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12 thoughts on “2021 Dog Bite Fatality: Newborn Baby Killed by Family Pit Bull-Mix in Norwich; Arson in New London May be Connected

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  1. When dangerous breed canines behave the way they are genetically supposed to behave, most people are surprised. However, when this happens, some people are not surprised. Why? Because there are some people who are not in deep denial about dangerous breed canines. When, in a society, most people are antisocial and only a few people are not antisocial, the ones who do have antisocial personality disorder appear to be the normal ones, and the ones who are pro social appear to be the ones that are overly fearful about the tragic proliferation of dangerous breed canines. People who love their family and who love their neighbor do not force dangerous canines upon their families and their neighbors. Instead, people who love their family and love their neighbor will choose a dog that cannot and will not severely maul family or neighbor.

    • You are 1,000,000% correct, I asked, begged, and pleaded for Carter’s mother to get rid of this vile disgusting creature before my Grandson even entered this world. All I received was sarcasm, opposition and reassurances this filthy thing “was a perfect angel”, he was Carter’s mothers “baby”. When you have a REAL BABY, EVERYTHING changes in your life for the safety and sake of your child. NO DOG belongs around a child, must less an unpredictable, inherently dangerous dog breed like a Pitbull. The fact that my beautiful Grandson was murdered by her land shark filthy dog that I begged for them to get rid pains me throughout my body. At the end of the day she chose a demonic, despicable, filthy creature OVER my beautiful Grandson, and with that decision has brought nothing but pure and utter devastation TO ALL OF US. Why? Was it worth it?


      The gapping hole the death of Carter has left in our family’s heart is indescribable. Never in my life have I ever experienced this type of pain and anguish, it’s double BECAUSE THIS WAS AVOIDABLE just by simply listening.

    • Forgot to mention this demon “shotta” bit my son, yet her family continues this lie the dog NEVER showed aggression when I have been in contact with someone who lived in the building and she clearly told me the dog would try to lunge at her kids. Nothing but denial and lies.

      How many innocent beautiful babies/ children have to die because people are in denial and ignorant about these vile creatures?

      What was wrong with a nice little fish tank/ aquarium with nice lights, so my Grandson could’ve watched the lights and fish float around? No insecure jackasses have to look like a bad ass by possessing one of these land sharks. Why bring an innocent baby around a filthy stinking beast?

      For what?

      • Sorry for your loss. If the dog had been aggressive in the past, that should have been enough for her to get rid of it. I am a mom, and have had labs that passed of old age, and weener dogs. There are dogs that are safer with kids, and pit bulls aren’t it. I also own cats. Who ever heard of a cat mauling a baby? No one

  2. What the? Is it possible the inhabitants of the house he tried to burn down were the breeders/prior owners of the dog that killed the baby boy? When I look at the multiunit I see a building that appears to be Section 8 government housing. The whole neighborhood looks like Section 8 rentals. If that is the case, I would have to ask why is a dog in the unit?

    • Hello Christy my name is Madison I am the aunt of Carter Settles, as to the house that was burnt down it was not the owner of the dog or breeder. It was my sisters (mother of Carter) best friends house.

  3. So the father of the kid killed by the pit had been criminally charged before for lying about a fire to get a woman “baby momma?” to meet up with him.

    Now his son is dead and he was the last person seen before a real arson.

    Is that what is being alleged?
    I have read it 3 times and I’m still not sure.

    What is that statistic about pit bull owners being more likely to have criminal convictions?

    It seems to be accurate this time.

    I can not understand how the police and other emergency workers are confused by this.

    Pits kill.
    This wasn’t the only pit kill of the day.
    It wasn’t that log ago yet another pit killed an elderly woman in Connecticut.

    BTW Father time seems to have really taken a bat to Connecticut. Lets just say the stories I found online investigating this one were not flattering.

    • The father of the baby is my son, HE WAS NOT PRESENT WHEN THE SOG ATTACKED MY GRANDSON. He is also not guilty of setting any fires. There was a previous incident involving my Grandson’s Mom before Carter was born. Again no fires was started it was an argument. People argue everyday, my son is sick about the death of his son as is my entire family. Please don’t speculate. My son was not in the home living there that is at the time this demon creature attacked my Grandson. My son is NOT A DOG PERSON AS I DIDNT RAISE HIMA AROUND ANY TYPE OF PETS. The dog belonged to his girlfriend she had him for 8 years, my son has only been with her a year and a half, the demon dog also bit my son, you would think that would’ve been enough for her to get rid of this thing, nope she refused to get rid of it, although I begged, and pleaded for her to. She told me “that was her baby” with no regard for her real baby my beautiful Grandson Carter.

      • Sheila, I am so sorry that your family has suffered this terrible and needless loss. It is so sad and infuriating that your sweet grandson was born to a woman who chose a dog over her own child. She deliberately placed more value on her dog than on the very child she birthed. This should never have happened and my heart absolutely breaks for your loss. I hope that your voice of experience and loss will be heard by those who would listen, and that those who hear might make a better choice than Carter’s mother made. In this one way, Carter’s death may help prevent others from making a devestating and unalterable mistake.

        • I believe, young women are becoming a higher ‘statistic’ in canine homicide, each year (USA)… data gathered provides this proof, but when they bring young kids into their canine cult BS, sh*t changes… this type of disgusting dog (pitbull) maulings, is getting out of control. If just 75% of people chose a non- fighting breed, the death of humans from dog attack, would possibly/probably drop by 75% too!

        • Thank you for your supportive and encouraging words….the loss of my Grandson has left a gapping hole in my heart that only God can heal. His death was so avoidable had they listened when I pleaded for them to get rid of this thing she called a pet. He was a demonic murderous creature that had ABSOLUTELY NO BUSINESS around my Grandson or any other child, at the end of the day she chose this filthy vile creature over Carter, and that is what breaks my heart the most. She had 1 job, and that was to protect my Grandson by any means necessary and she failed miserably and because of her my beautiful precious Grandson paid with his just don’t take risk and gamble with a helpless baby. Period.

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