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Blogger vintage  |  3/19/2012 4:01 AM  |  Flag  
Hard to believe that not so long ago back in 1975, the US only had 5 DBRFs.

Since 1978, The Pit Bull and Rottweiler communities have produce animals that have killed 359 Americans and horribly mauled THOUSANDS.

Hello...CDC?!? Are the lights on?

Blogger Miss Margo  |  3/24/2012 8:25 PM  |  Flag  
Interestingly, the Rottweiler community is nowhere near as defensive about their Breed of Choice as the Pit Bull community is of its. I've never heard of a Rottweiler Public Image-Support parade.

The same observations apply to the Mastiff, Doberman, and GSD communities. Mastiffs and Dobermans are somewhat rare--or at least, rare everywhere I've ever live. GSD owners seem to accept and own their dogs' behavioral tenancies. And there's a reason why GSDs are probably the #1 military, LE, and drug/bomb detection dog in the world: its unique capacity to be appropriately aggressive and intensely curious while also being self-controlled and very biddable and intelligent.

I wonder, though--Rotts usually go for children and babies (so do wolf hybrids). I read this in on the Craven Desires blog, and I've been turning it over in my mind ever since.

Why..? Does anyone have a theory or idea they could share with me? The big dog isn't "defending itself" or its owner from a tiny helpless baby. Is it being territorial? What's up?

I'm excluding pit bulls from this question & analysis. We all know that they are demented.

OpenID truthbird  |  3/25/2012 6:31 PM  |  Flag  
Rottweilers, wolf-hybrids and huskies indeed focus on infants and young children; all three are high prey drive breeds. The first two take down the elderly as well, the other side of the equation.

Blogger vintage  |  3/26/2012 5:26 AM  |  Flag  
It seems as though Rottweilers really target children, but this is the "norm" across doggiedom.... Only Pit Bulls target adults almost as often as children.
That makes them "Special".

Since the CDC proclaimed no breed differences with their 2000 Study, almost 240 Americans have been killed by Pits and Rotts.


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