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18 thoughts on “2021 Dog Bite Fatality: 26-Year Old Woman Mauled to Death by Four Dogs in Her East Valinda Home's Backyard

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  1. An old stomping ground of mine, Valinda/La Puente was. We were quite intimate at one time decades ago.
    I can recall barely getting my Achilles out of the way several times as I made a mad dash towards safety on the other side of the gate as I performed home inspections.

    Knowing the neighborhood…Not surprised by this latest{and hopefully last for the year} addition to the blog. Not surprised in the least.

  2. Her key wasn’t the only thing she forgot that day.

    Memo to fire departments that send firefighters to dog attack emergencies in progress: Please equip your firefighters with sufficient safety equipment.

    What kind of dogs were they? The potentially lethal, sometimes unpredictably aggressive kind. That rules out little fluff balls and dachshunds and golden retrievers and other similar people-safe canines.

  3. The details provided are always quite interesting. “It’s an ongoing investigation, but we can tell you MOST of the story. However, there is one thing that would be ludicrous to reveal and would surely bring the entire investigation to a grinding halt. This crucial mystery fact that is pivotal to the case and must at all cost remain hidden: the dog’s breed.”

    Withholding names and addresses? Yes, understandable. Hiding the breed of the dog? Completely inane and unnecessary. The ONLY reason is that they are concerned the pit “enthusiasts” will send death threats for locking up a defenseless innocent animal (ha!) OR that they themselves are so pro-pit that they need to scramble to hide evidence of the breed.

    Granted, the dogs may not be pit bulls. Even if they are, they will probably be labelled “lab mixes”that mysteriously look exactly like a pit bull in lab-colored pajamas.

    • Why do none of the so-called experts realise that if you euthanize the animal you can study it’s brain and find out if it has rabies *immediately* rather than making the victims suffer through a quarantine?

      Just askin’.

  4. I can hear the pitbull lobby squawking already.

    “The dogs thought she was an intruder so they ate her. Good pupperinos!”

    Instead of, “Why didn’t they warning bark and growl BEFORE she got all the way through the window…if that’s their job?”

    _The woman, who resided at the home with her sister-in-law, had forgotten her key that day_

    _”The dogs were familiar with the child, but not with the mother,” Petrocelli said_

    How are both these statements true?

    • Yes, this story is very confusing. How the heck did a six-year-old know the dogs if the mother did not? Even if somehow the child lived there without his mother, how did he get back and forth to this house? Did he drive? This is absurd, as is NO ONE knows what kind of dogs these were. Not even a good guess? Lastly, these Go Fund Me pages often don’t mention death by dog. It’s labeled as an “accident” or some unknown “tragedy.”

  5. What a way to end the year, another DBF. And of course, the breeds were not mentioned.

    Well, I guess its possible they wouldn’t know. I mean, the cops and firefighters had to have shown up to the scene and SAW the dogs. The family who they spoke to owned the dogs SAW the dogs. The animal care center workers who currently have possession of the dogs must have SEEN the dogs. But I suppose someway, somehow they just don’t know what breeds they were…

    • A super sized chihuahua mix with cropped ears cannot be ruled out.

      Test results should come back sometime late 2022-23ish dependent upon the extent of the effects of the ongoing Covid pandemic.

  6. I surmise that these dogs were one of two breeds: pit bulls or Dogo Argentino. I base this on the preponderance of Hispanic families to have breeding operations with these dogs and often 4 or more on the premises. No, I am not trying to stereotype. This victim has only been in the US for two years. On another note. the GoFundMe does not mention at all how she died and it is raising funds quickly.

    • I’m living right across the street from such a family. They have at LEAST two pit bulls and one of them is bred on a regular basis.

      Oh, did I mention that there are three children living there as well? And that one of the children is a year and a half old?

      The man of the house, if you can call him that, likes to make a big show of how he open carries.

      He likes to tuck his weaponry into his waistband, and that’s an excellent way to inadvertently shoot something that’s quite valuable to most guys.

      • Reasons why he is open carrying:
        1. He is too lazy to get a concealed weapon permit.
        2. He is too cheap to get a concealed weapon permit.
        3. He does not qualify for a concealed weapon permit and possibly not even to own a handgun.
        4. This is for quick access to the firearm and he needs this in the event of a pit bull attack with his breeding stock.

        I suspect that it is a combination of these. He knows the risks of pits.

    • No race should feel targeted for making poor decisions regarding dogs. I’ve seen plenty of non-Hispanic white people do some pretty “dog gone” stupid things. Matter of fact while living in SoCal I removed a pit mix from a friend of a friend’s family. It had attacked their year and a half old daughter leaving her with stitches on her face and forehead. Thankfully not too bad.

      Was the fact that they owned a pit so “dog gone” stupid?

      Well, Yes. That, along with their living arrangement being a one room efficiency of about 200 square feet in North Long Beach.

  7. This is the primary reason that lethal booby-traps are illegal as hell everywhere. Even your hard-core survivalist types refuse to use them. Why? They frequently result in a “hoist with your own petard” type outcome where the “booby” turns out to be the very person that laid the trap.

    However, this again reveals the insane doggy double standard: Lethal booby traps are perfectly fine and acceptable when the booby trap in question is a DOG(s).

    “Self defense?”. Anyone arguing self defense in a case like this needs to be told to go find a tall building and jump off it. Dogs do NOT have the same rights as people, and a dog does not have a right to defend itself against a human being in ANY scenario. When and where is is appropriate to use force against a human being is a right reserved for HUMAN BEINGS, period.

    • Did anyone else pick up on the fact that the dogs that “were familiar with the kid” still attacked him?

      That blows a hole in “hecking good guard doggos just doing their job.”

      The whole story makes no sense.
      Maybe more facts will work their way out but I doubt it.
      It has been about 2 weeks we may get a “unforeseen accident, very tragic” wrap up from the police soon but I will be surprised if we get that much.

  8. Another “service pit bull ” mauled a security guard who was trying to help the owner who lost consciousness in the public library in SF and got seriously injured for his efforts. Then when the nasty pit nutter regained consciousness instead of being sorry for his filthy mutt hurting the man who was trying to save his life he became angry and confrontational!
    I guess it’s par for the course! I do know for a fact that REAL service dogs are trained to allow people to help the owner who is hurt for just this reason! So this is DEFINITELY ANOTHER FAKE service dog! With an owner taking the dog out to inappropriate places in order to prove how wonderful their killer mutts are!

  9. The four dogs were put to sleep.

    Glad there is at least one positive outcome. Those four killers will never, ever draw blood again. Thanks Goodness!

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