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11 thoughts on “2017 Dog Bite Fatality: Pit Bulls Kill 24-Year Old Woman in Jackson County, Alabama

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  1. I wish that Sheriff Phillips' ho hum "clarification" of the previous attack by these dogs on livestock could be further clarified by a statement from the llama's owners. Or anyone that is actually willing to give some truthful information on that attack. The importance of these dogs taking on large livestock cannot be emphasized enough. Dogs, especially pits, do not look at a human victim and think, "Oh, that's a human, not livestock. I'd better leave that one alone because it's morally wrong to kill a human." It's the same to them. Just easier because humans can't run as fast.

  2. Suggesting that her dog attacked previously might be victim blaming.

  3. Since pits have been bred to be Ted Bundy hand grenade psychopaths, no species is safe when mutant instinct to attack meets opportunity to reach a victim.

    Horse thieving was a capital offense. Few dogs would kill horses. Those who owned fighting dogs knew how deadly pits could be and kept them safely chained.

  4. It has been said before, but having neighbors with pit bulls is like having a neighbor with lions. You hope to God the rickety fence holds. You hope that the dogs don't figure out that if they try, they can jump over the fence. You hope they don't start digging under it out of boredom. You are always viligent for any quick movement out of the side of your eye that may be a pit bull running free. You alway know when the dogs are in the yard. Your ears perk up when you are outside and you hear their barking, quickly pinpointing their location and breathing a sigh of relief that they are still behind the fence.

    I know this well. There are no fewer then 10 pits in a one block radius of my house. Many households have at least two of them. You cannot for one moment ignore your gift of fear.

  5. Why is the reporter being prevented from seeing the dogs? Will that make it harder for them to be, ahem, rescued?

  6. It's a misdemeanor when it's committed by a dog that just wants to lick you to death.

  7. If "intent" is a factor, can we go after the organization who specifically said their intent is to "change the perception of pit bull dogs?"
    Stubbydog, founded by Michael Mountain (co-founder of Best Friends Animal Society) has changed the perception of pit bulls with both organizations. They have succeeded, intentionally, in causing people to parrot their sales script which falsely claims that pit bulls are "misunderstood," "breed is not relevant" and that pit bulls are acceptable in residential areas. These pit bull specific animal "rescues" have worked diligently every day for more than a decade to do this and they did not stop after the horrific deaths, maulings, and attacks on other animals became commonplace.
    Because BFAS housed Vick dogs, BFAS is well aware that they cannot become safe house pets.
    Pit bulls have killed other animals at the BF sanctuary. A BF worker took RayRay, a Vick dog home (employee JC aka Jacqueline Johnson.) Her house as well as her yard had to be divided to prevent the Vick dog from coming into contact with her other dogs, according to her articles on Barkpost chronicling the experiences of rescuing pit bulls. She didn't specify how she managed inside the house, but her yard was divided with six foot fencing (according to another article written by JCJ on Barkpost.)
    Incidentally, Jacquie's luck ran out with her most recent rescue, Bosco. Her forearms and hands are currently shredded. One finger had to be reattached. Her daughter, a vet in Kanab, Utah, assisted Bosco over the rainbow bridge and then began a GoFundMe for Jacquie, since aborted.
    Jacquie was just as much a victim of the BFAS Pit Bull Initiative as the rest of the country is.
    Their lies can be called nothing less than malicious and they're dangerous to all of us.
    BFAS has never specialized in animal caretaking, and they encourage equally uneducated people to rescue animals, specifically pit bulls, as a tax free organization (BFAS offering to educate: the blind leading the blind.)
    BFAS specializes in marketing and fundraising.
    Via network partners, they market to school children to educate school children on dog safety when they do nothing of the sort. Marketing to children is regulated. The school program which involved bringing "dogs" into elementary schools was created by a now deceased Best Friends AS employee (accolades are viewable on the BFAS website.)
    Their own workers will tell you that much more money should go into animal care than does in Glassdoor and Indeed reviews. The five star reviews mainly come from the well paid advertising and marketing specialists who get the big bucks which should be going towards reinforcing inadequate fencing and hiring more people to interact with their sanctuary animals (according to an ex employee who wrote the blog: Best Friends or Worst Enemies?)
    I'm going with "Worst Enemies."

  8. Over 500 Americans have been killed by this inappropriate, shit breed. I'm pretty sure that is far more than one person in every state. Why does it take someone getting killed to get the law changed to something that is reasonable? Why isn't severe injury or death by dog a felony in all states by now?

  9. A step in the right direction but still not enough. There is simply NO excuse for choosing a type of dog know for the frequency and ferocity of its attacks then allowing an attack to occur. If these people didn't have a criminal mindset they probably wouldn't have pit bulls in the first place. It's like saying 'The drunk driver didn't mean to plow into a family in the oncoming lane and kill everyone, so, we'll just let him go with a slap on the wrist'. When does that ever happen?

  10. A positive development yet at the same time not enough.There is just NO reason for picking a sort of canine know for the recurrence and savagery of its assaults at that point enabling an assault to happen.

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