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11 thoughts on “2017 Dog Bite Fatality: Pit Bulls Attack Couple on Christmas Eve, Killing One, in Kentucky

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  1. How horrid to lose someone you love in such a violent manner, especially at this time of year. When a dog kills the owner needs to be charged, period. No dog should EVER get a free kill.

  2. Disgusting unimaginable despicable horrific.

    Get a couple of battery powered chainsaws. $50 and up.

    Practice using them.

    Have one in the car, by the back door, front door, take one in a stroller with you if you garden.

    Keep them charged and available. Show all family members capable of using them where the chainsaws are.

    A gladiator dog attacks, end the attack. Safer than a pistol.

    Document all neighborhood, passerby bully dog escapes, sightings.

    Attend governmental meetings, pointing out that BULLY people don't actually care about dog or even bully dog welfare.

    Proof is their failure to educate the public on how to keep bully dogs safe.

    Proof is their insane attempt at "defending" bully dogs, saying that they are not supposed to kill humans, they're bred to leave home and kill DOGS.

    Proof is the bully persons' failure to offer or accept any breed specific ways to reduce the disproportionate suffering and death that surrounds gladiator dogs.

    What trait could be worse than UNPROVOKED PROLONGED DEADLY psychopathic suicidal dog aggression, if you care about dog welfare?

  3. Unreal. On Christmas Eve, losing a family member in such a brutal way. I can't even imagine.

  4. Such a relief to see another police department be unified in 1. calling the dog what it is a pit bull, and 2. calling it (also what it is) very dangerous.

  5. It's depressing as hell that this guy has kids and the mother of his children is defending him on Facebook. Apparently, she doesn't realize that her kids could have had their faces ripped off by these dogs, or she doesn't care. Bizarre and sad, with mothers like these…

  6. God, that makes me so sad. My mom loves to feed the birds, as do I. I think we can always draw parallels to our own loved ones when something like this happens. To be doing something so kind and gentle as to feed the birds, and then get savaged to death by someone else's disgusting killer animals is beyond belief.
    It's horrifying how often pit bulls mutilate and kill humans. I can't even understand how people advocate for such abhorrent creatures.

  7. I like how these two female relatives of his keep defending him on facebook with this isn't his fault because he was in jail. Yes, because his dogs got loose and killed someone but he wasn't at home at the time, this is not his fault. So, if a pit gets out/loose and the owner is elsewhere (the store, at work, at the ER), the owner is not responsible in any way. Love how these pibble people think.

  8. Here's a comment from one of his 'cuz' (I think that's hillbilly for 'cousin') on Facebook:

    "Wow!!!! 172 comments!! Johnny Dale Lankford is famous now for sure!! And to think he wanted to be left alone and not talked about on facebook."

    No, cuz, your criminal low-life relative isn't famous, he is briefly infamous. Once his worthless butt is in prison (hopefully!) he will fade from the public consciousness, as he should.

  9. Disgusting that people defend him. He should be charged with manslaughter (at the minimum.) It's not uncommon that a pet can "get out", from a house, a fence, etc. A "pet" that is capable of killing someone if it accidently gets out, should not be a pet. It should be locked in a zoo by people trained to handle dangerous animals. So many wonderful dogs (and other non-hammful pets, rabbits, fish, cats, hamsters), why, why, why do people insist on keeping a killer breed as a pet?

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