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12 thoughts on “2024 Dog Bite Fatality: Man Killed by Dogs on Corsair Road in Southwest Harris County, Texas

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  1. Why cannot people be responsible dog owners? Five large dogs together are a very dangerous pack. Besides, they often will kill each other.

    I used to own a lot of GSDs which were always confined with a limit of two dogs together. In other words, no person would ever be dealing with over two dogs at a time.
    The worst injury was clothing removal on a juvenile delinquent. (No exaggeration. His parents didn’t allow him to be alone with any dog. Prison later.)

    I hope the dogs’ owners are charged criminally.
    No one should die by being ripped apart by dogs.

    • I’m with you KaD. Too many pits and pit mixes in our neighborhood. One, a half block away kept getting out because the owners toddlers would let it escape, after it’s 3rd attack on another neighbor’s small dog, the county got involved, now it’s not allowed out of its yard, and when there it has a muzzle on.

  2. Poor man doing normal every day things.then not one dog not two but five dogs that killed him sad he was trying to defend himself with the trash cans was they all Rottweiler are some are pitbull I’m glad they put the doofus dogs down and I hope he get hunted every day with the old men death because of him.

  3. The way these horrific deaths don’t receive much in the way of media attention makes them so much scarier. Like people are being picked off one by one and no one cares to talk about it. Another life lost – oh well!

      • But a non-fatal shark attack on the Florida coast is sure to attract a flock of national correspondents. Pit bull attacks are a public health crisis as evidenced by number of fatal attacks in this country over the last two and a half weeks.

        • We had a non-fatal attack spree of four injured by a single shark on the Texas coast around the same time span, much MUCH less common than dog fatality in Texas.

    • It’s like pit bulls are still getting a pass to do whatever, because people just love those big ol’ sweet wigglebutts so much! No one wants to bring negative attention to the breed that might damage its image from The Dodo or slow down donations and adoptions of this super awesome amazing breed! >_>

  4. File murder charges on the dogs’ owner. Convict him and let some great people killing dogs or some lions pull him apart. Of course, we couldn’t do that; but how is letting one’s dogs kill someone acceptable? This needs to stop!

  5. This happened about five miles away from my home (Off the beltway and 288 on the map) and I’m just now seeing this death mentioned only in this blog. I live less than a mile from where the teen girl had her arm ripped off by her parent’s rottweiler a few years ago. Different economic levels between the two maulings yet the dogs stay the same. Horrible end for that man who had lived so long and probably learned to adapt and survive until that day.

  6. Another dead senior. Dr. Duke is right. It’s a maulocaust on seniors this year and ain’t nobody but us paying it any attention.

    The journos are too worried about their jobs and offending the twitter (excuse me, “X”) mobs to bother covering it.

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