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52 thoughts on “2021 Dog Bite Fatality: Mother Live Streams After Rescue Pit Bull Killed her Son in Hampton County, South Carolina

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  1. Im not familiar with Tallulah King McGee, i see in the linked data Bluffton & Beaufort sterilization BSLs were only recently passed? Id like to read more on what she/they accomplished in 2015 & how the nearby towns were able to follow suit- if anyone has a good link, local sources (googled TKG & got mostly antiquated listings).

    Im still amazed they were able to pass even basic sterilization BSL in so many regions of CA, but the absence of LA County on that list almost makes the rest pointless, with a never-ending avalanche of pits streaming out of LA. Even after leaving CA, i still see adoption listings (in surrounding states) flooded with pits from LA area ‘death row’, and desperate transport rescues.

    Same issues in Seattle & Portland areas… how did they pass breeding BSL in SC? actually, How did they get it done in San Francisco in that original model ordinance? …& how do we get it done in SEA, PDX, and especially LA County?

    I dont mean to take away from the core of this latest post- yet another innocent little life taken, a family destroyed. After so much grief following these cases for years, putting our sadness & frustration into fighting for statutes to prevent more victims seems like the only way to do right by them.

  2. The second I open the door to my residence and set foot outside on to my ungated property, I am live streaming. I do this, not because of drunk or distracted drivers. Not because of armed home invaders. Not because of micro bio hazards. Not because of lightning or earthquakes. Because of only one reason. My neighbors’ loose dogs. Not because of the majority of the loose dogs that are not immediately aggressive and immediately threatening. Because of the minority of the loose dogs that are immediately aggressive and immediately threatening. Live streaming. Because it is required. Because sometimes, dogs that lick the owners family’s faces get out and traumatically harm and/or kill people. Because people who own dangerous canines think their dog is 100.000 percent guaranteed to be not aggressive to pedestrians when loose and unmonitored by their family member. Canine reality sometimes bites. Time for all people to wake up and smell it.

    • I am so sorry you have to live this way!
      What state are you in? I hear this from so many states. We don’t have this too much in NYC. Mostly the pits are on leashes and in apartments. Unfortunately here they mostly attack those living in their home here. But no one should have to live as you are describing !

  3. I am struggling to have sympathy for this pit advocate mother. She allowed a random stray pit bull into her home around her child. You don’t allow random stray dogs around your kids! Especially a fighting breed that can easily kill them. Not only that, but her alleged reason for doing so was fear that if she brought the beast to a shelter it would die. Well now her son is dead along with the stupid landshark! Had she just brought the thing to a shelter, her son would still be alive. I’m furious.

  4. Grandparents of this child go to my Church. Family is grieving and in complete shock. No reason to attack the Mother. Like most people she bought the lie pits are great dogs. At least the news article and the Mother state this dog was a pit. Pit supporters will probably start attacking her and blaming her son for the attack.
    Right now I don’t care what breed dog it was, a child died a horrible death.

  5. Cognitive dissonance is real. Pit believers just never get it, sometimes not even after the fact. Pits have been bred for bloodsport for centuries, and are STILL being bred for bloodsport today. You can’t get it out of them with a few bellyrubs.

  6. The poor mother is in shock. I can’t even imagine how horrible this is for the family. The little boy is featured prominently on the mother and grandmother’s FB, was clearly adored.

  7. My heart goes out to these people. I know they didn’t realize the seriousness of this. It is sad that their lives have been permanently changed by so sad an event as this. I am sure they will never fully recover.

  8. We are surrounded by pet propaganda and particularly, pitbull propaganda. I’m not surprised that a young mom, since young mothers tend to be already isolated at home with the internet for company without even including lockdowns–would fall victim to propaganda in the search for making friends online.

    And here we are, another dead child. A grieving family.

    The pit pushers suffer zero consequences because they are anonymous to their victims. Many of them don’t even own pitbulls, they’re just parroting the cult party line. In fact, most dog pushers don’t own dogs and many that do–have dogs so ill-behaved they’re in no position to give advice on raising goldfish, never mind an overwhelmed young mother with a potential babykiller slobbering all over her and her baby.

    I’m fond of dogs but they are not humans and young children and dogs do not mix. Dogs require attention that mothers of young children are in no position to provide. Once upon a time, unless the dog was a working dog–most parents instinctively realised this.

    Propaganda has overridden basic common sense and practicality.

    • Sorry, but I have to disagree with you that young moms can’t have dogs. However, they need to supervise, PLUS have a reasonable breed of dog, that is pleasant with children. My 2 labs, and weener dog I had before, and after I had kids, they were wonderful with them, they passed of old age. We have another weener dog now who is also wonderful. I give him, and my kids plenty of attention, and I’m responsible. However no one should have a friggen stray pitbull in a house with children, thats a very stupid risk.

  9. To those who commented the mother wasn’t aware of the danger, thank you. She was just trying to help a stray dog. The family does not own a pit pull. She didn’t know what these dogs are capable of.

    Not like some of the other victims who post and actively advocate for pit bulls. I was surprised that she said she was a pitbull supporter. Since they do not own one. Her parents own a yorkie. Their lives are changed forever just because she felt sorry for a stray dog and did not know pitbulls are dangerous unpredictable dogs.

    • By her saying she was s “pit bull supporter,” I think she probably means that she “advocated” for them. Maybe she was a keyboard warrior telling others how misunderstood they are. The same type which she will now see posting about her own son’s death, perhaps like those who say, “That poor doggo, someone save him because he made a mistake… the kid probably did something to provoke it… we don’t know the whole story… dogs don’t just attack for no reason… it’s the way they’re raised, not the dogs… all they’ll do is lick you to death…” and etc. Maybe she was that type of “supporter,” but of course we couldn’t know unless we had her posting history. Lots of those people who say such things don’t own one themselves, they just virtue signal by showing how they’re not a “breed racist.” It’s real easy to spout misinformation when you don’t even have one yourself.

      But what we do know is that at the very least she was a supporter in that she BELIEVED THE LIE that these are normal, nice dogs which are simply misunderstood. The very act of keeping that “nice dog” around for so long instead of taking it to a shelter proves that. Her eyes are horribly, painfully opened now. And how she’s treated from this point on can either make her a voice of reason or make her just disappear. The pit cult will attack her mercilessly. The same ones who would applaud her attempts to find a home for the dumped dog will now place every blame on her and threaten her with death for being honest about what happened to her little boy. But how will the other side respond? Yes, she believed the lies and misinformation. Yes, she paid a terrible price. But she can potentially be a voice of change and truth.

      • THANK YOU !
        She was very aware of the breed…
        She was a advocate….
        People around knew she places dogs that why it was dumped in her backyard to begin with ( in her own words on her FB ) .

      • I never fell into any lie, I tested the dog with my Australian healer, with my Chihuahua, and with the eight puppies my dog had just had. He showed no signs, and the law in South Carolina says you have to give the owners a certain amount of time to claim their animal! Also I called to have him picked up , but no one had room for him or wanted to come to house where my husband was on COVID QUARANTINE!

        • Pitbull advocates and shelters tell the lie that Pits are safe, cuddly family pets who are ‘nanny dogs’ who are very safe around children, no different to other dogs, when the truth is, they don’t show the obvious warning signs of aggression that other dogs do, even right before they attack. They are bred for ‘gameness’, which means they will fight to the death with no regard to their own wellbeing (which is why hurting the dog won’t stop it) they fixate on their target and will keep going back for more. A Pit does not retreat from a fight once it is in attack mode. You can have a Pit from a pup, who has always been soft and sweet, and it can turn on a dime one day, and with this one, you didn’t know it’s history. The Nanny dog lie was first perpetuated in the early 1900’s by a man who bred fighting dogs, one of which killed his own nephew – but he promoted the image of them as family anyway in order to get them recognised by the kennel club. I believe he even kept and continued to breed the dog that killed his two year old nephew after the fact. I’m so sorry that THIS is the way you had to find out that they are not misunderstood, I cannot imagine a worse way to realise you’ve been lied and find out why the animal was most likely dumped, than to lose the most precious thing in your life. You did everything you could to help this animal, and this is what you got in return. Whoever owned that dog and dumped it in your yard ought to be A: In prison for negligent homicide, and B: Banned from ever owning a dog again. I hope your son gets the justice he deserves.

  10. My heart goes out to the mother and family of that well loved young man. I too wish society would accept that not all dogs make good pets. And “kill” shelters are NOT the enemy. The “no kill” community is just as responsible for these deaths as are the breeders.

  11. Not to sound insensitive, but the pit bull Nutter mother learned the hard way. Pit bulls are NOT nanny dogs… they are the most dangerous breed(s) of dogs. It is delusional to think them a safe pet.

  12. Just after I read this story I took my dog out.

    A family with four young kids was walking along with their dog…a 25lb spaniel/beagle mix, from the look of it. It was trotting merrily along with them, behaving like a normal dog without barking, menacing, lunging or dragging the kid holding the leash, Everyone enjoying themselves, out walking their dog.

    I thought of this article and I thought, “Now there is a family that had the sense to get a friendly mutt, of a breed and size they could all enjoy without worrying about it mangling anyone. The kind of dog, that ran around neighbourhoods with kids, when I was a kid.”

    Pitbulls will *never* be those kind of dogs. They’re genetically incapable. They’re too high energy, too badly bred, too disobedient, too inherently risky. Sure, not all of them are aggressive but a far too large percentage of them ARE.

    Sure, adopt them out to single people but guess what? There’s not a neighbourhood in the world without other dogs, squirrels, elderly people, disabled people and children.

    There’s not one single thing a pitbull can do that another, safer dog, can’t do better.

    Now we have a family destroyed over a breed that should have gone extinct decades ago as the purpose for which they were bred–no longer exists.

    I have to surmise, if that beagle+spaniel had wandered into that yard that day–the ending to this story would be entirely different.

    • Dogfighting still goes on & pits with good fighting character are still being bred. The culls make their way into the hands of backyard breeders and shelters. Money is being made. Pits will never go extinct for this reason.

  13. The Adopt Don’t Shop movement is very problematic. A few years ago, I had a puppy develop generalized Scopulariopsis skin disease. Because of the extreme rarity of this, the prognosis was guarded.
    I kept him for one year and succeeded in clearing up the skin problem. A nice couple came over and looked at him. The wife then said, “I wanted a rescue dog,”.
    I said back, “He sort of is. I just didn’t leave him at a shelter”. I could have abandoned him, and he certainly wasn’t worth treating.

    The difference between a rescue dog and a purchased dog is where you bought it.

  14. Dogfighting still goes on & pits with good fighting character are still being bred. The culls make their way into the hands of backyard breeders and shelters. Money is being made. Pits will never go extinct for this reason.

    • The totally vicious pit bulls are far safer dogs than the seemingly nice ones that show explosive aggression. Why? People know the vicious dog can maul and/or kill and can easily make decisions as to what to do with the dog. Pit bulls such as the one that killed this child are such sweet dogs that their owners/care givers them. That’s how people get mauled/killed.

      • Rachel, that’s often my point, too. Pitbulls were far safer in the hands of fighting dogmen because they knew *what* they were dealing with.

        Now that dogfighting is illegal everywhere, the only thing the pitbull soccer moms are doing–is creating a hunting blind for those who are still illegally fighting their dogs.

        They must be laughing their socks off at how gullible these pitbull pushers, are.

  15. At least the grandma notes that thinking pitbulls could be “nice” is completely wrong. Many pitnutters in the comment section of the mom suggest that the previous owner didn’t trained it and defend the shitbull.

    • Yes, it’s fascinating to witness how this gets turned around. In this devastated Mom’s last post, she talks about how someone dropped off a trained “hunting” dog on her property. How she had taken care of this dog for a week and had no idea it was “trained” to kill. I absolutely have compassion for her, what could be worse than to lose a child? No matter the way, people want to find a reason even if it’s irrational. We saw this in the last couple of baby deaths. The parents referred to their dog as a “brother” to the baby and he was simply trying to help or the baby was already dead. This thinking prevails above rational thought in so many of these cases. Our dog worship culture, especially with pit bulls, has compelled so many to confuse facts with fiction.

      • Imagine if a murderer rented a room in her house for a couple of weeks then murdered her baby.

        Would she be blaming his crappy unbringing, or his genetics, or would she be blaming the murderer?

        This defies logic…it even seems to overdrive parental instinct.

        I’m gobsmacked. Someone, please study “PDS, Pitbull Derangement Syndrome” because I think it’s PHD worthy material.

      • I knew the dog had training because of how he would sit back and wait for his food, I knew he belonged to somebody because he had no fleas or ticks. I live in an area we’re hunters travel the country to come
        Hunt! I let the dog stay on our property because he looked sad and malnourished. And I have a big heart ! Yes for all you trolling bigots, I know my big heart is part of why my son is dead! But if the owner of that dog had done the responsible thing, he would’ve never been on my property. But if the owner of that dog had done the responsible thing, he would’ve never been on my property. And that is the point. If you can’t take care of your animals take it to somebody who can or somewhere. There were other options than abandonment.

  16. The mother is having second thoughts about blaming the breed of pit bull. She is now blaming the deed and not the breed and rebranding this dog as a “trained hunting dog.” One thing I know is hunting dogs and this is NOT a hunting breed of dog. Maybe the reason for this is that she is getting attacked by the pibble people but probably she is still an avid supporter/advocate for the breed.

    • I would guess she immediately concluded that it was how the dog was trained. She admitted being a pitbull activist from the very beginning. And as we all know, the majority of these activists will rarely give up that label. I have even seen a video of a woman whose pitbull mauled her legs to the point that both legs had to be amputated, she made a video on how she still loves him and the thing still lives with her because she doesn’t want to put it down.

  17. At this point, I fail to see how ANYONE can claim ignorance of pitbulls inherent danger. Claiming she “bought into the pitnutters propoganda and lies” is mere deflection.
    It’d be like claiming ignorance on dangers of cigarettes or vapes.
    SHE caused this horrible death, bringing the murder beast into her home.
    She DEFINITELY should be prosecuted for reckless endangerment!!!

    • And this madness will continue as long as we sugarcoat this by saying….don’t blame the mother…oh, she’s grieving…seriously !?
      No, she’s the one that murdered her son !
      These ” parents ” need to be prosecuted and go to jail for reckless endangerment, manslaughter…..throw the book at them….maybe that will open pls eyes to not bring stray, dangerous fighting breeds around their children to BUTCHER !
      I’m so over it ….

    • She should no be prosecuted. She has received the worse punishment any mother can experience. She made a bad decision that cost her son’s life. I doubt she meant any harm to come to her child. I have no doubt, this tragedy has changed her perspective on that breed of dog. But we should pray for her and her family, not beat her while she’s down. She will likely never forgive herself. This is just so tragic…

  18. I have compassion for people who buy into the pit propaganda, because I was once one of them. I had, at the time, very little experience with pits in real life and bought into the “all in how you raise and treat them” stuff because it was the only narrative I was being exposed to. I trusted groups like the ASPCA because I had no reason not to.

    You have to remember that the info about pits being risky and unpredictable isn’t even close to the dominant narrative in today’s media. TV shows, social media pages, children’s picture books, commercials, and major and local news sources all push pits as sweet and misunderstood. No less than Pixar created a cartoon about a pit bull who escapes a dogfighter’s yard and is adopted by a loving family, and it was nominated for an Oscar. An entire cable channel (Animal Planet) is seemingly obsessed with pushing pits, and “cute pittie” content from The Dodo is seemingly inescapable if you use social media.

    Try and say any different, and you will face the wrath of hoards of commenters, many of whom have never owned a pit and never will.

    The bereaved mom is no doubt facing the wrath of pit advocates who are probably accusing her of “abusing the doggie to make it mean” or other foolishness. Who knows, national “breed advocacy” groups might even be contacting her. The pressure on top of this incredible tragedy, may have been what transformed a rescued “nice pittie” into a “trained hunting dog.”

    • Exactly.

      Most of the pit pushers have nothing to do with pits. It’s the same with “dog trainers” on the internet. Most of them have zero clue about how to train one, yet they persist in this fantasy that some kind of “purely positive” training method is out there and the fantasy they are pushing is *dangerous* because the results are people being dragged into the street by huge dogs on harnesses that they have zero idea of how to leash handle.

      It’s not hard to figure out that pits are genetically dangerous when so many are lunging and snarling and it only takes a pair of eyeballs to see that waving cookies and harnessing a dog that weighs more than 20lbs and expecting to control its behaviour while faced with massive distractions, are fallacies.

      Yet, we deny what we see, every day, in favour of delusions because those are unpopular opinions.

      This is the problem with 90% of politics as well–we SEE what the results are, yet we still buy into the propaganda.

      If we are lucky, perhaps like Satanic Panic, this too shall pass?

  19. I don’t know how people can look at the dead, steely eyes of a pit bull and call them a “sweet boy”. To me they are terrifying. No other dog has such cold lifeless eyes as pit bulls. I’m scared as hell whenever I come close to one.

  20. You know “dog culture” has gotten completely out of hand when it’s front page news that the President of the USA’s dogs are running around the white-house barking…

    …is considered trending, front page news.

    More important than wars, genocide, economic and ecological devastation across the globe and a pandemic?

    …the Dogs???!!!

  21. I do feel bad for all these people that buy into the lies pushed which they then perpetuate.

    “It’s not the breed it’s the owner”.

    Which may or may not be true as far as bad behavior goes. As far as killing capability though it most certainly is the breed.

  22. This mom had bought into the “sweet, misunderstood Pittie” narrative because it outshouts any other narrative, but also because Pitbulls CAN be sweet … 99.999% of the time.

    For a several years I lived on a ranch with numerous animals and pets including two rescued Pitbulls. The owners were educated and knowledgeable, and I took part in the dogs’ obedience training.

    I guess you could say I was a “Pittie advocate” at that time, because they WERE sweet…good with kids and the other animals, gentle and easy to train. I shared the memes. In one of my FB bio pics, one of them is “licking me to death.” I’m also a journalist, with a pretty wide spectrum of knowledge.

    I’d probably feel the same way today, if one of them hadn’t suddenly ripped the family cat to shreds one morning, with zero warning.

    What floored me, though, was that the family kept this dog, continued to allow other pets and small children to the ranch, and continue to advocate for Pitbulls. I moved away shortly after (for other reasons), but had this not happened, I’d still be singing the breed’s praises.

    I CAN’T comprehend, though, how people who have experienced a Pitbull attack and NOT change their minds.

  23. I have raised pit bulls for over thirty years, and I have had characters all the way across the board, and what I’m going to say some might agree, some might not, but these are the facts as I know them and have raised and bred these dogs for thirty years gives me an edge on knowing what this breed is about. First off, not everyone can own an aggressive breed, just like everyone can not drive a semi, or not everyone can build a house; the point I’m trying to make is you should get to know what you can really handle when you bring an aggressive dog in your families life. I’m not judgemental; I’m stating facts as they are. Yes, these dogs are very aggressive and can be killers, so when raising this breed, you have to be more aggressive and put fear in your dog, NOT beat on, NOT kick, NOT abuse, instill fear, plain and simple. This dog has to fear you to not attack. Fear is there the only thing that keeps me safe. I have never been a bit in thirty years, my kids have never been bit, neighbors have never been attacked, and I state this with great respect to this breed. If you can not do or don’t know how to do it, you can not own a pit bull. I’m putting this out there now because the animal shelters are full of this breed; people get them and realize they are too much and then dump them and leave them for dead. Another thing, don’t take on dogs you don’t know, if you want to help a dog, then put it somewhere you can lock it up until help comes, do not introduce your family to a stray dog; any dog can bite if they have teeth, you wouldn’t bring a strange man or woman home to your family because they did not have a place to stay, well treat animals the same way. My heart goes out to this family that was a tragic situation.

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