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17 thoughts on “2017 Dog Bite Fatality: Family Pit Bull Fatally Mauls Infant in Knox County, Ohio

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  1. I had a middle-aged employee of a chain store comment to me about her (8!) dogs when she noticed I was buying dog food. She admitted that she just had to have plastic surgery after her "latest rescue" attacked another dog in her home, and then attacked her after she managed to separate them.
    She explained this behavior by saying that the dog "had been abused" in a previous home, and cannot tolerate being around any other dogs. Despite this, she is still keeping the animal who mauled her in her multi-dog household.

  2. My hometown. So sad, yet people still wantonly allow dogs capable of killing around their children.

  3. Packhorse, that sounds like hoarding behavior. Some rescuers seem to develop a mental illness, don't they? What kind of life would that be for a dog who couldn't stand being around other dogs, yet he was forced to live in a home with 7 others? That's not being "rescued."

    And here we have another baby killed by a kind of dog that obviously should not be around babies. Nanny dog, my eye. Poor little innocent new life, snuffed out.

  4. EyesOpened makes a good point. I have met more than a few of the so-called rescuers who also have serious mental issues.

    IMHO, they need to put more time and energy into solving their own problems. It's like what they tell you on airplanes, put your own oxygen mask on first.

  5. Super dog? More like looking for something to kill or marking since as usual the POS isn't fixed. BSL protects children from their parents stupidity.

  6. Well, I looked at his FB page. Ultrasound images of the baby and everyone is happy. Then I looked at the mother's. She has nothing but pictures of her baby since he was born. Prior to that, herself pregnant and cherishing that time in her life. All ofb it gone because pitbulls make great pets.

  7. Sick. Another child dead. Only one month on this earth, only to be killed by a demonic animal. No one to hear his cries or save him. Just sad.

  8. Another photo to add to the long list of pibble wibble baby photos where the pit later went on to maul/kill a child. So sad. This family is forever crushed because they believed the pit nanny dog nonsense. This is why we must keep fighting for the truth to get out there.

  9. "Roby" isn't the kind of name you'd pick for a dog you see as bad-ass or mean in any way. The photo of the other pit bull with a different baby shows that the father believed the lies, that pit bulls are great with kids. I don't see anything in those photos or on the parents' FB pages that indicate they are the kind of rabid nutters who know what pit bulls do and defend them anyway. They are victims of the propaganda who believed every lie that came their way.

  10. It had to have been a fighting dog, right? Family pitbulls don't just attack innocent people, right? It's all in how you raise them, right?
    Do pit wackadoos understand that they negate their own arguments and sound like absolute morons when they spew their cliched, desperate, insanity?
    Former fighting dogs (they ALWAYS refer to the Vick dogs) can lead happy, healthy lives as family pets, but when a family pet slaughters an innocent person, it HAD to have been raised wrong and treated poorly. Which is it? And who the f**k "raises" a dog to intentionally kill their baby or mother or landlord or neighbor? Pit nutters simply raise a breed capable of such violence. Then they act shocked when Mr. Wiggles who "would lick you to death" actually rips the throat out of a child or elderly relative.
    What exactly triggered this "sweet wiggle butt pibble" to kill a tiny sleeping infant? Not only kill, but mutilate and mangle. Because there HAS to be a reason, right? It couldn't possibly be the ingrained genetics of a beast selectively bred for centuries to
    annihilate anything weaker than them.
    As long as pit freaks continue to push their dangerous agenda, innocent pets and people will continue to die. Pit bulls are dangerous – period. I'm sick to death of these animals being bandied about like they're no different than Labs or Golden Retrievers. I see more and more in my community. I HATE it. Pit bulls are a favorite among millenials now. "Look how politically correct I am! I rescued a marginalized breed of dog! Look how noble I am!" It's not noble or brave or awesome to own or rescue these beasts. It's stupid, plain and simple.
    Another innocent baby is dead because her parents believed the lies. Sad beyond words.

  11. K-Hart, you hit the nail on the head…unfortunately. It's certainly been a brilliant marketing ploy on the part of the pit pushers to identify these dogs with the whole PC movement. Sigh.

  12. Police euthanized a family’s two dogs to figure out which one killed their infant

    That's the headline of a Miami Herald article (
    about this child's horrible death. Obviously, the important thing here is that the family had to have both dogs unjustly euthanized. Not the death of their infant. Not the fact that she was literally torn apart by a family pet while she innocently slept. The way these stories are reported really shows that nutters feel dogs are more important than people.

  13. One coroner looking at this is not enough. Where I live there is a checklist of multiple considerations in the death of any infant. Where is the culpability? Did the dog choose these disgusting conditions? An unneutered male dog, never seen outside the house….? Can children's services consider this situation and make a determination? I know there is no baby to protect anymore, but even after the fact, something is desperately wrong here.
    Too many questions. Lovely baby. More investigating needed even though the suffering will never end. Facebook niceties never tell all.

  14. wow…….was he taking sleeping pills or was he drunk !? Who sleeps through a pitbull attack….seriously !?

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