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95 thoughts on “2021 Dog Bite Fatality: Child Killed, Mother Hospitalized While Caring for Neighbor's Two Pit Bulls in North Carolina

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  1. The police report states that the cause of the attack is not known. Why can’t they just admit the obvious: the cause of the attack is that one or more human beings were in proximity to one or more dangerous breed canines. The reason why they can’t admit the obvious is because in our society, it is legal to own dangerous breed canines as pets. There is nothing unknown or illogical or mysterious or out of place when dangerous breed canines suddenly, without any provocation of any kind, lash out and tragically end life. The cause of the attack is because dangerous breed canines sometimes do what they can be reasonably expected to do at any time, suddenly, without any warning or triggering event other than there was a human being in proximity to them. This is not a question of insanity or ignorance or disinformation. The single, sole factor in the perpetuation of this public health crisis is lack of love for oneself and lack of love for one’s neighbor.

    • The mother explained “why” the dog attacked Jayden. The child fell and then the dogs attacked her for falling. It is part of nature and how animals keep the herd strong. Pit bulls often exhibit that very natural behavior. You fall accidentally and then they try to finish you off. That among other reasons is why they are not suitable as pets. The fall triggered the attack. The owners make me sick blaming the child and her mother. All that child did “wrong” was to fall in front of a pit bull.

  2. “Yet, they always weigh in more heavily than 67% in the temporary time factors (babysitting, dog sitting, 0-2 months new to the home, and temporarily visiting the dog owner’s home).”

    Makes me wonder how many fostering attacks are happening. When the most common dog type in rescue is also the most common dog type in severe attacks and also the most common dog type in severe attacks occurring during transitional ownership – that’s got to be a big number.

  3. North Carolina has been having quite a year with yuppie pit bulls attacking. First, there was that awful attack on the carriage horse, Queen Charlotte, and now this in a 300K housing development. I just don’t understand how and why this mother would put her daughter in this situation. Clearly, they knew the beasts and like the breed, otherwise, how can anyone sign up for this? I wonder if the dog owner was going to pay them for their services and if so, will they still? (“I know we agreed on $50 but I’m going to double it for your troubles…I don’t know what happened?”)

    • This speaks to my concerns about non dog-men people, owning pitbulls.

      The “Pibbles is Wuv” culty nuts on Facebook spread dangerous delusions and now another child is dead over it.

      The only people who have ever been able to “handle” (and I use that term loosely) pitbulls due to their inherent dangerousness are those who engage in pitbull fighting or are trained to handle dangerous dogs.

      They aren’t pets and the sooner these sob-sister soccer moms get over themselves in their delusional belief that enough love will make everything better–the sooner people will stop being slaughtered.

      • Too right! The reason elected officials and members of the public can’t draw a straight line between pitbull and killer potential is a) lack of science and b) dogfighting lobby. It’s always an « accident » when it happens and no one calls it gross negligence. So sorry for the little girl.

      • Too right! Reasons elected officials and members of the public can’t draw a straight line between pitbull and killer potential is a) lack of science and b) dogfighting lobby. It’s always an « accident » when things like this happen, but it’s no « accident » when breeders deliberately select for killing traits. It sounds as if the owners were breeding the pits. So sorry for the little girl who suffered the consequences of acts committed by fools.

        • The remarkable thing is how many veterinarians, vet techs, vet support staff buy into the lies that these monsters make suitable and loving pets. The vets do understand DNA, yet they are often part of the cult. Vets that speak out and tell the truth and are honest with owners are harassed by pit owners and other card carrying cult members.
          It is far time the AVMA and veterinarians speak up against the breed.
          NC State CVM is in Raleigh. Any comments from them? Crickets.

          • Veterinarians believe whatever vet schools teach them. Whoever funds the vet schools can make up fake science if they want. Best Friends has a program in which they will send people to a vet school in Canada. They likely fund some vet tech programs as well.
            They rant their own schools back when they were a satanic occult group where, one member (Nathan Jared Garret) says the teacher just ranted constantly about how much America sucks. They had a cat named Waffen, he said, which means weapon in German.
            As a church they were avoiding taxes, but they brought in more cash when they added animal grifting They don’t care about people and specifically not Americans. They don’t even seem to care that much about animals except as a gift tool.

          • vets need to put their money where their advocacy is. I have long said this to vet and vet techs who support pit bulls.

            “Here is what veterinary professionals can do if they want to speak out against BSL and for pit bulls as pets – they can share their records because they are sitting on a goldmine of data that would show whether keeping pit bulls is humane to other pet animals or not. They can share how many victims of dog attacks they have either sewn up or put down each month. They can share what percentage of those victims were mauled by pit bulls. They can share how much money they rake in sewing up and putting down dog attack victims & share the percentage of that income that results from pit bull attacks. They can share how many sobbing people with bloody dog attack victims clutched in their arms they turn away because those people can’t pay up front for the cost of those attacks and they can share the percentage of those victims that were attacked by pit bulls. And then they can share how many pro bono hours they donate each year to save victims of pit bulls whose owners could not otherwise pay.

            That would be a valuable study that would instantly clear up whether pit bulls just have “a bad reputation of being aggressive” or if they really are destroying our pets in obscene numbers; whether or not they’re acceptable as pets and whether it is humane to allow them in our communities. It would also clear up the nagging question of how much money to veterinarians make off of pit bull attacks, and how much are they willing to donate to the victims of the pit bulls they advocate for. Otherwise, without all that information, animal hospital workers advocating for pit bulls has an unhealthy whiff of pandering and monetary self-interest.”

  4. Does anyone know how the mother got away from the dogs?
    I guess she could have gotten away on her own if the pit bulls were playing with her precious daughter’s body. Why didn’t the police end the pit bulls’ lives? Why draw this out? Dexter is still probably the only living American pit bull that hasn’t been destroyed for killing a person. Look at court expenses for just trying to save him. Thankfully, CT has been smart enough to prevent Dexter’s owners from sneaking him out of the area. That’s just contempt of court.

  5. In the article it states that “the cause of the attack is not known”…of course it is. The dogs were pit bulls. Literally anything can “trigger” them….or nothing. After all, this breed was originally bred to fight in the pit…

  6. I’m going to venture out on a limb and say that these dogs were “rescued” from some shelter, and that the owners bragged nonstop about it.

    Then, when the owners went away, their well-meaning neighbors stepped in to care for these poor wibble pibbles. Which were rescues and therefore needed lots of lo-o-o-ove.

    I’d like to know when the people rescue starts.

  7. This is killing me. I keep thinking, if they were almost any other kind of dog, Jayden would be having a ball and pestering her mom right now “when can we get a dog.” At worst, if a beagle bit her she’d be in the emergency room getting a couple stitches saying, ‘mom, I don’t like dogs.” That would be it.

    With the supposed “experts” lying constantly, this educated woman believed she could tell by past behavior that these pits are OK. some might be dangerous, but these are loved little wiggle butts. So they won’t attack. And the BS experts are now saying, well maybe the child squealed or stepped on a doggie toe, to lay blame on a sweet little girl and her mother. As if either of those excuses are supposed to be a death sentence.

    • Oddly, I have accidently stepped on a toe of my current Goldens, even a tail, and in the past of a lab mix and Shepherd and none of them turned to instantly kill my child or myself.

  8. Colleen, I need to wash my eyes. I just followed the links and ended up on Joseph Warner White’s and Mandi Balwin’s Instas. Um, yeah. I feel a little dirty. These two aging narcists take pleasure in taking bathroom selfies and underwear selfies. Especially him…these look like images that would be good for catfishing on Grindr. What I don’t see is anyone who appears to have a disability.

    • So the pit owners Joseph and Mani suddenly made all of these Instas private. Hmmm….I wonder why? I thought they were soooo proud of their pits and themselves. Hey you too, you forgot to remove “ESA” and “service dog” from their accounts.

  9. Disgusting, it’s only been a few weeks since the little three year old boy was killed by pits on NJ. Unbelievable that some people are stupid enough to allow pits around their children. Total parenting fail. Poor little girl, rest in peace. 😢

  10. I am so glad these ‘bully’ breeds are not common in my small city… I can tell a bull breed in an instant, I don’t care if it’s a pure bred APBT or not, if it’s a heavy jawed brute, I’m weary because of the damage one of these mutts can cause, there is no need for them…why would you want a dog fighting breed?

    • People pick pits because of defects in their own psychology or mental issues. They feel they were bullied or misunderstood, so they gravitate to a breed that they perceive as ‘misunderstood’.

      • So true. I was a pet sitter in the Atlanta area just starting out. I remember the meet and greet with a pit nutter and her 2 enormous pit bulls. I fed them once, but never again. I was too frightened not just of them, but the owner. She wrote a bad review in our website, saying how I was prejudiced against the breed. Indeed, against all political correctness, I am.

  11. “PTSD Service dog” and “Emotional Support animal”.
    Smh!!! In a just world, these two killer dog owners would be prosecuted for fraud and murder.

    Victims of dog attacks need to start consistently suing vicious/killer dog owners and animal organizations, thereby costing them legal fees and tying them up in court for YEARS. Yes, I know that most vicious dog owners don’t have a pot to piss in and you can’t get blood from a turnip, but at least it would bring more attention to the victim’s plight and put fear of being sued in ALL dog owners and animal organizations. So then maybe dog owners would start choosing less risky breeds and these animal shelters/rescues would feel the pain of liability when the push pits and pimp out dangerous dogs. If my child or loved one was killed by a dog, I’d spend my last dime suing everyone involved.

    RIP to this precious child, Jayden. Sorry sweetheart! You didn’t deserve to die! Your poor mom obviously loved you, but she was duped into putting you at risk of death from high risk dogs like pit bulls because she unfortunately bought in to the non-stop pro-pit bull propaganda being spread by pro pit bull fanatics and you paid for it via your painful death. Mom, if you ever read these words, don’t lash out at the message, lash out at those who killed your baby girl! I’m talking about the dog owners who choose to own high risk dogs (mainly pit bull type dogs and Rottweilers), the animal organizations that push these risky dogs out into the community and the pro-pit bull organizations. SUE THEM and make them pay for your pain and suffering! This has been going on for 30 years now and the only way it’s gonna stop is if the high risk dog owners, animal organizations and pro -pit bull organizations start to fear being taken to court by the victims.

    • The problem with expecting victims to sue is that they’re already suffering, they often have huge medical bills, they lose their jobs from being injured, they’re grieving the loss of a child etc etc.

      We don’t expect the victims of violent acts to be forced to sue their attackers to get justice. We expect the justice system to do that.

      If we criminalise the *selling* of pitbulls including the rescues then the profit motive goes right out the window and it’s profit that keeps pitbull breeders in business. Then highly regulate the ones that are left so that in twenty years–there will be very few pitbulls left to bite anyone.

  12. Shocking! These particular animals are not to be trusted due solely to their nature. (Or insidious breeding techniques.) These dogs need to be put down. The owners need to be sued within an inch of their total savings, housing, and investments. Then do impactful jail time. Also, what kind of idiot mother brings her 7 year old to a pitbull care event? The level of stupidity is amazing as “pits” are not to be trusted.

  13. I googled dog fight bust and was stunned at the number of pits « rescued » recently. 168 fight-bred dogs are being prepped to be foisted on an unsuspecting public. Those dogs won’t stay local, either, with all the pit transports running between states. Where is the humane society in all this? Oh, right, all these dogs represent fundraising opportunities. More money, more humanity?

    • These dimbulb pit cultists will claim every one of them is a “bait” dog because most of them are too stupid to know that bait dogs are gentle breeds stolen/rescued/acquired by dog fighters to give their killer pits practise without endangering their money-making dogs.

      The idiocy of these people is astonishing.

      Every pitbull from that raid should be humanely euthanized. Period. The bloodlines are tainted. They’re a risk to everyone else’s pets and people.

  14. That happens to me when 1. I comment too much. and 2. if something ends up in the website line such as “Website.” Occasionally, I think something in the system flags my comment as too nasty and that blocks it. Usually, I will use a different email to get through.

  15. Maybe because WRAL’s lawyers warned them if they featured pitbulls and those pitbulls attacked the people that bought them after watching the show–they could share liability.

    Of course with pitbull cultists they never think about anyone else’s responsibilities to the public because it’s all about them and their “right to bear pibbles”

  16. Oh wow. That is beyond tragic irony. The mother’s broadcaster employer had taken a stand against presenting pit bulls as suitable pets. Did she know this? Will WRAL-TV become more vocal about protecting the public from this dangerous breed? A little awareness on everybody’s part could have prevented this horribly cruel death. And that’s quite maddening.

    • I suppose that’s the benefit of hiring shelter directors from the marketing and PR worlds, or, in this case, a restless vet who didn’t like private practice. Sheltering experience, who needs it.

      Gotta love this: “Federico’s personal goal is promoting adoption of pit bulls. Her perfect day, she says, would be seeing people come to the shelter to fight over adopting one pit bull. “That’s really a sad state when you walk through here and people say, “Well, you have a lot of pit bulls.’ I say, ‘Yes, we do. Now take one home.’”

      Also, this is interesting – early in her time at the shelter, she worked with a shelter consulting firm. Did not know this existed as an industry, and would be very interested in knowing if they’re connected to any other shelters who have killer alumni.

      • The money train rocketing along for pitbulls.

        How much housing could we build for *people* with all that money?

        Too bad unhoused moms and their children aren’t shilling themselves on facebook wearing flower crowns.

        Too bad this overpaid PR shills aren’t paid to house *people*.

  17. This is the sad legacy of Michael Vick. Other than him using beagles as blood donors, I really don’t care that he let pits do what they are designed to do. Sadly somehow pit pushers were able to pivot over night from “It is all how they are raised!” to “Fight bust dogs make perfect pets!” Not only did no one in the media call them on it, they helped them double down on the new lie. Sports Illustrated was one of the first national magazines to cover the pit bull problem. Yet they were front and center pushing the “stunning and brave” story of the Vick bust dogs.

    Once again the innocent pay the price. More blood shed upon the altar of Moloch. Somehow saying “all dogs have teeth and can bite” is supposed to cover up the fact that one type of dog kills more people than all others put together.

    • Beagles, gentle souls they are, wind up as everything from medical research dogs to blood donors to bait dogs.

      Saved beagles didn’t make the headlines in the Vick bust. They barely got a footnote.

      Maybe if half these pit culties put their money into saving beagles that *are* family friendly dogs instead of into murder machines the mauling rates of other animals and people would drop.

      Nobody talks about all the dogs from Vick they were forced to euthanize due to viciousness or the numerous “rehabbed” pitbulls that attacked their owners, other dogs and people.

      Strange amount of silence on that front.

      • Years ago my two beagles took off. I was desperately trying to find them, as I was afraid they’d be hurt by cars. I had absolutely no concern they’d hurt anyone.

        Later that day a man returned them. I asked him where they were. He told me at the school’s tennis courts. I asked him if the students were giving them food and water. Of course.

        Essentially two beagles took off to have some fun. Can you imagine what could have happened if the beagles had been pit bulls?

        • Yes, I can. Scary.

          Nobody can 100% guarantee their dog won’t ever get off leash. What they should be sure of–is that regardless, the dog is sociable to people and other animals.

          When I was young, I had (of all things weirdly) a Bouvier I found as a pup who used to run away to visit kids at school. The school would call and tell my mom, “Your dog is here playing with the kids again”. In our small town, we weren’t the only people getting these calls about friendly dogs who liked to wander for company.

          Later I learned more about dog training.

          This is the whole point I keep trying to make.

          Pitbulls aren’t safe in society. Most people aren’t dedicated dog trainers and shouldn’t need more than the basics and some consistency to have a sociable dog. Honest dog handlers will tell you in the back room that pitbulls are a crappy choice not just for viciousness but because they’re vicious and *stupid*.

          Nothing wrong with a dog that’s friendly and dumb. That’s a pretty good choice for kids, really.

          Combining gameness, viciousness and stupidity is a recipe for mauling. That can’t be fixed by training or kindness.

          Nobody is a good enough psychologist to cure Jeffrey Dahmer’s impulses, either–and nobody is arrogant enough to claim they can.

    • True, other dogs bite. But they don’t also crunch your bones and rip out chunks of muscles and tendons and eat them.

  18. True, other dogs bite. But they don’t also crunch your bones and rip out chunks of muscles and tendons and eat them.

  19. Words fail in a report like this. There are simply no sufficient words to describe what has happened to this child. North Carolina is the dog fighting capital of the US. Some say NC is the dog fighting Capital of the world. One can only surmise that the shelter population and the population at large of pit bull dogs genes can be traced back to dogfighting pit bulls. North Carolina’s State Government bears responsibility for this.Governor Roy Cooper would be a good target for a packet full of information from The Speaker of the House would be another good target. Kristin Cooper, the First Lady of Nothr Carolina would also benefit from some truth mail. Elected officials cannot be allowed to, “ Not Know.”

  20. We lost a potential Nobel Peace Price winner to a pitbull.

    Pitbulls target children, the disabled and the elderly with increasing frequency.

    I fail to understand how the elderly, disabled and children are considered less important to pitbull cultists than their “pweshus pibbles”.

    That’s the definition of failed morality.

  21. I am sure we will hear at some point how “good” the 2 murder beast were and how in spite of one being a fight bust dog they had never, ever been aggressive towards a person ever.

    Most of the time those type of claims are lies. Even if they are true it changes nothing. I am remined of a a safety poster I saw once. It was a cartoon we see 2 men with halos setting on a cloud. One man tells the other “I worked 40 years and only had 1 accident..” What is implied is that one accident killed him. All those other years of being careful didn’t stop him from dying during his only accident in 40 years.

    It doesn’t mater that your pits went 2 or 3 years without biting anyone once they eviscerate someone. You owned an animal that wasn’t just capable of tearing out the throat of a person, breaking bones, tearing chunks of muscle an d flesh away but that does this frequently. When somthing happens multiple times a month you don’t get to shrug your shoulders and say “Gosh, how was I to know? It was just a freak accident.”

    Reading about today’s attack and today’s dead little girl I was pleased the police spokes person called it a “tragic incident” rather than an accident. If you turn a bull loose in a China shop, things will get broken. No one would call that an accident. We need to stop acting surprised when a pit bull kills people when it was allowed in a neighborhood. It isn’t an accident as much as it is a certainty. It isn’t an accidental death anymore than dying while playing Russian roulette is. Given enough time, they have the potential to end the same way.

  22. Due to media coverage and common sense, people know that the following pets with teeth are incredibly dangerous: rattlesnakes and other poisonous snakes, chimps and monkeys, tigers and lions. As a result, very few individuals own these pets and in many places ownership is outlawed. Even if it was not, public outcry would be high if someone brought their tiger to the playground. If that tiger mauled a child, imagine an expert shrugging it off with “all cats have claws.” And imagine most people accepting that statement and thinking: “That’s true. My 6 pound house cat has claws. And tigers are endangered species after all. Tigers deserve a home too! They have a bad rap as predators. Just because they were born and designed to hunt doesn’t mean they’ll stalk and kill prey, including humans. It’s all how they’re raised! My neighbor has a tiger and it sits on her lap like a big baby.” And imagine that most people ignore the weekly tiger maulings and even consider adopting a nice liger mix of their own.

  23. Ugh, I hate, hate, hate when these attacks happen! It’s like I can see it all in my head. Neighbor probably told the mother they were going out of town and to watch the pits while gone. Mom took Jayden over to help out; maybe prepare the food, maybe play with them in the yard. And while outside they attacked and killed her. Jayden probably thought she was doing good, caring for the neighbors dogs, unaware of the beasts they really were. Very, very sad when kids get caught up in these types of situations.

    Watching other people’s fighting dogs should be one of those things that people just say NO to! If it was a giant snake, most people would probably say no immediately. But the pit lobby has brainwashed people into thinking these mutants are “just like other dogs”. They have more and more blood on their hands.

  24. The “don’t bully my breed” hashtag makes me want to 🤢🤢🤢

    I wonder how they feel about tagging that now that their dogs have killed a little girl. Privatizing their instagram accounts because they knew people would be calling out their hellhounds in comments.

  25. Only one or two of those rescue shelters on the list are not Network Parters with Best Friends Animal Society. Being NP’s with them means they get grants to be No-Kill and follow BF’s idiotic, irresponsible rules. Rochester got a 25,000.00 grant from BF, unless it was a typo or I read it wrong.

    • All the more reason to stop donating to Best Friends. Give your money to DBO instead. There’s a donation link on every page of this site.

  26. Recall that Pixar created a cartoon short in which a scarred-up pit bull escapes a fighting ring, befriends a kitten, and is then adopted. The cartoon was seen by countless children and families and was nominated for an Oscar.

    • That cartoon made me so mad.
      Pits are trained using live cats as bait.
      At least one pit food company will even give you plans to build a “cat mill”
      Yet Pixar would have us believe if a trained fighting pit got out of the pit he would immediately befriend a kitten.
      The real movie would be an even shorter short subject.
      Maybe if the audience had gotten to know and sympathize with the kitten and then got to see it eviscerated in HD on the big screen, hear its cries in Dolby surround sound and THX, maybe then they would have some idea what these beasts are like.

  27. You are so right, Dr. Duke. PIt bulls do not typically befriend kittens. They crush their throats and tear them limb from limb, much like they would do to a child. But Pit bull advocates would have us believe pits are sweet cuddle bugs who befriend kittens, children, little old ladies.. My pit is so sweet, they say. He or she would not hurt a fly. And unfortunately, many people fall for this lie. They see the pit bull romping and playing and acting goofy, and think, maybe I was wrong. Not ALL pits are bad. Jayden’s Mother, I am sure, probably had some reservations about these pits in the beginning. But they were just so darn sweet and well behaved. And then. . .

  28. Absolutely not surprised. What infuriates me is the effort that will go into fighting to get them back. Look at the effort the HSUS woman is putting forth to get her dog back. My prayers are with that poor mother.

  29. If this were anywhere near a normal, pro-social, loving society, no one would want the two evil creatures to be in the neighborhood. Nor the two deadly dogs, either.

  30. These people are murderers.

    In the old days, a group of local men would visit their house at night and drag them out in the yard, and beat them half to death. Then tell them to GET OUT OF TOWN and don’t come back.

  31. The fact that the dogs weren’t immediately destroyed after killing Jayden was bad enough. But now the crap owners want the killers back?! Why would anyone even want a dog that killed a child in their house?

  32. The logic of the owners’ argument seems to defeat itself. If this killing was “out of nature” (which I assume means “out of character” since they absolutely were acting according to the natural genetic nature of pit bulls) for these pits, then their character has now been updated by viciously destroying a human child and mauling a human adult. Any claims as to their previously sweet, predictable nature are now cancelled. The record is sullied. No one in their right mind would say “they are the sweetest dogs. They are so loving and so predictable. I mean, they did kill one human and maul another human, but it was out of character. Besides that one incidence they have such a good nature.” Truly the owners must be either clinically insane or profoundly degenerate, because keeping pets that kill humans is far beyond just delusional, faulty thinking. I hope that the court will quickly declare these dogs dangerous and put them down.

  33. It must be of some comfort to that neighborhood that those two unpredictably deadly creatures may soon be of zero threat to anyone else, anywhere else. When I scroll up and see the photos of the seven year old child, and the photo of the two devils, I am very distraught that those two are ok with one less seven year old child, and are strongly in favor of maintaining the two creatures that murdered the child. The local authorities indicate willingness to proceed in the direction of reason, only when the local population can’t ignore a bloody mass of 20-20 hindsight that recently was a happy seven year old child. The proverbial ounce of prevention would have been nice in this case. Too bad the all powerful forces of Evil are against that. I hope that the judge answers to the same source of Good that the police chief answers to. Maybe, one day, on earth, all governments will provide the people with that ounce of prevention. It sure is much better than the cure.

  34. Narcists and liars. That is the only way to describe the Whites. I would like to know more about each of their claims to PTSD and mental health disability. For instance, did someone see gruesome war injuries of death and dismemberment? Maybe see someone with their scalp, face, and neck blasted off? Mangled hands? Hmmm…I wonder how someone who may have experienced the atrocities of war could tolerate even looking at dogs that did what these two did and not have flashbacks, especially when Jayden’s autopsy report becomes public. Heather and Dave should make sure all of the awful details of this report are read in court in front of Mandy and Joe. I also hope Heather and Dave demand access to the “Core” military records including the medical records. With the narcissistic dishonesty, I have a feeling we will see a discharge that is something other than honorable.

  35. The Whites allege in 24. “Upon information and belief, Athena became engaged with Heather Henderson after Heather Henderson approached Blitzen, and Athena was acting so as to protect Blitzen.”

    Are the Whites alleging that the seven year old girl approached the first canine in a manner that the second canine perceived as approaching in a threatening manner, and so the second canine was forced by the child to use lethal force to protect the first canine from great body harm that the seven year old girl was threatening to inflict upon the first canine?

    If yes, then where did the Whites get this information from?

    • is there not a data base that u can look up service and know if they for sure r a servie or ’emotional support’ dog? i tried googling it and i did find 4 or 5 web sites that u could look up by handlers first and last name and dogs name and several that u could look up dogs by their registration # with that particular organization which seemed to be several so what’s the true legitamate association ? also those service dog vest should have a clear sleeve on the top of the back and real service dogs should have a certificate with something scannable on it so retail businesses and restarants can either scan them or atleast get a visual of some sort of proof instead of having to decide between getting sued for denying entrance of a real service animal or let them all in and risk getting sued if an attack happens at their business-that would be a good idea-but i guess enough ppl arent concerned anough till it happens to them
      also the data base i found that u could search by handler and dogs name i did search for amanda white blitzen and joseph white and athena and no records were found of either but i guess that doesnt prove much if theres several or many databases that they can be registered with -is that how it is? if that’s the way it works then that is stupid and useless-it should be like that it is sloppy all the way around-if that system ever gets cleaned up and changed it will prob be most lobbied by disable ppl and the ppl with actual true undisputable use for service dogs

      • ADA law on [genuine] service dogs does not require any kind of certification or registration. Service dogs, like all others can be denied access if they display unacceptable behaviors. An Emotional Support animal is a PET, and NOT a service dog. Only dogs and mini horses can be ADA service animals.

        I am of the opinion that a certification or registration would benefit the disabled community because they dogs would have bona fides that faux ‘support’ animals do not. There is some antagonism towards true service dogs due to the masquerading of such by animals that are really just pets and do not truly service a disability.

    • The judge allowed a Victim Impact Statement. That is a good sign. Maybe the dangerous canines will get credit for good behavior during their 60 day stay at the Wake County Animal Center, if they do not attack any one or anything for sixty days. That could possibly happen, if they are held in solitary confinement, which could be appropriate for deadly violent offenders. If not, they probably will, but that’s ok, it just won’t be reported.

  36. Disgusting. How is this not automatic that a viscous animal that kills a human is not automatically “put to sleep”….a far more serene way to die, then the victim had. I love dogs, I love all animals, but how can any judicial system not put human beings first and foremost?

  37. An Instagram page has been made in an effort to get the dogs back. They are promising to go public with their information Monday. I’ve seen it already, it’s just more idiotic takes and more attempts to blame the child. Absolutely vile.

  38. This whole spectacle confirms the sad truth.
    How ever bad the purpose bred murder beasts are, their owners are worse.

    Pits don’t understand why they are what they are. They didn’t choose to be like that. They just are.

    Humans that purposefully choose pits, choose to abuse service dog laws, choose to cheapen their service in the Marnie Corps by using the “I’m an American hero, a wounded warrior and I need my service dogs back” ploy to try to get back dogs that killed a little girl and mauled her mother.
    People who choose to attack the same mother and dead little girl who did them a favor looking after their fight bust “esa”, these people choose to be like this.

    That to me makes them even worse than the pits.

  39. The Whites are two of the biggest idiots ever,. They are digging a hole and don’t know enough to stop.
    I hope Jayden’s family has a “Pit Bull” of an attorney. I will contribute to legal fees.

  40. The dog owner’s convoluted reasoning:

    “We are good people and we deserve to have our dogs back because we did not make the decisions that happened that day and these are not vicious dogs that cause any sort of safety issue to the public.”

    These people should not be allowed to own dogs, in my opinion.

  41. So glad they won’t get those dogs back but sure they will soon get another pit bull or two because they are too stupid to understand the dangers and don’t care about the safety of others. And not sure why they are waiting until Monday to put the dogs down. So wish the owners had to pay for the months of boarding and the cost to put them down.

    • Yes, I expect they will be getting two new mauler-type dogs, though I hope they will prove me wrong. I feel sorry for their new neighbors – not sure what the status of their supposed move is.

    • The content was updated three days after the original article was posted. It would be unusual to change the URL.

      The additional text is “A pair of dogs responsible for the death of a Garner child were euthanized Monday, a representative of the child’s family told WRAL News.”

  42. Those dogs should have been put down the day they took Jayden’s life, but it’s good to know they can’t harm anyone else anymore.

  43. The judge called this lousy pair what they are: selfish. I said it before, these two are narcists and liars. No matter how they spin the 22 days of training and service dog status, the truth comes out. The pit was not so smart that it only needed 22 days of training when a real service dog is trained for 1-2 years. If failed so heavy in public that it needed a shock collar to control it. I am relieved that these pits are dead.

  44. Just saw a Reddit post with a picture of the owners lounging on their sofa with their brand new foster pitbull. Big one.

  45. I just read the original 1989 act/bill providing for designation of ‘dangerous dog’
    which is still in the current NC general statutes

    Though there are provisions for a Board to designate and animal as ‘potentially dangerous’ with repeat offenses escalating it to ‘dangerous’, the dangerous designation is AUTOMATICALLY applied in the case of a fatality. To wit:

    ‘Dangerous dog’ means
    a. A dog that:
    1. Without provocation has killed or inflicted severe injury
    on a person;

    It is not designation by an action or decision of the Board and, as such, COULD NOT be removed by the Board just because the dogs’ owners requested it. The appeals process mentioned in the statute applies to a Board decision to label.

    Although the dog owners tried, I don’t see any avenue in the statutes to un-designate a ‘dangerous dog’ who has killed a person.

    Thankfully they lost their case in court and the dogs were euthanized.

  46. Thes statements are actually an indictment and not a defense. and it is used over and over again as if it somehow mitigates the tragedy: “Prior to this incident neither Blitzen or Athena had ever exhibited any aggressive, dangerous, or hostile behavior, nor had either of them attacked or threatened or assaulted any persons or dogs.”

    Even if we entertain the possibility that this is true, isn’t it obvious then, that the behavior can’t be predicted or prevented as it essentially occurs out of the blue. Thus, the dogs can never be trusted not to do it again. Regardless, the dogs CAN never be trusted not to do it again. Why must there be a trial to determine if the dogs can be euthanized? Shoot them on the spot.

  47. A dog with protection tendencies who “knows” you when the owner is present, even if the dog has “known” you for months or years, likely no longer “knows” you when you enter the property when the owner is not present. I have formulated an hypothesis that entering the dog’s property or having the dog on your own for pet sitting is a more dangerous and riskier environment than being in a park or on the street. Just an idea based on some similar details in the many incidents.

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