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12 thoughts on “2017 Dog Bite Fatality: Fostoria Man Dies After Breaking Up Pit Bull Fight

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  1. Colleen, I hope we get a long term follow up this case. I am wondering if his family will sue his doctors (the nephrologist who recommended the shunt and the surgeon who put it in) or the owner of the leashed pit bull (possibly this was the dog that bit him).

  2. You couldn't make this stuff up, lol. Mia the gentle giant turns explosive weirwolf in the blink of an eye.

    Now we should wonder whether Mia the ticking time bomb that did, has ever been whelped, and who owns her ticking progeny and her ticking siblings?

    Much ticking going on.

  3. The leashed pit bull, owned by Loving, seems to have been an intact 3yo female that had a reputation among the owner's friends for biting people, being aggressive and for being "put up" when people came over. And many people with difficult dogs walk them at off hours, such as 11pm, when the attack occured.

  4. Wow… what a mess, at least it was only pit bull owners (and their dogs) that were injured this time. They made their choice to live with potentially dangerous dogs. I'm glad no innocents suffered.

  5. I hope the injured dog dies and the attacking one is PTS.
    I hate to see anyone get hurt but I am glad in this case it was a pit owner not an innocent bystander or child paying for their parent's mistake.

    I realize that sounds cold.
    I would not have thought something like that a few years ago.
    But after reading story after story of some random bystander or child being killed or crippled by an unemployed fighting dog and nothing happening I just don't care what happens to pit owners anymore.

  6. This is why neighbors and citizens MUST make sure there is ZERO TOLERANCE for loose dogs in their towns and cities, especially pit bulls

    The neighbors should have been forcing the local authorities to make these people contain their pit bull. No one who is ok lets their dogs run around loose.

    A loose pit bull is a death waiting to happen

  7. Mutual mauling! This is about the best case scenario you can hope for with typical LOW knowledge pit bull owners. Sorry, not sorry. BSL protects people from their OWN stupidity.

  8. Sarah, did you also see that Loving's pit, Baby, had 3 puppies in 2014? A dog named Bear "raped" her when she was not yet a year old. He was younger than she was and had impregnated another dog as well.

    You can't make this stuff up. Baby also seemed to sleep with multiple children and get along well with cats, but multiple people joked she was worse than Cujo and a demon dog. It appeared she didn't like visitors, particularly men.This is all on Facebook.

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