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11 thoughts on “2019 Dog Bite Fatality: Baby Girl Mauled to Death by Rottweiler in Henderson, Nevada

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  1. An observation:

    I find it interesting that the media is using the word “bite” instead of “maul”. I’ve noticed that multiple news outlets are using the phrase “15 month old dies after dog bite” versus “15 month old mauled to death by Rottweiler”. To me, this language removes the responsibility of the dog/dog owner and reduces the severity of the attack in the minds of readers.

    • And that’s precisely the point.

      The dog-besotted media types can’t bring themselves to admit that dogs can — and do — kill people. Saying so would go against the notion that dogs are man’s best friend.

  2. Manner of death: Homicide. Cause of death: dog mauling as a result of criminal negligence on the part of the dog owner. Disoposition: Life in prison for the dog owner. Forfeiture of all civil assets to the family of the victim.

    • Of only! People are so rarely held accountable for the actions of their pets, that it is sickening!

    • I continue to fail to understand this. If you substitute any one of the words lion, tiger, wolf, or bear for dog and Rottweiler in this story you could be your bottom dollar this would be on the Drudge Report and criminal charges would be filed against the owner. Somehow dogs get a free pass. Pit (and aggressive dog ) apologists try to make like my discrimination against their pets is a form of racism, well, you are being “racist” against lions! I want a pet lion but I know I can’t handle one and I can’t be 100% sure it won’t get out so I won’t get one!

      • Christy, this is the same analogy I use when I think about how my local animal control would respond at the drop of a dime if someone called in to say there was a bear in their yard vs the non-response I get when I call about a pack of aggressive pitbulls that continue to run loose on my property and keep my children from playing outside.

  3. Guys so so sorry about ur baby my prayers&thoughts.r with u love u Granny Fox

  4. My sister was Mauled by vicious dog Presa Canario with her new born baby few feets away. Husband still has 4 more of these dogs and refuse to get rid of them, and expects my sister to return to same house with her baby after she comes out of ICU and recovery. Please send me anyone’s contact info who has been mauled by dog so i can forward it to my sister to ensure she don’t get manipulated by her husband to go back to the same house. Not sure why people roll dice with human/family life.

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