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21 thoughts on “2021 Dog Bite Fatality: Houston Police Suspect 48-Year Old Woman Mauled to Death by Her Own Dogs

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  1. The pitbull accidentally butchered her to death.

    Or more likely: Another foreseeable fatal incident caused by close proximity to sometimes unpredictably dangerous canines.

  2. And pit bull owners don’t understand why people don’t want to live near them. SMH

    Interesting how Maximus “Kind loving nature’ led to another ‘unforeseeable’ pit bull murder.

    • I took a look at the sale history of the adjoining properties. And each one is, at the very least, an annual turnover of either a sale or listing for a new renter.

      Gee, I wonder why? Looks like such a nice place too.

      Also noted in google comments that someone claimed “there are too many restrictions on dogs” with that particular HOA.

      That’s the trick. Take down all those walls and fences that resemble a concentration camp and open the pool and playgrounds to the roving four-footed security force. No problems after that.

      • I’d consult an attorney first if I were them before making any statement.

        It’s a terrible subject to bring up, but I suppose that if I had a neighbor with a pit bull that were both a continuing nuisance lasting years, and if one day I heard and witnessed the dog mauling its owner, would I just stand by and walk away for a spell in the hopes that they will each become nothing more than a distant memory.

        No. I’d try to help. Like Curtain walking away from the mine shaft caving in on Fred C Dobbs in “Treasure of The Sierra Madre”, I’d probably might take a step or two back before conscience and the thought of doing what is right would slap me in the face.

        • Todd, you don’t have to risk your life or limbs to save a bad neighbor from being eaten by her own dogs. Keep yourself off the menu.

  3. The neighbors need to have a fence because they have a swimming pool.

    But as always seems the case. there must be “more to this story than meets the eye”.-i.e.: bad neighbors, NIMBY’s, racism.

    Not the dogs though. Surely this was just another example in a long list of accidents understandable only by those who luvs them some pibble. These things just happen every now and then.{and again and again}

  4. Wow, not only did she own numerous dangerous breeds, but she was also breeding them! Great, more killer mutants in our society, just what we needed….

  5. I have two fighter pit bulls living next door to me. They have attacked neighbors and dogs in the neighborhood. Police were called each time and nothing has ever been done. You take a dangerous chance in walking your dog.

  6. I was reading that the funerals of pit bull mauling victims were never open casket but maybe they should be! Maybe if they were especially when they were pit bull nutters then their friends would get a first hand look at what they have in bed snuggling with them every night and there would be a whole lot less dead kids and old people!

    • You would think that a look at the injuries they’ve caused in those who survived attacks should be enough. But apparently not.

      The case of Camden Bozell’s mother Tristen Lent from April 22 of 2020 should bear that out. She made a video following the mauling in which her son received a broken nose and literally a face full of stitches as a result of an attack.

      Her inhuman reaction was echoed by her facebook page which was filled with replies from sympathizers who seemed to chalk this up as a sort of growing pain that all 6 year olds must go through.

      An open casket might change a few minds. But among that crowd? Very few is any.

      And I shake my head to whenever someone tells me that their pit is sleeping right next to them. We all know that dogs dream, right? So what does anyone think happens when a pit is dreaming away on doggie Cloud Nine, and that it at last has the neighbors toy poodle’s neck clenched between its jaws?

      “Mmmph.. Grrrr…I’m KING of the neighborhood. Nothing like poodle neck in the morning…Mmmmph…..Life is good…So happy..Grrrr”

      And then, all of a sudden after being in this amped up state of bliss, it is roused by a kick from it owner as they turn in their sleep.

      What happens next? Hmmm? Laugh it up, pit owners. But do you really want and trust such a bed mate, Any of you ever had inexplicable dreams? Hey, there have been times that I’ve been upset over being stirred by someone while I was having a pleasant dream. At worst I’ve just sauntered off to the loo and washed my face instead of digging my incisors into the nearest thing to satiate my ingrained inner drive.

  7. Well this rather fits into a number of other pitbull murders where the owner (or someone else) is trying to stop a putbull in drive that is intent on killing another animal.

    So, she had that dog since puppyhood?

    It’s all in how you raise them. Guess she raised them to eat her.


  8. One person viewed the Instagram account and commented on a video of the pit bull fence-fighting:

    “This is so sad. This dog wasn’t provoking the other dog and was in control of his emotions considering all the barking the other dog was doing. Why didn’t the neighbors come out and take their dog inside? Maybe everyone would be alive today if the neighbors had done a better job w/their dogs barking/provoking? RIP and prayers to the family for this terrible loss ”

    So there you have it – the real killer was the neighbor and his vicious barker.

    • I can’t get over this person commenting that dogs can be “in control of their emotions”. Sounds like someone who has extensive experience in the world of anger management and is projecting onto dogs with a 800 Watt projector.

      News flash for that person: dogs are not humans. Their behaviors and emotional lives are quite a bit different than ours.

  9. Yup in pit bull land others should bring their dogs in if they look tasty enough to get Mr. Pibbles attention. You are not allowed to have your dog in your yard if the pit can see it. Likewise if you don’t want Mr. Pibbles in your yard it is up to you to fortify your fence. Never mind that city laws and HOA rules won’t allow a pit restraint fence.

    Nothing is pit proof but a 15′ high fence with at least 2 additional feet underground and concertina wire on the top might slow down a pit. Speaking of fences does anyone else suspect that “Rachirius Maximus” damaged the fence that the neighbors had to repair?

    The owner should be happy. In her last moments among the living she got to be a chew toy for her “good boy”. After all all he wanted to do was play and the neighbor’s dog was never in any real danger. It is obvious that sheik got rid of that pit becase it was just too friendly. /s.

    Anyone else suspect the dog was actually backyard bred locally and some breeder made up the sheik story? Probably added $100 at least to Rachirius Maximus’s price.

  10. I feel so bad for the other shepherd or husky whatev mixed breed dog. She belonged to a better home

    At least the dogs were destroyed this time around and additionally failed to reach their original target

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