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20 thoughts on “Review: Five Dog Bite Fatalities Between 2017-2022 in the United States Unreported by Media

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  1. That’s so typical of the main-stream media. They are giant corporations owned by one person/family, they are only there to make money, they don’t report on the news, they create it.

  2. It certainly is more complicated than that, and we have been reporting about this issue since 2022 (see: Covid reports 2020 and 2021). Print media organizations are dying and have been for some time. Hundreds of newspapers have shut down and/or were cropped to a minuscule newsroom. The media landscape between 2015 and 2024 has greatly altered. They are now calling it an “extinction-level event“. These five deaths occurred in robust media markets, true enough, but we “imagine” that a number of non-media reported deaths also are occurring in barren media landscape regions.

    • Six companies own *every* major news outlet in the USA. That’s print, tv news, cable news, online etc. Behind them are all the major advertisers, Big Pharma, Big Tobacco, International Arms Corporations, Pet Food Corporations etc.

      It’s no wonder young folks don’t trust legacy media and look for independent investigative reporters via podcasts, blogs, newsletters and streaming services.

      When we can see what’s going on in the world *live* from people’s cell phones, Operation Mockingbird is failing to influence a tech savvy generation.

      So, I’m not at all surprised that your investigations turn up the egregious coverups and deliberate ignoring of death by pitbulls.

      (Good job, Colleen)

  3. Thank you for all your usual thoroughness in this reporting, Colleen — and for simply paying attention to the issue of nonreporting.

    You will of course remember the case of 2-year-old Brice Sanders in June 2020. Fatally mauled by a pit bull in Stockton, California, where the local press did report the attack, the boy’s death went unreported in San Francisco, 63 miles away and the actual home of the boy — and I had personally contacted SF press to draw their attention to the incident. I have no explanation for such a perverse editorial decision.

    • “And now, a word from our sponsor General Mills Blue Buffalo Pet food then we’ll be back for the weather report”

      That’s why, Mike 😉

  4. I’ve stumped a few pit bull fans by asking them if a pit bull’s aggression can be avoided by raising them properly, why would you ever adopt a dog whose upbringing is unknown?

    • That right there should be reason enough that all shelter pits get the pink juice.

      We know raising one from a puppy is no guarantee it wont attack but if we could get them out of the shelters I think it would help a lot.

      Stop using tax money to spread the #1 canine killer.
      If people want pits they can save up and get one from their meth dealer or where ever it is pits come from but get the public funding away from it.

      If that could be done and dog owners could start to be held responsible for the actions of their dogs I think things would improve.

      Sadly responsibility is like Kryptonite to most modern dog owners.
      “That’s unfair! Why should I be held accountable for what my dog did?”

      I do have to give credit to the partner of Mr. Kessler.
      His was the first GFM I have ever seen where they came right out and said “He was killed by our pit bull”.

      No “passed away” no “died in an accident” not even generic “dog attack”. They named the breed and admitted it was theirs.

      My Spidey Sense tingles a little when it comes out he was mauled by the dog and stabbed but I can see how you could miss if you were not careful.

      Just a horrible way to go.

  5. Apart from the media’s obvious MO of selective reporting, I would not be surprised at all if the number of unreported deaths goes way beyond what is found on this website.

    Unreported I say due to nobody getting wind of the dead since they’ve disappeared from the face of the Earth without a trace. Buried. Dumped. Digested. Dissolved. Along with any other way to ERASE the DEATH and the DEED!

    How often do we read of these utterly sociopath, deplorable owners who display not a smidgen of guilt, compassion, conscience., or whatever you want to call it…

    Try to hide the DEED!

    It should come as no surprise that they occasionally succeed in hiding the deed.

    Believe all you want that they’ll be judged someday. But here on Earth in the present, I’d bet the farm that the full extent of the deed hidden in the fields would yield a bumper crop of corpses.

    • 5000 block of N. Orangecrest.

      Like strolling thru “Grand Theft Auto- San Andreas”. Plenty of parted-out jalopies per driveway. I’d be willing to wager on which is the breeder home.

  6. I came across an interesting statistic in a fluff story about dogs behaving badly and how “it is just the cutest thing ever”.

    ” The survey found that 56 percent of dog owners polled considered their canines to be naughty.

    Twelve percent said their dog usually misbehaves while five percent said they always misbehave. By contrast, just eight percent of dog owners considered their canines to be well behaved.

    Though most were aware of their dog misbehaving, there was little in the way of guilt among those polled with just nine percent saying they felt extremely responsible for their dog’s behavior while 20 percent felt very responsible.”

    So 8% of dogs are considered well behaved by their owners yet 71% don’t feel responsible for the actions of their dog.

    Is it any wonder that “dine ‘n dash” attacks are so common?

    I wish I had a link to the actual survey.
    Here is the story the quote comes from.

    • “But my {enter your dog/breed here} is always so well behaved blah blah blah blah blah….”

      So impressed. And I sincerely mean that.

      Here is what I sincerely believe {this time for real}:

      You will never see or hear of “the dog control question” brought up in a broadcast debate between political candidates running for office.

      Why? Because they know how decisively the vote can swing one way or the other by their chosen words and how they are perceived on that issue.

      The voter could care less about unimportant things like the economy, national security, abortion, race relations, etc…than it does about the one major issue so precious and sacred that its name dare not even receive mention.

      The unwritten rule of the media and moderators-
      “Don’t ask about or bring up….you know what. That subject is off the table.”

    • That is Dr Duke, sadly, the crux of the matter.

      When I was dog training, it was astonishing to me what people didn’t see as a “problem”. I would ask them to list “dog no-nos” and “dog sins” as in, something we can work on later and a dog sin is something so dangerous or anti-social that you just can’t live with it and must be fixed ASAP. Pooping, peeing, destruction, chronic barking, biting, snarling, growling, dog aggression etc.

      Most people didn’t even *think* about it, until I asked. How can you raise a child if you do not know what is acceptable behaviour in an adult? How can you raise or train a dog without knowing what’s acceptable societal behavior by a dog?

      90% of the dogs I see wandering around exhibit behavior I could never tolerate. Some is just dangerous to the dog…like walking onto an elevator *before* the owner (if the door shuts on the lead, the dog will strangle) from barking, snarling and lunging its way down the street trying to attack anything that moves.

      The problem is, people don’t *think* about any of this. They just “get a dog” and choose it for “cuteness” or how adorable it will look on camera on social media.

      Somehow, they think the dog will train itself. It’s the magical thinking of children combined with the infantalization of the dog–a potent blend of dangerous and stupid.

  7. A few days ago, a 7 year old boy was severely mauled by a pit bull dog in Aurora, Mo.
    The media did report it as a “dog bite” from a “mixed breed dog”.
    A family member has posted pictures of this child and of the dog. The child may lose his left arm and left leg due to the extensive tissue loss and damage to the bone. It is so disturbing to see the horrific damage caused and having it labelled a dog bite.
    The dog also has a bite history and the owner was allowed to keep it.
    Why is there no attempt to report the truth? The family posted on a local FB site in their community and their post was removed.

    • Therein lies the problem with the wave of censorship in social media.

      We can’t speak honestly now on many sites. Many videos showing the *truth* of given situations are systematically shut down for “violent” or “biased” or whatever, lamebrain reason–even when that content is an object warning for the public.

      We’re no longer entitled to the *truth*–we’re entitled to be “emotionally safe”…whatever the he11 that is supposed to mean.

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