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8 thoughts on “2021 Dog Bite Fatality: Woman, 59, Killed by Pair of Family Pit Bulls in Westside El Paso Home

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  1. Ah, yes. Only neglected and underfed pibbles attack their owners. I suspect the police made this statement because they were eating their kill and likely consumed a lot of her that made them wonder why.

  2. Also, the pitbulls did not show any signs of reasonable suitability for being family pet animals that any normal, reasonable person would select to have as a family pet.

    Too bad that people who are unreasonable are allowed to select animals to be family pet animals.
    Thank goodness they were not allowed to get loose on the public street.

    • Just saw a (very expensive) full-page back cover ad for Best Friends Animal Society on a recent issue of Sports Illustrated FOR KIDS magazine.

      For those who aren’t aware, Best Friends is one of the major lobbyists against any sort of legislation to restrict pit bull ownership and breeding.

      • I’ve seen their big ad boards in Chicago Midway Airport. I don’t know what Midway charges for that sort of in-terminal advertising, but I’m sure it’s not cheap.

        Even more infuriating is what those ads say:

        Save Them All

        To which I say:

        No we can’t, and nor should we.

        • To bad “save them all” doesn’t include the seniors, children and disabled people who’ve had the misfortune to be murdered by pitbulls this year.

  3. I would rather see ads for Marlboro and Colt 45 in a kids magazine than Best Friends.

    It should be illegal to solicit donations from children.

    Sad that 3 a day isn’t a record.

  4. And since no one was there to see the beginning attack, of course the nutters will say she must have provoked them somehow. They’ll say she must have stepped on their tails or maybe she was beating them. They’ll do everything to defend these monsters…

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