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7 thoughts on “2016 Dog Bite Fatality: Elderly Man Killed by Dogs in Jacksonville, Florida

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  1. Oh, dear…I was just reading about a 3-year-old killed by an American Bulldog in the UK, and here's yet another death by dog in the U.S.

    This one reminds me of one I read in the last few months (I don't remember the source, sorry) about a man who was found drowned, but authorities suspected aggressive dogs had chased him into the water.

  2. Four large dogs is too many for ANY one person to handle. This is why there needs to be limits on the number of dogs a person can have, that limit should be TWO and in the case of known problem breeds (like pits, chows, akitas, rottweilers) and their mixes the limit should be ONE. I hope they put these dogs down. Dogs that harm humans have NO place in human society.

    • I think limiting to 2 is a bit too strict for most breeds. I would only place number limits on the larger, aggressive breeds (rottweiler, chows, pit bulls, GSD etc) and leave the small and medium "soft" breeds out of it. Since when did we ever hear of a pack of cocker spaniels running riot and mauling people? It never happens.

  3. There should be firing going on in the city. They let a known criminal terrorize people with deadly weapons, and now they are responsible for killing this man.

    The dangerous dog hearings should have gone on ages ago. They ignored people and let crimes continue.

    There needs to be a clearinghouse for people to be detailing their problems with city authorities and dangerous dogs. Airing this dirty laundry is the only way to clean it.

  4. How sick is it that a pitbull advocate who allowed a pet pig to be butchered has been given another job in the animal shelter business. Shame on you, Jacksonville!

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