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28 thoughts on “2017 Dog Bite Fatality: Pit Bulls Kill Child, Critically Injure Another Child, on Way to School Bus Stop in Atlanta

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  1. "We had some brave kids. Some kids ran back to the scene to try to pull the dogs off the children that were injured…"

    That is more bravery than what the insecure pitbull owner will ever show in a lifetime.

  2. Another terrible tragedy. The pit nutters should be ashamed of their promotion of a fighting dog as a family pet.

  3. My prayers are with the families of these victims. I can barely get through one of these DBFRs without tears in my eyes, especially when the innocent victims are the same age as my own children.
    What really makes me sick and enraged is the pro pit bull BS laced throughout the article about the death and the ultra violent mauling of 2 little kids. The AJC should be absolutely ashamed of themselves! Wtf?! Would you ever see articles titled "Pedophiles : Dangerous or Misunderstood?" or "Serial Killers: Why People Fear Them" ? No… but they continue to advocate for dogs with explosive, unpredictable violence that have a real propensity for ruining the lives of children. Unacceptable in humans, but totally fine in dogs. Makes sense.
    Pit bull ownership is a valid sign of mental illness.

  4. Isn't this the same AJC that libeled Richard Jewell after the Centennial Olympic Park bombing in 1996?

  5. K-Hart, they don't call it the Atlanta Journal of Prostitution for no reason.

  6. I don't even know what to say anymore. These damn pit bulls kill one thing or another very damn day.

  7. Extremely sad. I wish the neighbor had called when she saw the pitbulls running loose on Saturday. Ignoring a pit bull running loose is no different then ignoring a tiger running loose! Sickeningly enough, the 2 murderous pitbulls that weren't shot by the police officer will probably be rehomed to some completely unsuspecting family. 🙁

    • With a description stating "looking for a home without children or with older children only" (this is a red flag that the dog has bitten kids before or has been otherwise aggressive around them).

    • Yes better hope the next potential adopter doesn't have neighbors with kids either.But pitbull advocates don't give a shit about anything but their precious sweet pibbles.They don't care about the children,elderly or other animals that are killed every year by their pibbles.

  8. Just devastating! After watching the body cam footage I can't stomach thinking about what these little kids endured. Another little life stolen.

  9. We should not be living in a world where children are at risk of getting attacked or killed by dogs while walking to school. The pits being loose is already disgusting on it's own, but if it was any normal breed these children would not have endured this pain. Logan would be alive and Syrai would not be as injured. Why do people think this is acceptable? Why do they think having a creature that can do this to children is okay? No one needs a bully breed. Any one that would be so depressed to not have this murderous animal anymore us seriously sick in the head. Pit supporters are the reason why this happened and the fact that they don't feel the slightest bit of care or sympathy to their fellow human (though sometimes I wonder if they are human with how a lot of them act and speak) is repulsive. Pit nutters are the lowest of the low.

  10. I'm so tired of people making up excuses for all the pitbull attacks.
    They say it's the way they were raised, or the kids did something to provoke the attack. One person even tried to tell me that the kids were playing tug of war with the dogs.
    So , now it's the kids fault!
    I'm tired of people making excuses for this breed

  11. So, they are claiming the two killer dogs as family members? I just don't have the words to express how I feel about this. What a horrible, unfeeling thing to say when you are responsible for a tragedy like this. It's so disrespectful of the victims and their real, human families. Like they're trying to make others think that the loss of two animals (who will hopefully be HUMANELY euthanized) could compare to the loss that these families of the victims are feeling, when their actual children suffered in pain and fear, literally being eaten by monsters. These dog owners really are psychopaths.

  12. Fulton County Animal Control.

    I hope that people remember that a pit bull lobbyist, married to a man connected to dog fighters, was the Fulton County Animal control officer until a news investigation revealed animal cruelty, hiding a pit bull involved in an attack, allowing pit bulls to kill other dogs in kennel runs, releasing pet cats outdoors to die or use as bait, and many other problems (in the name of pit bull advocacy & No Kill.)

    Perhaps Dogsbite could provide a link to their blog entry for this?

    This county has had problems for a long time

  13. I ask everyone who cares to fight very hard for strict dog legislation in their communities.

    No tolerance for loose dogs, responsive animal control, leash laws, identification of dangerous dogs before they attack, strict dangerous dog punishments and seizures, kennel licensing, quick court intercession with dog owners who do not follow laws.

    • And, IMHO, this would be much more feasible — and enforceable — than BSL.

  14. No need for anyone to own a pitbull. Noway they should be able to run free at all anywhere. I own an English Mastiff that will soon top 200 pounds and although very gentle with me I would not let her run free or even take her to a dog park as it would be irresponsible to do so.

  15. In your sidebar, about the reporting by the Atlanta Journal Constitution

    did you mean they had NOT mentioned the breed in their article or title?

  16. Is there jail time with manslaughter in the 2nd degree? This owner, as all owners, need to be made an example of to show the rest of the pit owners what to expect when their pits "somehow" get loose.

  17. was he to lazy to put his dog on a chain logan goes to my son school and this boy lost his life at six year old syrai is terrfied of dog so he should get life in prison because you could of got up and put them dog on the chain.

  18. Why didnt the officers just kill them? It is crazy how people will defend these dogs over and over no matter what or who they kill. Then when i read the news about people SEEING coyotes. I live in a rural area and hear coyotes nearly every night and have done so for about 25 years. I have never had issues with the wild dogs, but a pb from down the road came here a couple or 3 times and beat up my dogs. They were scared to death of him. I had animal control come get him the first time. I was really thinking about how my granddaughter would have most likely ended up in the middle of it to defend "her dogs".

  19. This is so sad.Pit bulls do not have to be provoked to attack. Some people try to say it depends how the pit is raised if that is true then why have so many pit owners made the statement he or she never showed any previous signs of being aggressive or vicious after there pit brutally attacked an innocent person and or killed them.It makes no difference who or how it was raised.Its in there DNA to kill.There not ment to be pets Idk how many times I have heard about a pit being so sweet & loving & then it viciously attacked an innocent person and even the owners innocent children & sometimes even the owners.They should be banned 100% in the world.Pits are an extreme danger to society.Many innocent children cannot even walk to there bus stops without being viciously mauled and or killed theres a serious problem with these vicious pit bulls.How many innocent people have to be almost killed or killed b4 they are banned 100%. Actions speak louder then words with the several 100's of pit bull attacks on innocent people.I carry bear spray and a 9 mm any pit bull walk or run up on me it will b a dead pit bull. I live in one the most dangerous city's in the US I don't fear the people at all I fear the damn pit bulls. I had a pit years ago and I would never own another one.He ate through a wire and wood fence 6 feet high and went into my neighbors house and nocked her down thank God she wasn't mauled
    and she was able to get out of her house and come and let me know what happened she was scared to death but she was ok.I was going to have him put down but a lady that raises pits wanted him.I probably didn't make the best choice because a week b4 that incident he snapped at my face & almost bit me and he didn't growl or show any anger b4 he snapped at my face.I realize there are some pits that are really sweet and loving to there owners and there innocent kids but there is that very high chance that sweet loving dog could attack without warning & without being provoked it's not worth the risk.

  20. Let's stop praying and begin to demand these agressive dogs banned. Yes they'll go underground but guess what, they won't be out killing other people's kids anymore. And, locking this idiot up won't fix the problem, although it may be helpful. Banning these dogs from Atlanta will start to fix this issue.

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