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30 thoughts on “2021 Dog Bite Fatality: Pit Bulls Kill Man After He Entered a Home in Coweta County, Georgia

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  1. Can I guess that 99.9999% of all severe dog attack injury victims and/or dog attack death victims are 100% innocent victims? It looks like the other 0.0001% do, in fact, exist.

    “Even if it was an intruder, trespassing is not a death penalty crime.” This law is good.

    Thank goodness the dog owner did not let them loose on the street to attack the other 99.9999%.

  2. Oh great, pit nutters will love this one since the victim was actually an intruder. None of them are going to even think of an alternate scenario where the victim was not an intruder, but instead could have been a family member or neighbor looking for the homeowner for whatever reason and the mutants killed an innocent person. Just as Colleen says, trespassing should not warrant being killed by dogs.

    The man was wrong for trespassing obviously, but a dog responding to a home intruder by killing them is repulsive and NO ONE should be accepting of that. They should growl or bark, not kill them. These dogs need to be put down.

    • Yes.

      All dog breeds that can be reasonably expected to kill a person in the circumstance of this situation should be banned. The homeowner did not feel immediately threatened, therefore the killing is unjustified. If the homeowner is not present to use deadly force against an illegal home invasion, it should be illegal to have any contrivance that can cause deadly injury.

      When deadly dangerous breed canines are banned from our society, home invaders can be bitten by conventional breed dogs. That shall pass for what happens in civilized society.

      What happened in this case does not fit in civilized society. Additionally, civilized society should not accept the risk that these particular dogs/type of dog pose to any lawful entry that can be accomplished by a surprise visiting friend, relative or any other lawful entry gainer.

    • And, if they’re like many of the dogs in my neighborhood, they’ll growl and bark at people walking their own dogs, they’ll growl and bark and parents pushing their infants in strollers, they’ll growl and bark at joggers, they’ll growl and bark at children waiting for the school bus, and on and on it goes.

      In short, dogs make lousy alarm systems.

  3. I don’t have Facebook so most links to there look like empty login screens – perhaps someone will be so kind as to post a relevant screenshot of the dog owner.

    Looks like he’s getting away with murder.

  4. Okay I don’t get it.

    I’ve had trained protection dogs on my property.

    No thief, no matter how high or drunk, enters a property where they can hear several large dogs barking unless it’s a professional burglar carrying mace or taser or hoping a large chunk of meat (poisoned or not) will distract them long enough to lock *one* untrained dog in a closet or kill it. Which means they cased the joint. Which means, they would know there are pitbulls on the premises.

    Where is the taser/mace? Why aren’t the dog poisoned or locked in a closet.

    This entire scenario reeks of bullsh*t.

    Take my TV. Don’t hurt my pet dog. Nobody deserves to die over property. I stand with you there, Colleen. If you steal my stuff…killing someone won’t replace it.

  5. Ugh. I can see these dogs going on to maul and kill another person. Now that they have a taste for it, the owner could be next.

  6. Yikes, Colleen, that’s quite a profile. This will definitely be fodder for the defense of pits. These are the same people who think even a teenager stealing their lawnmower on their precious property deserves the death penalty. But, hey, it’s the wild west: shoot first and ask questions later. The heck with human life! I wonder what if a child, a family member or missionary shows up unannounced? These dogs were not guard dogs. They’re simply vicious and most certainly will be returned…and probably will kill again.

  7. Have to bet that many who are using this as an example of pit bulls being an essential breed to guard a home would be singing a different tune were it a police K9 responsible for the death.

  8. If the homeowner had left any other deadly means of defense for his home while he was not present, wouldn’t he be charged with a crime? A pit trap with spikes, a crossbow rigged to shoot at anyone who comes through the door, an anvil to drop on the head of anyone crossing the threshold? Since when are we allowed to defend property through deadly means when there is no danger to our person? What if this had been someone who entered the home because of confusion from a medical condition like Alzheimer’s, or a child who is lost and scared, or a fireman coming because a neighbor had called in smoke? Would people still say the dogs were “just doing their job”?

    Despite everything people claim, dogs can’t discern intent on this kind of level. These dogs would have killed ANY stranger who came into that home for any reason, and breaking and entering when there is no one home is not a crime which gets a death sentence.

  9. I absolutely dislike any (and there are many) idiot who calls these viscious brutes “good dogs, just doing their jobs” no, even a junkyard dog, guarding at some car yard or whatever, these dogs are not supposed to maul anyone to death! These dog cult nutjobs, don’t even care if children are killed, if they ‘intrude’ in a neighbours yard to reach their ball or toy etc. gone over a fence… these ‘people ‘ are literally thick as a brick and don’t even think any dog deserves euthanasia.
    I do like dogs a lot but any dog that bites bad enough for even a day/night stay at a hospital? Sorry but goodnight dog 🤨

  10. Please remember that scrutiny by the police is not proof of a crime. Around my place, police don’t need search warrants. Scrutiny is not a convction. Judges can and do throw out cases for lack of search warrants.

    Years ago I got a ticket for not coming home when told. That ticket
    disappeared. Then there’s a complaint for black bugs (flea dirt) on a very obese cat that got sick and died. (She was very sick and getting Capstar.);

  11. Something doesn’t smell right here. That house and what is in it look like nothing to burglarize. I especially like the photo of the supper dusty old-school electronic media tower with a prescription pill bottle on the top. All the clutter in the photos…the only possible thing worth stealing would be drugs, drug money, or guns. What time of the day did this occur? It looks like it was after sunrise. How did the victim get there? I suspect that the pit owner or his wife knew him and both are denying this. Is it possible the victim was attracted outside due to a door that magically didn’t hold (as often occurs with pits) and dragged back inside for part of the attacK? Or attacked outside and the bloody pits got blood all over the house?

  12. Local government officials are just obeying the will of the Almighty Dog who they worship and serve. Being of service to their rapacious Dog Almighty is much more important than ensuring the safety of people. It does not matter how many thousands of pounds of flesh and thousands of gallons of blood of millions of children and elderly are sacrificed to their rapacious Dog in how long a period of time in this country. The bloody sacrifice continues unabated.

  13. I don’t see that there is any law requiring the destruction of dogs that were only guarding their property. I’m not a pit bull lover, but the dogs were legally confined on their property. Maybe they will kill again, but maybe they won’t. Maybe people should stay away.

  14. Even the BanPitbills Reddit crowd thinks this death was okay. And the owner is getting his dogs back. It’s a clear and sad illustration that blaming the victim is an effective strategy if you want to get away with murder or just about anything else.

  15. Indeed, something isn’t right. If the victim is an intruder, shouldn’t he have some kind of weapon (at minimum a knife)? It doesn’t add up to be an intrusion. The victim didn’t come to the porch on his own. Someone (who is involved) brought him. May God put Mr. Alex Abraha’s soul in heaven, right beside Him.

  16. I’m just not upset about this one. He wasn’t just trespassing, he committed breaking and entering.
    While the law takes a dim view of you shooting people for cutting across your yard in most jurisdictions you are allowed to kill intruders.

    A wanted criminal broke in to a house and got killed. I don’t consider the dead man a victim. He made bad choices and when you do that sometimes your luck runs out.

    Much like when you lose control of your dog you lose control of what happens to your dog, when you break in to someone’s house, you lose control of what happens to you.

    I don’t understand why canine booby traps are legal but the courts and law enforcement have repeatedly ruled that they are. Considering all the cases where people are killed walking down the street by lose pits that result in no criminal charges I can’t get upset about someone having to break in to find pits.

    • I don’t come on here to disagree with people. But as someone stated earlier, there could be more to this story than what the investigators glean from the dog owner, who is certainly no choir boy himself. Him being a breeder of death-dogs should make that abundantly clear.

      The whole thing might have been a dispute over a 40 dollar rock of crack cocaine, and for that someone is now dead and a family is in mourning.

      Happens all the time. But it need not.

  17. There are still too many unanswered questions here. Social media claims the victim is a guilty demon, the family insists he is an innocent angel….he did not deserve this horrendous death, no matter what he has done. I smell a huge cover up, too many things do not add up. As a side note, wonder if the dog owner is zoned for a dog kennel, and in possession of a Georgia Department of Agriculture breeder’s license? The larger pit on the couch has an open wound and a pretty severe skin condition, just observations…..

  18. I had a German shepherd that was a gaurd dog and trained to be a good dog, not to kill people or other animals and so foth. A friend came over when we were out, he opened the door to leave an item he’d borrowed and at that point the dog jumped on him pinning him to the ground and then she stood on his chest and growled if he tried to move. I’m not going to try to pretend that was a fun situation for him but he was never bitten and never hurt until we got home and called her off. She sure as hell never killed or bite a human!

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