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14 thoughts on “2021 Dog Bite Fatality: Man Dies of Injuries After Pit Bull Owner Plays 'Victimhood' and Asks, 'But What About Me?'

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  1. It does not matter if the victim or the owner is diagnosable with anti-social personality disorder. It does not matter if the owner or the victim is rich or poor, or lives in a low crime neighborhood or a medium crime neighborhood or a high crime neighborhood. The only thing that matters is that a dangerous breed canine was in reasonable proximity to a human being. What is a dangerous breed canine? No one is too stupid to figure out the correct answer to that question. The problem is that people are in deep denial. The problem is that these people populate our neighborhoods and that these people infiltrate our layers of government. The result is that tragedy will occur, without any warning.

    • Exactly Richard. S

      ocio-economic status has nothing to do with the appeal of the pitbull cult. It is like any other cult. The cult leaders prefer to appeal to the middle and upper classes as it increases the money train and the lower classes are just the shlubs on the ground doing the hard work for them.

      I call it a cult because facts, statistics, logic and reason have no place in their thinking. It’s skewed by hyperinflated emotions manipulated by their leadership for their own benefit (in this case, the charity money)

  2. I hope all of those beasts will be put down and the owner locked up. This is horrific. Those beware of dog signs look like they were drawn up by children. It seems the owner could spend 10k on the killer dogs, but was too cheap to even buy an actual sign warning people of the danger. Insanity.

    • Buying a sign, or good fence would cut into profits. Worried about her $10,000 dog, but not the victim’s life. Why am I not surprised? $10,000, sure, or free at most animal shelters, they can’t give the darn dogs away. She is delusional, and uncompassionate. My thoughts are with this latest victim, and his family

    • Let’s be honest.
      I doubt she could get $1000 together.
      She didn’t pay 10 grand for those dogs and wasn’t going to get 10 grand for all the litters they were going to have.

      Pit’s have become a ” MLM- small biz op ” for the ghetto and trailer park set.
      Oh they will tell you their pit is a “Gotti Gator AMC/Jeep” Blood line crossed with “El Camino and Rin Tin Tin” and the pups will be worth 10G each.

      They just never seem to have anything to document that precious bloodline and they wind up dumping a lot of puppies.

      Those dogs are run of the mill pits.
      To quote one of the old time dog men “They aren’t worth the food they eat or the cost of the gunpowder to blow ’em away”.

      The fact that she will probably be allowed to keep the killers is insane.

      In a sane world those signs would be exhibit one.
      if “your dogs are having a bad day” means they will kill anyone who enters and yet you let someone enter, you have blood on your hands.

  3. “What about me?”
    You, Brandi Cormier, should be locked up for the rest of your life, your dogs should be euthanized and ever one of their offspring should be hunted down and killed as well.

  4. Brandi is my favorite pitbull owner of the year! I watched her video three times yesterday the first time, I was shocked when I heard her whine and chest beat, “Everybody says pray for his family — what about me?!?” I had to watch it all again to be sure I was understanding that she saw herself as the REAL victim despite having no wounds. She spouts other crap such as the dogs were protecting her and also that they were beaten and that’s why they were mean. I am fairly sure she is lying about telling him not to go in the backyard and ” “…then he ignored me.” This is her covering her ass. She also no longer has the crocodile tears when she claims she will be a responsible owner and have them spade and neutered right before she brags that one is a 10K breed dog quickly followed by her being a victim, yet again, for her financial losses.

    Brandi was the roommate of the victim’s girlfriend.

    • “He jumped up and hugged you”

      Sure lady, brilliant training strategy. Just let the beast knock over everyone who comes in the door. Let it dominate by body slamming every guest that enters.

      How is it chest banging everybody in “friendly greeting” if it’s locked up in a secure cage?

      Logic. Her story needs some.

  5. No one should be allowed to own four pits since most people can’t even stop ONE pit.
    Too bad these crap dogs aren’t spayed and neutered into extinction.

  6. It absolutely disgusts me that they always talk to “experts” or animal advocates when cases like this happen and they spout the same talking points as usual. I was surprised in the TV news spot that the pit bull rescuer woman thought it was so horrific not even she could defend the dogs.

    The crocodile tears from the pit bull owner, Brandi Cormier were expected. “What about me!?” She honest-to-God thought that was a good thing to say when she didn’t get hurt and the victim’s family is having to expect a funeral? These people are lost causes.

  7. Just an observation…It is not uncommon for someone to go to a “notorious house” looking for a loved one and to not listen to the owner of said “notorious house” if they are expecting to find their loved one doing drugs and they want to drag them out of there…It is a crude “intervention” to keep money from being wasted and keep the loved one from overdosing…

    …This could be a possible explanation for ignoring boundaries…

  8. Brandi now won’t have to spay/neuter her pit bulls because whoever has them now should have syringes with pinkish/purplish fluid in them readily available.
    One injection IV per dog will dismantle her breeding program without any surgery. Unfortunately, she will have more pit bulls within the week. Did she have other pit bulls not involved in the murder?

    Why do people want to breed killer dogs? Do they enjoy seeing them killed? Brandi appears to not like people or dogs.

  9. Breeding malicious human maulers. Eats your present and future customers.

    Brilliant business strategy there, lady.

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