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17 thoughts on “2017 Dog Bite Fatality: Pack of Family Dogs Attack and Kill 4-Year Old Boy in El Paso

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  1. This was bound to happen:

    The ambulance came, and when we saw the people who live there come out of the house crying, I imagined right way (what might have happened) … They have a lot of dogs, and aggressive dogs — Pit Bulls and German Shepherds, big and small, about 10 dogs — and young children," Ramon Payan, who lives across the street from the home, said Friday.

  2. How sad, stupid and preventable that another child is dead because people blindly choose to own vicious dogs. And TEN? NO ONE should be permitted to own ten dogs because no one can control ten dogs. Sorry your Mom cared more about dogs than you little one, RIP.

  3. It's insanity

    TEN DOGS and the city let these people get away with this, even though they were terrorizing the neighborhood.

    Ir's like there is no government or law enforcement anymore!!!

    Even a manicurist or restaurant needs to get licenses, city approval, inspections,to operate.

    But people can run a violent dog kennel, breeding even more of them when the city pounds are stuffed, which is a health risk to so many, in so many ways, and the city officials just ignore it?

    People need to start hammering on these city and town governments , because hey are not doing their jobs and literally getting away with murder.

  4. El Paso Animal Control should be fired, and police chief needs some hard questions asked

    Problems ongoing, and they sat on their butts and did nothing but pick up a paycheck

    AC and the police & health officials helped kill this child, and they need to be told that, and held accountable, instead of letting them makie excuses and get away with it

    The neighborhood should have been working with a legislator to track and document the failures of city officials, and be making them do their jobs. If they had, a child would still be alive

    And there need to be limit laws. Over a certain number, and people need to apply for zoning and kennel permits, with inspections and some ground rules to prevent trouble.

    The breeder lobbyists will put pressure on legislators to oppose limit laws, because the breeders feel they have the right to abuse the community, but the public needs to fight back, or they'll be fighting for their lives

    It is a miracle that a neighbor's child wasn't killed in El Paso

  5. Dereliction of duty at the parental and governmental level. That's what this is.


    This Yahoo article has a picture of 5 dogs being walked on leashes by one person. They look to mostly be poodle type dogs. I'm assuming it's just a file picture of some dogs they stuck with the article, but it sure is misleading. I really don't think poodles killed this poor kid. If these aren't the attacking dogs then I think this news outlet has even fewer scruples than I thought. Good, reliable journalism sure has been flushed down the toilet.

  7. See the chewed up blue things in the last pic?

    Those are plastic drums used to ship chemicals and other liquids.
    We use them for rain barrels. They are sturdy. It takes a reciprocating saw to cut the tops off of them. Their dogs were at least as destructive as power tools. After seeing what that drum looks like I hate to imagine what that pack did to that kid.

    I am sure there will be no charges because how is a parent supposed to know a pack of 10 pit bulls and German Shepherds could possibly injure a kid?

    As long as the pack had not killed some other kid before I am sure this will be considered an "unforeseen tragedy" and a "freak accident". Has the Go Fund Me been started to get lawyers for the dogs?
    You know they will try to pull the old "since we don't know wich dog did it it would not be fair to put any of them to sleep" bit.

  8. No one should ever own 10 freaking dogs, let alone vicious breeds with kids. This was 100% preventable. It's so sad that people don't value their children's lives nowadays.

  9. You can fight back in a very simple way: With money. If you're donating to any of the so-called humane groups, stop. That's where a lot of the pushing of pit bulls is coming from. Cut off the money, and they'll change their tune.

  10. YQN: I dumped the ASPCA years ago when I realized they were pit pushers. No money for the HSUS or United Way either. My local shelter are pit pushers, they don't get my support either.

  11. Another one for your do-gooders gone wrong list: Best Friends. They are heavily involved in pit bull pushing. Stop donating to them.

  12. Wait, what? I just saw the information about the mother finding the lost pit bull that then escaped her fence within a couple hours. And she let this roaming potentially-dangerous dog interact with her kids.


  13. Free adoption at AS , without screening the adopting family, just so they can get their little gold medal as to how many lives they saved .
    Animals go back to AS neglected and abused.
    No one should ever being allowed of adopting an animal without some type of prior screening.
    What's Animal Control doing about this ?
    I am highly against free adoptions!

  14. Animal Services often offers free adoptions events .
    Public can adopt as many animals without any type of screening.
    Animal often get in the hands of irresponsible owners that abuse and neglect them.
    We can't blame it on the breed , as these were a variety of breeds.
    They were definitely neglected.
    10 dogs to a family it's too much .
    Few of this animals were adopted from AS and HS, so there was an history of how many animals this family owned.
    The child was also neglected.
    Makes me wonder if he was already dead and this starving dogs just started feeding off him.
    It's horrible, I am completely against free adoptions and there's should be a set limit of how many animals a family can have.
    AC should also visit a potential adopter home to assure animal go to a good home .
    I am against euthanasia, but these animals when to the wrong home , were neglected and ended up getting euthanized anyway and they took a poor innocent child live with them .
    The City needs to implement better laws!!!
    It's a must !

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