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20 thoughts on “2021 Dog Bite Fatality: 61-Year Old Missouri Woman Killed by Daughter's Familiar Pit Bulls and Pit Bull 'Mixed-Breed'

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  1. What a horrible thing to have your dogs kill a family member. And sure the pit lovers will be praising the dogs b since to their twisted minds just because she has been there before how could they know welcome this time. I don’t care if an actual intruder unless they are physically threatening me I don’t want my dogs to bite, let alone kill. That isn’t their job, they bark, I take care of the situation.

  2. Whether she was killed by the dangerous breed canines on public or private property is not very important. Whether or not the dead victim was familiar with the dangerous deadly canines is not of utmost importance. Same with whether or not the deadly predators were at large or secured. Same with whether or not the killer dogs were always so friendly or not.

    The two most important aspects of the deadly circumstance of the situation are the presence of the causative agent and the absence of the preventative agent. A human person was in proximity to one or more dangerous breed canines while lacking adequate physical defense that would have given her a reasonable chance at being successful in surviving the attack. If she had the ability to successfully defend herself, the local established powers who love dogs more than humans would have demonized and criminalized the victim.

    She didn’t have the ability to save herself, so now there is this brief, fleeting reminder of the deadly risk that dangerous breed canines pose at all times. In the next 12 months, there will be many thousands of additional traumatic injury reminders, just in this country. But, to zero avail, until the deadly breed canines are sterilized and euthanized out of existence from our so-called civilized society. Good people who love their neighbors can only pray to Heaven for such a public safety event to actually occur on the hostile surface of this world.

    • I was pleasantly surprised that there wasn’t a “Thanksgiving Spike” of additions to this blog as I was expecting.

      I figured that with families/inlaws and dangerously unpredictable dogs coming together over the holidays would equal more tragedy along with the ER visits from mere non-fatal biting. But perhaps the reality is being kept mum. The Holiday Push may still hit us with delayed reports.

      Learn from the mistake here, folks. If you feel that you absolutely must have a dog, get one that doesn’t possess the ability to sever limbs.

      You’ll find that a beagle can be just a lovable as a fighting breed. And you can feel all the more protective towards a beagle by keeping it away from dogs that can bite it in half in little more than a blink of an eye.

      • I did see one where some serious injury but not a fatality. If these were happening before the quick medical care was available, I know the fatalities would be so much higher. Yet so many of the injuries are life changing also, not something you get usually with other dog bites.

      • Unfortunately, plenty of mauling incidents which most of us never hear about. Unless, it’s a “model/Instagram influencer” who lost her lips and part of her nose. “She still loves dogs!” (It was her friend’s pit bull.) Her story was widely circulated, including on Inside Edition. Hundreds of children are mauled and endure countless surgeries every year. Pediatric surgeons are begging parents to not bring these monsters into the home. And, yet, they do because the media will not cover negative dog stories.

  3. QUOTE FROM ARTICLE: “She, (meaning the DOG), is usually on an invisible fence but she did not have her collar on!” Always some PISS POOR EXCUSE from the owner. These dogs need to disappear from the Earth.

  4. And yet pit nutters will continue to refer to these beasts as ‘loyal’. They call them the most loyal of all dog breeds. What kind of ‘loyal’ dog kills the humans it knows more often than strangers?

    How often do you hear of poodles killing their owners, their owner’s babies, or their owner’s relatives? What about spaniels? Retrievers?

    It is mainly bully breeds which attack and kill people it is familiar with, but somehow they will still be praised as being loving and loyal. People will still promote them as great with kids, great family dogs. A family dog is not one that is most likely to kill your family!

    • Ted Bundy was cuddly and loyal. After he kidnapped tortured and killed his victims oh, he would sometimes return to their bodies for cuddling until they decomposed too much.
      That’s loyal!

  5. The owner referred to it as her “Baby Girl.” Well, her baby girl killed grandma. There seems to be a spike lately of older women (often relatives) being murdered by these worthless mutts. I see them everywhere now, whether full-blooded pit or pit-mix. The gene pool of dogs has been forever contaminated. Even so, I can identify it in their dead eyes, almost empty eyes. Humankind created this monster breed.

    • It is a hard lesson and one I hope to never go through.

      I will say that those who I’ve known that have gone through a tremendous personal tragedy and are still able to keep their chin up and carry on are an inspiration to many of us.

      Should I ever suffer such misfortune, I’ll find some encouragement and solace in the memory of those who somehow found the strength to continue.

      Please…Be an inspiration. We need all the courageous people we can muster.

  6. No witnesses to the attack. Welp, incoming pit nutters who will insist that Leann provoked the monster dogs into killing her. Only good news here is that the beasts were put down.

    It still infuriates me that not only is it legal to own these things, but it is legal to own multiple of them! Who needs three freaking pit bulls?!

  7. The change in behavior is not due to learning. The change in behavior is due to being physically traumatically forced to acknowledge and abandon their evil ways. Only when the trauma strikes at home does this sometimes happen. The horror of the proliferation of dangerous breed canines is not caused by lack of knowledge. Any non-decorticate human being is fully capable of instantly and correctly discerning a dangerous unpredictably aggressive animal. Denial on the part of the dangerous dog pushers is caused by excessive evil, not by insufficient education.

    Who needs one or more dangerous breed canines? Evil people who hate their neighbor, their family and their own selves.

  8. You pointed out the gory meme on the victim’s husband’s profile (alleged guard dog attack at opened window…Photo of pit bull featured)…You did not show the dialogue…See below:

    Deceased Victim’s pit owning daughter chides her father (victim’s husband) for posting pitter sardonic humor…ie. “And you yell at me for liking pits”…Father replies with sticker of laughing green blob ghost from the original Ghostbusters movie…

    THAT conversation was between the two neighbor/family members two years ago…Someone in that family preached pit bull propaganda to a concerned neighbor/parent who OWNED both properties and sold a parcel to the child when she started a family…

    You would think that the parents would have some sort of financial leverage and veto power here…But it was either not used or there was pushback with a charm offensive…The old “my dogs are part of this family” power play that puts parents on defensive and holds the unspoken threat, ” keep it up and YOU will not be…” The implicit threat is that the relationship between parent and offspring and grandparent and grandchildren will be ended…

    Well, with this death, MANY familial relationships are ended — by the dogs owned by someone who did not take boundaries seriously even after the first near miss of the runaway dog and the electric fence folly…

    Family members need to push back HARD on pit bull propaganda and let their nearest and dearest know that pit bull proximity will NOT BE TOLERATED…The life you save may be your own or someone else in the household (including the pit bull apologist)…Go HARD in saying, “No pit bull attended visits,…EVER!…Risk some friction for the good of the family…Later, the pit bull owner may thank you for standing strong in tough love when their pit betrays their unreasonable unconditional trust…

  9. Nothing says ‘holidays’ like having your mom killed by your four legged meat grinders. These people should as irresponsible as most pit owners. No REAL fence, dog sans collar. Typical.

  10. Invisible Fence does not recommend anyone using its fence for aggressive dogs.

    I am confused by whom and why pit bulls bite. My 12 year old spayed female beagle mix named Digger was killed by an intact male pit bull. The pit bull was running loose with an intact pit bull female and a mixed breed intact male (intact male with no pit bull in it.). Why did the male pit bull leave its yard to kill an opposite sex old dog. Only the pit bull male put any major bites on Digger. The other two dogs were present but not biting. Digger died due to a single bite to the back of her neck. Digger weighed about 25 pounds.

    • Oh Rachel I am so sorry for you and your lovely beagle.

      And why do they target an old dog? Same reason they target my dog with a limp, every chance they get–they are exhibiting predatory behaviour towards a dog that they believe, can’t defend itself.

      Nice dogs, like goldies, will actually be careful with senior and disabled dogs, much of the time. They’re civilized.

      “Bullies” isn’t just a breed, it’s a description. Of both dog and many of their owners.

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