, South Carolina

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  1. How horrifying! My prayers go out to this young man’s family. Specifically, his brother who surely will be haunted by those images. Reading the link, sounds like the five dogs escaped through a hole in the fence. I have every confidence we will learn that these dogs were known issues in the neighborhood. Am waiting to hear owners lame excuses….

  2. The number of Americans that are unlawfully injured by attack dog bite annually, and the number of Americans that are traumatically injured by attack dog bite annually and the number of Americans that are fatally mauled by attack dog bite annually equals the number of Americans that were not covered by a self-defensive sidearm.

    After 12,500 pedestrian miles in Prescott in five years, and after three dogs sicced themselves on me in ambush charge attacks in that time frame, I marvel at pedestrians who are on the public street completely, totally vulnerable. I am just amazed at such a sight.

    It looks like South Carolina does not give its dog owners one free kill, like many other states do. Therefore, in this case, there is a small possibility that the owner of the dogs will incur meaningful criminal judgement.

    An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

  3. My Takeaway:

    1) The neighbours had laid in complaints about these dogs for some period of time before this happened and authorities *did nothing*

    2) It took hours afterwards before the dogs were seized–time in which they could have mauled/murdered someone else, again authorities that are supposed to protect the public were remiss in their duties.

    This was preventable.

    Now there is a dead child and at least ten other traumatized people due to this city’s inaction around dog complaints.


    I cannot imagine the *preventable* agony this child’s parents, siblings, relations and neighbours are going through.

    The sad fact is that some dog owners are idiots. The supposed idea of animal legislation is to protect the public and the animals from those idiots.

    • Here in Tucson, Arizona, animal control is referred to as animal care. And, let me tell you, the last thing this agency does is care about loose animal reports.

      Back in December, a young man was being attacked right outside my house. I called 911 and was told to call animal care. So I did.

      They took my report and that was the end of it.

      Fortunately for that young man, someone drove up, laid on the horn, and that got the dogs away from him. It also inspired the dogs’ owner to come out and bring them back inside.

      BTW, the dogs are pit bulls and this wasn’t the first time they attacked while running loose.

      • I find it interesting they call it “Animal CARE” instead of “Animal CONTROL”

        Reminds me of “leash reactivity” for aggressive dogs. “Leash Reactivity” is when a dog sees a leash then scurries beneath the table, screaming in fear.

        The problem isn’t “care” because the owners believe they “care” about their dogs, even if they escape. The problem is–whether they “care” or not is irrelevant. They are unable to *control* the animals.

        The job of authorities isn’t to “care” about animals. Their job is to enforce the law regarding animals.

        That sounds very frustrating, Quiet.

        • The name change happened sometime in the early 2000s. I suspect that the agency was under a lot of pressure from the local no-kill advocates.

      • The pitbull that attacked the neighbors dog and then was let go to run free and do it again was accidentally ran over by a car. The animal control officer was upset about this yet the vicious dog had been reported on multiple occasions as running at large and aggressive to anyone in the neighborhood! I had a hard time with the animal control being upset about this dog being hit by a car, acting as if someone had committed a crime after it had just mauled the neighbors dog! Even if it was purposely hit, they left the dog run at large and there was nothing except the dog being hit or killing a child that could have happened!

  4. This was a pack of dogs. Packs are far more dangerous than individual dogs. Certainly single dogs kill, but most dogs are more dangerous in packs.

    Years ago my family’s beagle mix was involved with another dog in gutting the neighbor’s sheep. By herself, our dog would cower to all people and animals. Although she was involved, she could not have done this by herself. The other dog was the owner’s daughter’s dog.

    In most areas, packs of dogs are illegal because of the danger they possess.

  5. This makes me sick. Not only because this poor little boy died so horrifically, but because his brother probably heard and saw the whole thing. He will probably be traumatized for life. The owner needs to be charged and jailed and every single one of those dogs should be pout down.

    Why are people even allowed to own a pack of 5 dogs? If the owner wanted all of these dogs but didn’t take the maximum efforts to ensure they were contained and could never get out to harm someone, the authorities should have removed the dogs.

  6. Even a pack of wolves would think twice about attacking people, of any age.. this pack of dogs rushed straight over to attack 2 young boys, fatally mauling a 7 years old boy!? why should people have to worry about packs of pet dogs, wandering the streets ready to kill children? I don’t know what to say… except, RIP to Shamar Jackson, you poor child, l feel you were let down by the ‘pro dog/dog cult-like’ community smothering the USA

  7. This is why it should be legal to shoot freeroaming aggressive dog on sight. It a dog OWNERS responsibility to keep their animals property controlled and contained. The legal onus must be on the owners.

    • Exactly.
      We need to get rid of the “doggy social workers” we have now and go back to what we had originally, police that work to prevent attacks by dogs and investigate the attacks that happen.

      If a city wants to set up a separate animal welfare unit that would be great. However don’t ever forget that dogs need essentially their own police department mainly becase their owners are in many cases selfish idiots.

      As far as packs of stray or uncontrolled dogs they should pay a bounty on them like Florida does with the invasive pythons.

      In this case I bet the owner doesn’t have a pot to p!$$ in or a window to throw it out. In a just world whatever he has would be sold and given to family. He would be in prison so he wouldn’t need it.

      Back on Planet of the Dogs (formerly known as Earth) this will be labeled yet another “tragic accident”. The owner may get a fine for not having dog tags or some other minor offence and that is as far as it will go. I mean how was he to know that letting a pack of carnivores roam free would end in tragedy?

  8. dem ‘brown dogs’ be pitbull mixes…but anyway-makes me extremely sad and leaves a rather morbid feeling inside me everytime a child oe non owner of a dog goes out that way -eaten alive by dogs

    • Things like this lead me to believe America is no longer a first world country. Getting consumed by a pack of “street dogs” is somthing that happens in the 3rd world, not a first world superpower. Yet time and time again it happens here and the powers that be seem unwilling to do anything about it.

      This must be what it is like to live in a failing republic. The government can tap your phone, follow your movements via satellite and could send a drone to your house. But they refuse to catch packs of at large dogs, somthing that used to be done routinely back when phones had dials and TVs had vacuum tubes.

      It is obviously not a question of technology but a question of will. The horribly misnamed “no kill” cult has the powers that be so terrified to do anything about dangerous dogs that children being consumed in whole or in part are considered “acceptable losses”. This has gone on so long that people seem to think it is normal, that this is the natural order of things.

  9. Now that the local citizenry has been informed that one of the killer macroviruses has escaped the lab and is loose in the community, the local citizenry can go to the local dispensary to receive the few ounces of prevention that all need to prevent sudden severe mauling and/or horrific death.

  10. Unbelievable incompetence!!! So one of the murder beasts has now escaped from animal control and now they can’t find it?!!! This is a complete CLOWN SHOW!!! Odds are that it was that brown pit bull looking dog which escaped when animal control first took the dogs in.

  11. It’s been over a year and I can not find anything saying that these dogs were ever put down or if they ever got back the one that escaped??

  12. 1/15/22 – charges have been dropped against Cardenas. The child’s family is baffled. Poor reporting, but interestingly they say that “the prosecutor needed to prove the animal was dangerous, which would have been difficult, because South Carolina has no laws defining certain breeds as dangerous.”

    ie, the dogs were pit bulls. Also includes video of the dogs being taken away, and a photo the father took of the dogs in Cardenas’ yard, showing a dark brown dog that isn’t visible in the brief video of dogs being lifted in a/c truck.

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