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13 thoughts on “2010 Dog Bite Fatality: Lorain County Man Killed by 'Rescued' Dangerous Breeds

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    neighbors say they were fearful of the dogs and even altered their own behavior in order to avoid the dogs. a landscaper who works at the property next to the dogs also reports that he was afraid of them. i don't know what possesses people to want to own dogs like this but i am glad the dogs killed the owner and not one of the neighbors or other innocent people who were just going about their daily business.

  2. "Rescued" dogs?

    As time goes on, thanks to No Kill, we are having more and more of these hoarding situations, and more and more people taking in dangerous dogs because the No Kill people tell them they can be fixed.

    They never can.

    If these dogs attacked this man, what were some of them doing to the smaller, weaker dogs?

    Letting large numbers of aggressive dogs roam around in packs is NOT properly taking care of dogs, and I fear that we have another No Kill disaster here that the county should have been involved with long ago.

    Rescues and shelters need to be licensed and inspected too.

    There need to be some ground rules, for the health and safety of all, man and animal.

    (I also wonder if Lorain County is not a dumping ground for unwanted dogs, perhaps because people's local animal control and shelters have gone No Kill and won't take them in, or have a ridiculous "waiting list." Wherever this No Kill insanity is in place, trouble follows. No Kill has killed so many in brutal, uncivilized ways.)

  3. This is from the Topix board:

    i work at the hospital down the road from where this happened(and from where the ambulance was dispatched) and was told by a co-worker that EMS had been on scene for about 20 minutes and had yet to get to the victim because of the dogs. apparently they were all growling and barking at the EMS crew…

  4. In the years that I had a sanctuary, I never had a problem with dog on dog aggression. The only time would be at night and the dogs would "spar" a little to determine who would get to sleep with the cat. If a dog came in new and went after the cat, the other dogs would put it in it's place and that dog would never go after the cat again. Each one was fed separately so no problems with food aggression either. I studied this "pack" of dogs, ever changing, and never had to break up a fight. But then again, never had a pit or anything close in that pack, mostly hounds of some type. And they roamed freely, always coming home at dusk. We lived in the middle of no where, no other neighbors, just woods. And they were all altered when people had never heard of spay/neuter. I wonder if any of these dogs were altered. I can't imagine the horrors of being attacked by several dogs.

    And yes, this can be contributed to "No Kill". Hoarding is becoming out of hand and all under the guise of "No Kill". In California, all you have to do to get animals from the shelters is PRESENT yourself as a rescue, you do not have to be a 501c3. And now the Whino is pimping the Hayden in New York as the Oreo bill. I want rescues regulated, not given free rein. They are out of control with this "No Kill" movement.

  5. Hours long.

    The neighborhood on lockdown.

    The cost of cleaning up this bomb that had been waiting to go off (which eventually did) was big for the Lorain County taxpayer.

    And what if that emergency personnel had been needed at another urgent call? Someone else could have died because all hands were dealing with this insane situation that never should have been allowed to go on on.

    The only family pet was living in the house.

    The vicious dogs were out where they could have escaped and killed a neighbor. Or several.

    I wonder if these dogs were not previous bite cases that made it through the underground to end up at this place instead of being properly euthanized where they originated?


    Was this one of those sorts of places that Best Friends wants vicious dogs sent to? Or that irresponsible towns agree to let vicious dogs get sent to?

    The sort of place that abuses and endangers when adults don't want to be RESPONSIBLE and do the RESPONSIBLE thing and euthanize vicious dogs.

    Howwever, one of the articles intimated that this man placed some of these vicious dogs in new homes. The thought is frightening.

    There are many questions here that needs answers, because there are more places like this out there.

  6. At first when I read this story, I was thinking about the various unidentifiable mutts that are always dumped out in the country and breed like crazy. That's what I thought they were "rescuing" at first, so I was a little surprised.

    Then I read the update. Now I'm not surprised. Thankfully an innocent person wasn't injured or killed because of their stupidity. I bet I can't say the same for the various normal dogs that were dumped or the local wildlife.

    In the past two years, the Erie Shores Humane Society received three anonymous calls about dogs fighting or being beaten with a 2-by-4 board at the property, said Shannon Moss, a humane investigator for the society. A rescue worker for neglected animals, Moss sometimes will care for 10 or 20 dogs in kennels at his Oberlin home. Moss visited the Kywa-Winters home three times after the complaints. “They did not seem sickly or malnourished to me,” Moss said. “They did seem overly aggressive.” He said he once spoke to Kywa through the fence and Kywa stated his dogs were well cared for. “Why did he have this kind of dogs? Why did they have this kind of aggressive dogs of this nature?” Moss said. “This didn’t just happen out of a fluke. These were some mean dogs there. Why were they there?”


    Yet again, this seems to be a BREEDING OPERATION breeding and selling vicious dogs, and using the cover of a fake "rescue."

    I wonder if he was not using the emotional bait and false misnomer of "rescue" to get people to buy dogs, when he was breeding them all the time.

    Also to avoid paying taxes.

    But the really disturbing thing is that there was a history, a history of aggression, abuse, dangerous dogs. Why did no one deal with this problem?

    These dogs could have escaped from that shoddy operation and killed a neighboring family.

    Why didn't anyone step in?

    These operations need to be licensed and inspected. There need to be some rules, and they need to be required to follow them.

    Aggressive dogs living outdoors in packs? The results of this were as clear as day.

    It's a miracle that an innocent party wasn't killed- a delivery man, a neighbor, the mailman, a child walking to school down the road.

    The pathetic thing is that if this guy had been running a junkyard there would have been more rules, inspections, and enforcement. And junk doesn't kill people.

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