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7 thoughts on “2017 Dog Bite Fatality: Woman Killed by 'Dog Aggressive' Pit Bull While Caring for the Animal

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  1. How horrible. Poor little dog and poor mother who clearly bought into the lies about pits.

    Still it wasn't the wisest thing to bring another adult dog into 2 pitbulls' territory – in that situation a fight is almost guaranteed to happen at some point.

  2. I was just thinking there'd been a slight and much-needed lull in DBRFs lately. Those at the older and younger ends of the spectrum have really been the victims this year. This is so sad…

    On a separate note, does anyone else find it weird how many pit bulls are named "Blue"? I know about the whole "blue-nosed" thing, but it's still odd.

  3. Lucu said "Still it wasn't the wisest thing to bring another adult dog into 2 pitbulls' territory – in that situation a fight is almost guaranteed to happen at some point."

    You are right but how was she supposed to know that when everytime you turn on the TV or read the newspaper some "expert" is telling you they are the most loving dogs in the world and will only fight when they are trained that way?

    Since very few people actually train their pits to fight people get convinced that they are safe.

    If pit pushers were honest they would admit that once a pit gets ahold of your pet, it will not stop until it kills something. It may be your pet, it may be you but something is going to die.

  4. I always hate when poor misguided people are talked into "pit-sitting" by their relatives and end up severely injured or dead. And usually the owners don't give two craps about the fact that their killer dogs murdered a love one, but just worry about their dog being rightfully put down. Smh…

  5. Very sad. Pit bulls are indeed bullies, who will single out the oldest or the youngest member of a group or family to murder. Culling the herd–this is wild animal behavior, and more evidence that pit bulls should never be considered as a household pet. If pit bull owners had any decency, they would at a minimum keep their pit bull in a childless home, and not be foisting the pit bull off on elderly relatives.

  6. Nowhereman1968 While it's true she probably believed pits were like any normal dog, it's still kind of reckless to do the same thing with any other breed – especially with such a size difference.

    I wouldn't really trust ANY breed of dog if I were bringing MY dog into THEIR territory. I'd be even more cautious if I owned a small breed. I wouldn't trust cats either (my dog has been attacked by a family member's cats for just standing outside their front door).

    Pit bulls are more dangerous when they attack, but in a situation where a strange dog is trespassing into another dog's territory, conflict is normal for any breed.

    Of course that still doesn't excuse the pit rampaging and causing so much damage – a normal dog wouldn't have been intent to kill and would have stopped as soon as the woman went in to break it up.

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