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10 thoughts on “2021 Dog Bite Fatality: Baby Boy Killed by Family Rottweiler with a Reported Bite History in Brooklyn

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  1. The 11 year old was afraid of the dangerous breed canine, but of course, that meant nothing. Anyone who is afraid of dogs receives one and only one instruction set from almost all of society: “Don’t be afraid of dogs, because your fear is unreasonable”. The only thing that is surprising about this textbook incident is that this type of incident does not occur much more frequently. Somewhere out there, under American skies, there are the next few or more million Americans who will, in the next twelve months, be the perfect victims of the Almighty Dog that demands its chunk of perfect victim human flesh and blood. Too bad that each and every one of those few million future annual victims are not configured to be not-so-perfect victims. The blanket of denial that comforts most all members of our society is too comforting to be stripped away by acknowledging factual statistics of this extremely under-reported public health crisis.

  2. Leaving 3 children (including a baby) home alone was bad enough, but leaving them there with a dangerous and known aggressive dog was pure child endangerment. Maybe, just maybe, if there was no dangerous dog in the home, these three children would have been relatively fine. But no, this insane father thought it was okay to leave a huge, powerful dog which had previously bitten alone with 3 kids. What is this world?!

  3. The sad thing is if an adult had been home this would have been called a “tragic accident”. Odds are an adult could not have stopped the attack.

  4. Senior citizens who get powerful dogs are possibly somewhere on the cognitive decline. Seniors living in a little apartment who get a large powerful dog are definitely not functioning well in executive function. That being said, there is a lot of blame to go around to both the father as if the grandparents. I suspect the father is down on his luck I needed to move in with them. The grandparents likely took this as an opportunity to go on a trip out of the country and use their son is a dog sitter in exchange for how they have been helping his family out. The father needs to work to provide for his kids and to save up to get them their own home. I hope the grandparents get charged upon return.

  5. “Baby’s not supposed to be home by itself”
    Of course, if this moron hadn’t chosen to keep a vicious dog around his three kids the baby likely would have been just fine. I hope he gets jail time. The two other kids sound like they’d be better off with relatives.

  6. I understand, even if it’s not a preference, why parents desperately needing money in the house, might leave a baby alone with their siblings.

    What I fail to understand, is leaving a rottweiler *who already bit the baby once* alone with these kids. They have too much responsibility as is, trying to care for a baby.

    I don’t know their living situation, but if the grandparents had their own space, why not leave the Rottie at their house then walk it 3x per day and feed it? These were all common scenarios when I was growing up.

    If not that, if the grandparents lived on site, but can afford a Rottweiler and a vacay, can’t they afford a crate so Dad/Mom are the ones dealing with the dog?

    Now there’s a dead baby in a clearly preventable scenario.

  7. I really can’t believe how a father could be so foolish! Could he not at least have locked the dog in a room away from the children?? A dog should never have free access to a baby, especially a rotweiller or other dangerous dog. And this dog had bitten before and they KNEW it! What is going on in people’s minds?

    I also blame the “nanny dog” lie that puts people in the mindset that they can leave their children alone with a large powerful dog and it’ll all be peaches and daisies. This is so dangerous.

    • I’m glad you brought up the Carl books. These have been out for a few decades now and are considered by some to be classics of kid’s lit. It’s hard to tell how many classrooms, schools, and libraries the Carl books are in. The basic theme is always one, or sometimes multiple, large Rottweilers babysitting small children.

      • So true. My daughter received a Carl book when she was young. At first I thought it was a joke, then decided it was an attempt to whitewash the breed. Crazy.
        So sad for the oldest boy who was left in charge. At least he had the presence of mind to lock himself and his brother away from the dog. Two wounded children. RIP baby brother.

  8. The state of PA is breeding a Rottweiler and Doberman mix. The dog I am referring to looked like a Rottweiler but was of this mixed breed.

    I witnessed this dog kill a deer in the state of New Jersey. The dog chased down the deer, proceeded to bite the deer on the rump, and then went directly for the neck of the deer. The dog quickly killed the deer and I assure you no one taught this dog to hunt.

    The dog was put down. Thankfully, the dog was put down before he killed a person or very seriously injured a person.

    The aggressive behavior is in the genes. Aggressive breeds were originally bred for specific tasks (hunt, kill, protect).

    Shame on anyone who allows these dogs to run wild in their neighborhood. Quality of life is not improved by having these type of dogs. Owners are playing Russian Roulette with their loved ones and neighbors and it is only a matter of time before someone is seriously injured or killed.

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