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7 thoughts on “2014 Dog Bite Fatality: Toddler Killed by Family Rottweilers in Citrus County, Florida

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  1. Oh that's just great. Dad was hiding out it appears at his mother's home from an injunction for protection (against domestic violence or retraining order type deal)that had been served on behalf of his wife in another county. That is why he was arrested. When it rains it pours.

    Despite the tragedy, the father of the child, Chris Camejo, was arrested on an unrelated charge in his driveway. Camejo was arrested as he was in violation of an injunction for protection and was taken into custody at that time. The injunction had been served in another county on behalf of Claudia Scarbrough.

  2. Not an accident. This was criminal negligence, and these extreme incidents need to be treated as crimes, not unfortunate accidents or animal control issues.

    Where was animal control before this happened? How can someone fill a house with dogs and not have to follow local ordinances and laws that prevent disasters?

    It's bad to see the pendulum swing back to Rottweilers again. Not nearly as bad as the pit bull situation, but not good.

    In the 1980s, there was a lot of Rottweiler promotion, and Rottweiler breeding and sales increased in the general public with the accompanying maulings, especially of children.

    The Rottweiler breeders were some of the first to use the nanny dog myth to try to avoid responsibility, and some of the first anti-BSL pushes were from Rottweiler breeders.

    Then the pit bull promotion increased in leaps and bounds, and Rottweilers faded from the commercial marketing arena.

    With the attack on the home health aide in Plainfield CT due to Rottweiler breeders in their twenties, I wonder if the marketing trend hasn't gone back to promoting this breed.

    Society has to come to terms with the fact that there are people who think they have the right to breed aggressive and dangerous breeds of dogs that kill people.

    It doesn't make much sense that other businesses can't get away with producing and selling danger and injury.

  3. "Animal control removed four Rottweilers and an additional dog from the home. Several Chihuahua and puppies were left at the home."

    These people were breeding dogs. Likely selling them through craigslist, facebook, or one of other online avenues

    This is why there needs to be not only enforced animal control laws, but also zoning laws and licensing of businesses. Things are out of control, and that is not how a civilized society should be run. Other businesses aren't allowed to operate this way.

    The neighbors have been living with a danger in their neighborhood, out of control.

  4. Is anyone out there saying "Thats not a rottie, no one can tell if its a rottie! DNA TEST!"

    Pits are just as distinctive as rotties are. My 4 yr old can spot one at 30 yards, and is accurate like 90% of the time, but we are supposed to believe that we cannot ID them.

    But I never see this about ANY OTHER BREED>

    Poor kid. This was totally avoidable.

  5. It amazes me that people can still be stunned when they leave small children alone with a PACK of known aggressive dogs. I have to agree, this is criminal negligence not an accident. This exemplifies why people should be limited to ONE dog when it's a known dangerous breed.

  6. I am glad to see some real action taken with the parents, but still it was the grandfather running an illegal, unlicensed business intentionally breeding aggressive dogs and selling aggressive dogs to attack kids in other neighborhoods and put his own neighbors at risk.

    The root of the problem is still left to grow. How many kids that he's already sold offspring of these vicious dogs to have or are going to attack kids?

    There need to be rules and controls, and there needs to be a system of consumer tracking to pinpoint problems and get back to the source of the problem.

  7. Everyone go fuck yourself I'm free with my not guilty verdict u sik pigs I lost my baby boy

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