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30 thoughts on “2017 Dog Bite Fatality: Child Killed by Two Family Pit Bulls in Hart County, Georgia

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  1. Georgia is one of the sites of heavily entrenched dogfighting interests. A dog fighter actually tried to join antichaining committees to make sure that fighters could keep chaining their pit bulls

    In Georgia, there are cops, policemen, nurses, judges, fire fighters, teachers, coaches and all kinds of middle class people participating in wide ranging dog fighting interests. They even sell their dogs to dog fighters in other countries. It is lucrative, and the gambling affiliated with it is even more lucrative.

    I know an animal control officer who tried to report dog fighting in her county and got called by a sheriff and told stay away and let it go. The sheriff threatened her!

    These people fight to protect their interests in making lots of money breeding aggressive dogs that kill kids, adults, the elderly, other pets, and farm animals.

    They gladly join the "pit bull advocates" to make sure their interests are protected. They gladly lie to people and tell them that pit bulls are pets.

    Another child lost to this crime.

    May the good people of Georgia rise in revolt against this sadism. That is my wish.

  2. Also a lot of the surplus fighting dogs of Georgia are getting shipped around the country by the dog fighters' little helpers, pit bull "rescues' aka dog dealers.

    They are putting these dogs in your neighborhood, and failing to tell you these dogs have been intentionally bred to kill.

  3. There's been so many children being killed by their family dogs lately! When are people going to wake up?

    Pit bulls (and some other breeds) don't make good family pets, especially around the young and elderly. They might love their human family members as much as other dogs, but signs of weakness can bring out their attack instinct. Why would anybody want to have a dog that can be triggered by children's clumsiness?

    Don't fall for the nanny dog myth, people. This is a working and a fighting breed. Do the right thing for your kids and get a poodle or a beagle instead.

  4. I am appalled that these parents took the child to an Urgent Care and didn't call for an ambulence. I suspect they knew the child was dead and thought they could keep this quiet by going to an Urgent Care instead of an ER.

    I just saw some news video from the home and the kennels they have. The kennels are very elaborate, not just made of chain link fencing. Both are on concrete pads and between the two runs is a reinforced fencing that is likely to prevent an accident breeding through the chain link fence. On the outside perimeter is an extra metal fencing that seems to be reinforcing the chain link at dog height. The white pit bull appears to be male and intact.

    Colleen, something tells me you are going to uncover a breeding operation and that these dogs may have been used for some type of sport (agility, pulling, fighting, boar hunting).

  5. BEYOND DISGUSTED about this one. As a mother I cannot FATHOM the amount of danger this child was put in his whole life. This WHOLE FAMILY should rot in jail then go on to hell. A BEAUTIFUL CHILD EATEN BY DOGS!!! Can't even imagine what he went through. 😡😭😭😡

  6. That white mutant standing game and proud with its DISGUSTING genitalia protruding, just about made me hurl.

    If this family aren't prosecuted, no owner ever will be. This was child neglect and absolute knowledge and hindsight of a clear and present danger to that child.

    Peace, Paris. You never stood a chance.

  7. I'm happy (and surprised) to see that one of the responsible adults are being charged, but why isn't the mother being charged too? She's more responsible, if you ask me.

  8. I'm glad to see charges brought. I had wondered why the child was taken to urgent care instead of an emergency room–or better yet, why an ambulance wasn't called. Now we find out the grandmother went to pick up the mother before taking the child to get medical care? I wonder if she knew he was already deceased. How horrible. I also can't help but wonder if she was trying to hide what had occurred and protect her dogs. Terribly cynical, but the pit bull advocates do some crazy things.

    Joelande, I'm always amazed at what you know from an inside perspective. If the problems go so high up, what can anyone do to fight against them?

  9. Rest In Peace little boy. What a shame your parents and grandparents cared more about their fighting dogs than they did you.

  10. charges have been brought against the grandmother as the child was in her care at the time of the incident. Charges should be filed against mom as well–for child endangerment as she left her baby with pits she knew were vicious.

  11. "From nanny dog to banned dog. How did this happen?"
    Well now you have your answer. Not that they were ever nanny dogs but people want them banned because stupid owners keep letting pits kill children and adults. I am hoping for charges against the mother as well but frankly I am surprised they charged anyone. So many of these cases are ruled "tragic accidents" it is ridiculous. If I have a pet alligator or lion do I get one free attack before I am supposed to know it is dangerous?
    How about if I put a bear trap in the yard?
    Until someone loses a leg I don't know for sure it is dangerous.

  12. I've looked at more pictures of the white dog. I think it's been involved in some significant fights with other pits. There is a significant scar on the right front leg and the right eye also appears to be damaged and sitting in a funky angle. The right ear also seems to have part of the ear missing at the lateral part of the ear right where it attaches to the head. Again, it makes me wonder why anybody would think a dog like this would make a good family pet.

  13. I saw that picture the little boys like to. I thought that was scoring but it's actually his arm laying down on top of the leg and there's some motion. Look close you will see his hand.

  14. Facebook comments on this story have a bunch of people offering to adopt these two dogs who just killed a child.
    One or two brave souls are commenting about the risks of fighting breeds and getting attacked, of course.
    Just let that sink in, for a moment. A significant number of people think that two dogs who just unquestioningly mauled to death a baby would make desirable pets.

  15. Notice that in every post on social media & on the Gofundme acct, never do they mention he was killed by his OWN FAMILY'S DOGS !!
    Darwin at work, let's hope they stop breeding dogs, and let's hope no one else in that family breeds either !!

  16. Apparently beauty and innocence are triggers for pit bulls this year.

    I just have one question for the birth vessel (I refuse to call her a mother) and her family involved. Was it worth it? Was it worth the loss of your gorgeous little blessing to prove to others what "misunderstood" dogs pit bulls are? Your son is dead – his little body broken and mutilated – and it's ALL YOUR FAULT for bringing those killing machines around your children. You still believe that nanny dog bulls**t?! Screw pit pushers. They're sick in the head. Pit Bull Depravity Syndrome is real and innocent people keep dying as a result.

  17. I have been the gofundme. The funeral home is doing the funeral free of charge. Someone is also donating the headstone. There is a comment by someone saying not to give money to that fund and to give it directly to the funeral home.

  18. Extreme pit nutters should not procreate. They care more about their demon hounds' reputation over their children. The grandmother tried to hide this poor boy's murder to protect the dogs that killed him instead of immediately taking him to the hospital, which is sick. I'm glad to see changes being filed. Poor Paris never stood a chance when he was brought into a family of nutters.

  19. Blueboy 'KISSING' Paris? That doesn't look like a kiss to me, that looks like a kid about to be bit in the face. I wouldn't allow ANY dog to put its face in a toddlers like this. How freaking delusional!

  20. Pit bull owners do love to talk bloodlines. I think it makes them feel justified in breeding despite knowing very well that it's like throwing gasoline onto a forest fire.

    I'm not sure people understand how obsessed the pit owners are with breeding. I've been looking for a dog, myself, recently and apart from the sheer numbers of unwanted pits at shelters, in rescues and on craigslist, there are an enormous number of forums, FB pages and classified websites devoted to sale ads for pit bulls. It is stunning – there seems to be a total disconnect from the current anti-breeding attitude of the American public, and the constant, deliberate breeding attitude of the pit bull owners.

  21. White pit bulls bred by white trash. I hope this sets a precedence in indicting the people who own dogs that kill.

  22. That's a great point, Sarah, about the disconnect in attitudes toward breeding. I saw an argument in the comments section of one of these news articles recently with pit advocates going on about how terrible dog breeders are, yet they talked about rescuing pits and didn't really say anything negative about the irresponsible pit bull breeders or the owners who didn't bother sterilizing their dogs.

    I hope you find a wonderful dog! Have you considered a retired show dog? My family was blessed to be able to get a puppy from a very responsible breeder, and as a bonus we were able to adopt his mother who was a retired show dog. She'd become a champion, had two litters (all with waiting lists of people for them), and was ready to just "eat bonbons, lie on the couch, and watch Oprah," as her breeder put it. We got a lovely, well-behaved, well-trained, very sweet, 6-year-old, healthy dog for nothing more than the cost of her spay operation, and we thoroughly enjoyed her for the last 7 years of her life. Greyhounds rescued from the track are another great option, depending on what traits you're looking for in a dog.

  23. Who really benefits from the unchecked proliferation of a kind of dog most people don't want? Dog fighter, backyard breeders and pit rescues. That's it. None of these people deserves an ounce of sympathy and all of these people are keeping the pit bull breed alive against its OWN best interests. The work these dogs were BRED to do is a felony in all 50 states. The world these dogs were BRED for is mostly gone. There is no further need for pit bulls.

  24. Sandra Adams in Hartwell Ga did not get 10 years in prison for the death of her grandson She only got a fine and 10 years probation. Media has been retracting their statement

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