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13 thoughts on “2021 Dog Bite Fatality: Pair of Family Rottweilers Kill Baby in Johnston County, North Carolina

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  1. By all accounts, this is a couple that should have known better. I am sure that last month while at work, each of them discussed the Garner case with their coworkers, and then together at night, husband and wife discussed it and concluded, “Our dogs would never do that.” It appears they have a “modern” view of dogs. I base this on the “cutesy” photo of one of the rottweilers putting its snout and paw up to the mom’s gravid belly. This was likely interpreted as the dog saying hello to its brother/sister who was just a bun in the oven and clearly a noteworthy moment that had to be captured and shared for likes. A similar photo shows one of their babies in a standing walker with a dog-brother saying hello. The thought that an electric fence would contain a large, powerful breed of dog is also baffling and well, modern.

    A cop owning a muscled, protection, police breed is comically stereotypical. Malia would still be on this earth if they had two cats or two dogs of many other breeds.

    • Captured and shared for likes? Sounds like narcissism in action.

      That poor baby never had a chance.

    • At 2:11 pm Arizona time, an hour and a half ago, I go pro videoed a loose Rottweiler in the street at 1647 Cedarwood Drive. I called it into animal control, and the owners got a warning. The surface of the earth is not hostile enough, people have to bring predator animals into our neighborhoods and let them loose on the street, and let them loose at their children. By the way, this particular news story made national news. Because thousands and thousands of severe injuries every year go unreported in the news, the public is misled and deceived into thinking that severe maulings almost never occur.

      • wow u did a great service sir! thank u for doing that -glad it made national news-glad it didnt get censored out right away-and ur right about certain types of dogs and pretty much any large breed beeing like predators in neighborhoods-infact they re even worse than wild predators because atleast wild animals are usually afraid to approach humans-unless they have rabies

  2. People who are not brain dead innately have some semblance of the correct thought somewhere inside their minds that power breed canines are not designed to be family pets. That power breed canines pose an unreasonably elevated risk of grave threat to any family member, and to any human being that may somehow come to be in reasonable proximity to the power breed canine. Yet, people, who are social defects, are drawn to the negative attractor of dangerous canine breed ownership. Our society, and our layers of government, which are manifest obviously spiritually defective to an extreme degree, are not going to be part of the solution to the tragedy that injuriously victimizes a few million Americans every year.

    The responsible adults will claim that they had no clue that the two power breed canines could obviously be an unreasonable risk to the child. This will allow them to be immune to any criminal charge for the death of the child that they were responsible for. If all of our layers of government were not Evil-based, but instead Love-based, this obviously false defense would be concretely legislatively repealed. Then the responsible adults can be criminally prosecuted for some degree of homicide and/or manslaughter. But no! Instead we allow people to place the victim in grave risk of grave threat, with legal impunity.

    • You’re correct about the “power breed” problems with having rottweilers in homes that do not understand them.

      I adored them in protection work. Rottweillers are brave, driven, intelligent and take direction from *those they respect* very well. They are excellent “one person” dogs. Some, from the right breeding lines, are superb with children as well. Note I said, “Some”.

      I can’t stand them in the hands of inexperienced owners. Why? Because they are brave, driven, intelligent, aren’t worked and many have zero respect for stupid handlers.

      Rottweilers show tons of signs they’re going “off” in most cases. They don’t hide their intentions all that well. The problem is–inexperienced owners don’t see it, they may encourage it by ignorance, or they do see the signs and they panic or are embarrassed or they don’t have enough money to engage a trainer who is experienced in helping them fix it. And if they do hire a good trainer–they often can’t follow through with the management plan.

      They are just a plain bad choice for a first-time or average dog owner that doesn’t have some real world dog handling experience with high-drive dogs.

      Sure they could get lucky and get the most submissive Rottweiler from a very friendly line of Rottweilers but that’s a crapshoot and not one that someone expecting a family should attempt.

      If these were spaniels, it’s likely the father would come inside and find his baby drowning in slobber, not blood.

  3. Not one, but two rottweilers. As usual, these owners of large, powerful, agressive breeds just have to own more than one. Poor baby never stood a chance.

    • Possibly because the showed signs of aggression before this and the owners bought the kool-aid that fixing a dog will fix its aggression?

      Just spitballin’ from experience, here…

  4. Having any power breed dog living in a home with a child is utterly irresponsible and delusional.
    People just never learn.

  5. The picture of the dog obsessed with the woman’s body was scary and repulsive. Made me want to kick that beast out of the picture. He was smelling a future meal.

  6. First it was move the sprinkler…then it was talk to the neighbor. He worked with police k-9 and those dogs were trained. This death is very suspicious.

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