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29 thoughts on “2021 Dog Bite Fatality: 31-Year Old Woman Fatally Bitten in the Neck by Pet Pit Bull in Toledo, Ohio

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  1. Family pet, at a residential home. Not a random pedestrian on the public street. Two different circumstances of the situation, but the same logical result: Gory, painful, horrifying death by dangerous breed canine. Why? Because people are allowed to possess negative attractors. As long as people are attracted to the possession of dangerous canines, this will occur.

  2. So four people died in one day from pitbull maulings?!? No other breed just pits. Thomas Holloway is a scoundrel of a boyfriend! This is sounding a bit like the Darla Napora killing –grabbed by the neck by her partner’s larger male pit bull and with a partner who is not blaming the pit. Maybe he’ll try to have them buried together.

  3. Oh look, another stupid 30-something woman thinks she’s cool because she can tame a dangerous dog. Then she gets herself killed.

    The Darwin Awards society needs a special category for “dumbsh-t women getting killed by dogs that they never had any business owning in the first place”

    • If such a dog is too dangerous for a healthy adult woman to own it is also too dangerous for a man to own…Unless the man is a hermit living in a cave he is quite likely to have grown women in his life and possibly children…He may even be staying with an elderly parent…Dogs such as these challenge control of healthy men in their prime (as evidenced by Romeo’s propensity for escape) and have been known to turn on a man and his male friends — and attending police officers…No one lives in the sealed bubble a dangerous animal such as this requires…In fact the rate of dog attacks on delivery personnel, meter readers, and home repair workers is going up…

      • I am amazed vets and vet techs don’t speak out.
        I wonder how many of them are sent to the hospital by dogs and what percentage of the carnage is done by pits?

        I am going to step out on a limb and speculate Chihuahuas send many less vet personnel to the hospital in spite of what you read on social media. Seems every pit owner claims to have owned 10 mellow, bomb proof pits yet they have a Chihuahua that jumps up and sucks blood from their jugular.

    • There are so many attacks in Ohio ! Colleen did you see the 2 recent attacks on children , one where the dog was shot [ Austintown ] and another one [ Boardmann Ohio ] where the child had deep head wounds ? No breed mentioned and no folllow up on either.

  4. The age of these latest victims is quite unusual? Generally the victims are young kids and folks over 70+ the vulnerable ages… the instance of young adult women suffering from ‘canine homocide’ is certainly on the rise, we all know why – it’s the ‘you just have to show them love’, along with the canine cult worshipping phenomenon that these younger women continue to believe… there is a reason why all of the shelters across the US (and Western world) are full of pitbulls/pit mixes and it’s not because the original owners didn’t ‘love’ their dogs but it’s because when these dogs get to a certain age, the owners slowly work out that 1) the dog is maybe dangerous or 2) the dog is a court case on 4 legs!

    • Very true, about the ages. A few years ago I tallied up the attacks by decade–kids up to age 10, teenagers, 20-somethings, etc.
      The result was teens and people in their 20s and 30s were represented far less than other age groups.

  5. Because all these maulings happen in separate cities/counties most of the time, they look rare.

    If I’m not mistaken, it was three pitbull attacks at the start of the week? And one big mastiff murdering around the same time. I don’t have Colleen’s super memory for the events 😉

    This is why a federal data base and Colleen keeping Dogsbite stats is so incredibly important.

    Ontario thinks it’s safe. And it was, fairly so. Until the COVID lockdowns when pitbull and mainly pitbull puppies started showing up in larger numbers again. In the next 1-3 years I bet we get a rash of maulings.

    Apparently r/banpitbulls has been getting tons of new redditors due to the amount of pet and people attacks by pitbulls in the past year.

    • This is why I keep saying that BSL alone is not enough. It needs to be accompanied by strong and relentless enforcement.

      • I fail to understand the utter stupidity of those here that buy pitbulls.

        If they are caught without muzzles the dogs can be confiscated and once confiscated, cannot be re-homed. In simple terms…they are condemning them to death if they are unmuzzled, the neighbours call about problems or they are forced to surrender for financial or other reasons. If the pitbull bites…they are fined 10k and can be jailed and the dog still winds up euthanized.

        That’s not even breed love. It’s pure selfishness.

        • Buh-buh-buh those misunderstood wigglebutts offer TOTAL UNCONDITIONAL LOVE! Look at what the meme commenter said!

          (Sarcasm off.)

    • The pit bull owner being either uninformed (or informed but refusing to believe they are taking a risk – because “it’s all how you raise ’em”) or to a degree anti-social personality, which the owner may not realize they have.

  6. This is very sad. Did the boyfriend think an intruder
    came in, scared the dog, and caused the attack. Ridiculous!

  7. Romeo was finally judged by his character and deservedly put to death. Shame that the last act of “unconditional love” by this “loyal and lovable rouge” was ripping the throat out his owners roommate. I would have much preferred for him to take out his owner.

    Sounds like Thomas Holloway thinks Emily had a seizure, fell over and landed in Romeo’s mouth. I wonder if she even had a seizure disorder or if pit owners are being trained “if you come home and find someone mauled to death by your dog, be sure to tell 911 it was a seizure”? Frankly it would not surprise me. I also would not be surprised if he had bought another pit before the blood stains were cleaned up. After all if Angel doesn’t have a litter of murderous demons in her oven, she isn’t earning any of that sweet, sweet untaxed, under the table pit money.

    The pit and other dangerous dogs cult continues to offer up human sacrifices to their false god. Many of them are unwilling sacrifices but those are the best kind if you are a cult member.

  8. It’s always tragic when the attack is unseen. Then some other person always starts to play “how to defend pittie” and make up lies about how the dog was actually trying to save the victim from some outside force. Never heard of a dog saving someone by biting the neck! It is ridiculous at this point the lengths people will go to defend these dogs.

    • Collar cams for pits should be required by law. Also the footage from attacks should be posted online. It would be a little harder to claim “all the facts are not in” and “there is more to this story” if the whole gory attack was on line for the world to see.

  9. I’ve been feeling very blaming of the dog’s owner, suspecting him of foul play because of his fishy statements (victim’s cell phone supposedly missing? Blames seizure but fails to mention blood? Supposed man’s voice on home security tape?).

    But I guess I should give him some small credit for allowing “Romeo” to be euthanized. A good portion of murderous maulers’ owners try to keep their dog alive at all costs. I’m not sure what the latest is on the dogs who killed the 7-year-old girl as she and her mother took care of the dogs when the owners were out of town, for instance. And I’m pretty certain “Dexter” is still alive and well as his owners continue to fight his ordered euthanization in court. There’s always another appeal.

    • What’s interesting to me is the owners had Dexter about four months. Maybe I’m wrong, but it wasn’t anything close to one year. They barely knew the dog. Yet they are willing to fight for this killer’s life.

      • These dangerous dogs are hijacking people’s parenting instincts. I remember feeling immediately emotionally attached to and protective of the cats I adopted, many years ago when I did that.

        If we had legislation banning the adoption of potentially dangerous pets, playing these emotional games with animals couldn’t lead to people getting killed.

  10. I don’t know if this article is linked everywhere but Thomas Holloway is in complete denial. He managed to blame it on 1. seizure, 2. intruder, 3. “something else”. That house is such a shithole. The yard is so overgrown I can only assume the dogs were shitting inside or on the back porch.

  11. “The dog might have been trying to protect Kahl.”

    Yes, because protecting people means attacking them, not the intruder.

    Do these people even HEAR themselves?

  12. Something to think about–Romeo may be gone, but his offspring, and who knows how many there are out there since this dog was fond of escaping, no doubt live on in this community.

    Because pit owners near universally breed/refuse to neuter, even the worst human-aggressive dogs often get to leave a genetic legacy. How many little Romeos out there are carrying their sire’s deadly human aggression trait?

    • If the murder pit is registered you should be able look up and see how many registered offspring it has. Most pits are not registered. The UKC is one of the few clubs that registers pits. Their register is not searchable on line. Even if he was registered that wouldn’t count the “bonus lil’ Romeos” out there from his many escapes. Nor would it count any offspring that were sold without papers.

      Much like the recall notification system for cars, there needs to be a notification sent out any time a dog’s parent or litter mate is a killer. Maybe some owners would take the hint and have them put down. Few would but so many things are sold with the “If it saves just one life, it will have all been worth it” chicle. This might be one of the few times that would be true.

      I have heard game dog (i.e. dogfighting) enthusiast claim no registered pit bull has ever killed someone. I suspect that is BS. Didn’t the Staffordshire Terrier breed standard kill someone? If the claim about “no registered killers” it is true I suspect it is more due to the law of averages than the superior genetics and care of registered pits.

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