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5 thoughts on “2014 Dog Bite Fatality: Rottweiler Kills Toddler in Caldwell County, North Carolina

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  1. This poor, innocent child, and his brother too. They did not deserve this.
    I cannot believe another death already. I know, I will be saying that every time, for the rest of the year, but the pace of killings is just so fast now.

    Now Rottweilers can be tied with the BULL Mastiff for this years #2 killer. Even adding their deaths together is nothing close to the destruction pit bulls leave in their wake, let alone all other breeds.

    Guess there are tons of golden retriever deaths and amputations just not being reported… Maybe they were really all "lab mixes". /snark

  2. But, but, but… I thought the media only reports pit bull attacks?

  3. 18 victims in 4 months. We should all be very afraid.

    These deaths. I find myself praying for the first time in 30 years. For the innocent victims. For the victims that were mauled and have to live with the aftermath, as well as the ones that were killed. For their families and friends. So much sadness, grief and horror caused by someone's choice of a pet.

  4. I agree with the "F" grade.

    Who in their right mind would allow this kind of thing with any new dog.

    I was pretty shocked yesterday to see this new fatality. I always blink my eyes a couple of times when a new entry has been made. The pace is overwhelming.

    Like everyone else here this is one blog I wish to have no new entries.

    Meanwhile I live very cautiously with my small dogs as we all know they are "are more vicious", and the media is just failing to report about it….

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