Thursday, January 11, 2018

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Blogger Ka D  |  1/11/2018 6:13 PM  |  Flag  
When will people learn? Pits are not pets.

Blogger BeKind StopbreedingBullyDogs  |  1/12/2018 11:42 AM  |  Flag  
Check out video "curious video of Great Ch Virgil's Gambler". Read the comments. He won 5 fights/severely injured and killed dogs, far from home, for no reason other than instinct, to become Grand Champion but he is the Ted Bundy type. When he ACTS like a normal dog. It's an act.

Blogger EyesOpened  |  1/12/2018 8:52 PM  |  Flag  
BeKind StopbreedingBullyDogs, that was certainly an eye-opening video. Yikes. Just look at the sweet little wiggle butt...

The other videos that came up on the YouTube search were also interesting. I especially liked the ones of the ADBA shows. Such a lovely, classy bunch of people... /sarc It was particularly intriguing to note the wide variety of sizes and types among those purebred APBTs...

Blogger LibertarianThinker  |  1/13/2018 8:06 AM  |  Flag  
Very sad, innocent lives murdered in deaths that were 100% preventable if people didn't feel the need to keep killers as pets. I don't get it, these are ugly dogs with evil eyes.

Blogger Your Quiet Neighbor  |  1/13/2018 12:17 PM  |  Flag  
People of social media: If you have a pit bull, and it kills someone, expect to have its photos displayed on DBO.

Blogger Dayna Hamilton  |  1/14/2018 2:01 PM  |  Flag  
Thank you dogsbite for all the work you do keeping track of all these horrible maulings.

Blogger Brianne K  |  1/19/2018 8:46 AM  |  Flag  
Compiling the photographs was an excellent idea. Kudos to you, DogsBite!

Blogger I want a cute purse  |  1/20/2018 2:50 PM  |  Flag  
Thank goodness pit owners are so crazy insecure and weak minded that they must constantly post pictures of their pits on social media... makes it easy for us to make our case. Pictures don't lie and really support the facts we all know. Erm... didn't see any chihuahuas 🤔

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