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4 thoughts on “2017 Dog Bite Fatality: Family Mastiffs Kill 5-Year Old Boy in Clarksville, Tennessee

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  1. I've seen several mastiffs in the news lately, and NOT in a good way. Why would any sane person think having a 200 pound dog around children is okay is beyond me.

  2. My heart and prayers go out to this family, who have suffered a tremendous loss. May they be surrounded by those who love them, and find a way to survive and heal. Obviously they didn't anticipate, or realize, that their pets had the ability to turn on their child. May God hold them in his hand as they grieve.

  3. CherylA, I agree. The pain of this loss must be unimaginable, compounded by guilt. Who ever would think that this would happen only about 4 months after bringing home 2 adorable puppies? It must be especially shocking with all the narratives being spread about how dog behavior is "all in how they're raised" and that big dogs are "gentle giants." May God comfort all the victims of dog attacks.

    Ka D, I agree with you–it seems strange to me to have such large dogs around little kids when there's a potential they could at the very least knock little ones down or jump on them. Some people seem to have a bit of an obsession with big dogs and that whole gentle giant thing. I've seen comments online from people saying bigger dogs and pit bull-type dogs are better to have around kids because they're tough and can take the rough treatment that's apparently expected from children, they will protect the kids, etc. I don't know if it's an extension of the lion tamer mindset or something else. Of course, I realize there's also an obsession with tiny dogs and a whole other set of potential psychological issues there. I'd be interested in seeing further research on the psychology of dog owners and some of these odd obsessions, but that's just me philosophizing after seeing too many comments online showing a wide range of bizarre attitudes about dogs. It's just horrible that some of these attitudes are leading to so much death and suffering.

    • Dog ownership has been called the world's most popular mental illness. There's some truth to that.

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