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13 thoughts on “2021 Dog Bite Fatality: 7-Month Old Baby Killed by Large Family Dog in Sevier County, Tennessee

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  1. Dispatched at the scene? GOOD! That should happen every time.

    Enough with these quarantines and dangerous dog hearings.

    Just put the things down.

    • Only because it tried to eat the police at the scene.

      Babies and seniors don’t count, apparently. Clearly dogs have legal rights when it comes to mauling the vulnerable.

      Taking bets on pitbull or maybe, rottweiler.

      • It looks like they were correct. A saint Bernard. A dog saint Bernard. A dog that is 100% interfertile with wolves. Which are predator animals. Which have high prey drives. A dog. Yes. With a baby. Too late for “Oh No!”

        How about a dog with an undefended senior citizen? What about with undefended everyone else? Same answer. Unless they are defended. Then yes, but then Cave Canem!

        //edit: Removed multiple exclamation points.

        “No Boscoe!” then heard her screaming, “Help me! Help me!”

  2. The large loose dog became aggressive towards the victim and was dispatched by the victim at the scene. Oh wait, never mind. That almost never happens. Only to me on the public street, twice in five years. People wanna have large dogs? They can keep it in the family. When a picture of the baby is posted, I feel very sad that that the sociopaths thought that the dog is more important than their baby. Picture of the smiling baby is not yet posted? Then one of my first thoughts is: Good thing they didn’t let it out on the street to kill an innocent pedestrian.

  3. Is it me, or does the body count seem higher than usual this year? I’ve tried going back through these posts but I lost track of the count. I’ve also noticed more pit bulls in our neighborhood this year than ever, more dogs in general because of the Covid lockdown.

  4. Since our country is losing more babies to uncontrollable dog teeth, I have a question. Can we get the babies pet rocks?. They have to be big enough so the child cannot swallow them. The pet rock won’t chew on furniture, or make messes.

    If picked up by shelters, board should be very affordable. They could help the NoKill movement, as they can liive forever. Unfortunately, the child will likely wreck its teeth from chewing.

  5. And someone just gave me the spiel about St Bernard’s being ‘gentle giants’. All dog breeds have failures amongst the standard. Dogs should be kept away from babies and toddlers. And they KNEW this dog was vicious! One mistake cost a baby its life.

    • I was perusing the fatal dog attacks on Wikipedia. In the ’70’s and early ’80’s there were a surprising number of deaths caused by St. Bernards. I had always thought of them as gentle giants, too. They were right up there with where rotties are now.

      • St. Bernards had a spate of maulers a few years back so it looks like this one might be a descendant of that lot. I remember the shock that caused. I think most aggression was then bred back out. Given this is our first St. Bernard murder in a couple of decades, the breeding program was fairly successful, I’d wager.

        Weird how the cops shot a St. Bernard for eating someone but don’t shoot pitbulls on the regular?

        In this case, the parents knew it was unstable because of previous behaviour but whatever kennel it came from–nobody should be buying from them. These owners got warnings and ignored them.

    • When I was in grade school, a Saint Bernard got loose and found its way onto our playground. I was frightened by that big dog.

      One of my classmates said, “It’s okay. They save people.”

      I wasn’t convinced.

      Fortunately, I wasn’t harmed by the dog and neither were my classmates. But I do recall that the grownups were not happy about the presence of the dog.

  6. This is highly disturbing, especially given that many of the “rescue” dogs in our neighborhood have skewed to pit/pit mixes dramatically in recent months. Probably 2/3 of the adoptable dogs in our area fall into the that category. I have a small friendly breed fluff ball, and any large dog can terrify me. I avoid them at all costs. They can quickly get off-leash due to their physical power. What can we do to slow down the madness?

  7. So heartbreaking. Poor little guy. And unlike so many others it appears he at least has a mother who places him above the family dog. After reading most of the entries here on DBO,the usual path is that the victim is remembered as being little more than training toys for the most important member of the family {the Dog}.

    So many of these dog worshiping zealots would sign their own family member away for euthanasia than to take away “Bullit”, “Killah”,”Dahmer”, “Harley”, “Vulcan”, etc..

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