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22 thoughts on “2022 Dog Bite Fatality: Relative's Rottweiler Kills 7-Year Old Girl, Injures Adult Female in Waynesboro, Virginia

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  1. The loss of a child in any circumstance is devastating. It is fascinating, though, that the “way” the child died is rarely mentioned on the funding site. What are donors to think: cancer, car accident, choking…what? Is it shame or guilt or denial? Or maybe that your honesty will set you up to be attacked a second time by rabid dog fanatics? What I believe is the menace dangerous dogs pose for our children and grandchildren is a message that needs to be spread far and wide. Who better to do it than the victims. Another little angel taken…another preventable death.

    • Sometimes people will mention the kid was killed by a dog. They NEVER mention it was their own pet dog. It would be bad for donations. Also they would be attacked by fans of the killer breed. “You trained that dog to attack and now it makes all Rotties look bad! My Rottie loves children, it would never hurt one! They are soo good with kids there is even a series of children’s books about them!! You should go to jail for making Rottweilers look bad!”

      Obviously the “real” tragedy is making Rottenweilers look bad, not the dead little girl. /s

      I am shocked we may have gone a month without a pit bull, the original canine IED, detonating. Then again there may have been several detonations and they just have not been covered.

      • Yes, that foolish “Good Dog, Carl” series contributed to HUGE misconceptions about this breed. And, unfortunately, it was highly successful. A pit bull struck again in the last few days, killing a 2-year old girl. Another “family” pet. This one owned by her aunt.

  2. Another little kid dead by a preventable tragedy. Rottweilers don’t live that long so I’m going to guess the parents acquired the Rott after the child was born. If the dog is older than the child, Rotts tend towards arthritis and joint pains which makes them cranky as they age.

    Don’t know how many times it can be said, Rotties are not a good choice of breed for a home with children. They’re an even worse choice if they come from a shelter and/or are raised by those without fairly extensive dog handling experience.

    • There’s a seasoned veterinarian who wrote a book about dangerous dogs. He recalls when he was at a large vet conference, a picture of a Rottweiler came up on the screen. Spontaneously, almost all of them said out loud, “Don’t ever trust a Rottweiler.” He also carries a gun when he’s walking the beach in Florida with his family. (Lots of loose dogs.) When an off-leash Rottweiler started to approach his children, he warned the owner he would shoot it. He meant it! The dog was quickly secured.

  3. I second Teresa’s observation. Not so much the dog, but because in the 90’s at least, when they were the power breed of the hour, only 1 in 10 clients could control their own dog. Very hazardous to work around. Just about all were muzzled.

    Actually back then, pitbulls were less feared in the exam room. I guess because they are pain tolerant, and not really dominant aggressive, they were not hard to deal with.

    • I don’t remember. Most dogs in US are vaccinated. I have heard of rabies being found in stray cats, so the disease is out there.

  4. Rabies isn’t unheard of in the US and what’s more “rescues” are buying puppies from ovverseas puppy mills and they are coming here with a long list of deadly diseases, not the least of which is rabies. It’s why the CDC has banned the import of puppies from 100 countries. I think it’s shameful that dog breeders who aren’t all puppy mills are still demonized while “rescues” are left to send vicious pitbulls and sickly dogs into the communities and they are treated like saints, while being scum!,were%20attributed%20to%20bat%20exposures.

    • They’ve brought leishmaniasis to Canada. There was *never* a case here until some fool rescue started importing dogs here from Greece and they *deliberately* import dogs to other countries that are infected.

      Dogs with it are supposed to be culled but rescuers save them then deport them. It infects humans and why this was ever allowed, I have no idea.

      • There’s a rescue that distributes almost all “Leish dogs.” I can’t think of the name right now. I don’t understand why it’s allowed.

  5. Just seen an update on this one. The grandmother is being charged with murder! That is what needs to continue happening when vicious dogs kill.

  6. My understanding is that if the NP and RN are convicted of felony charges, they lose their medical licenses for 10 years. These two are people who should have known better. They had to have seen at least one serious dog mauling patient. They definitely had to have known how dangerous pits and rots are.

  7. Hopefully we will see states assigning more responsibility for harboring dangerous dogs.

    The murder charges were brought in Virginia.
    The States of Virginia and California have more stringent laws than other states on bite histories required of shelter dogs.

    I hope we are
    witnessing a change in stricter laws across the board for more civic responsibility, including for family members of dog owners.

  8. A potential sentence of up to 70 years for the grandpatents, reduced to a walk. Shocking! One wonders whether they will be getting another Rottweiler.

  9. It’s very disturbing. We are still waiting for media reports to come out. The main (local media report) is behind a paywall. We could only access the court docket, which does not explain where the DA’s thinking was.

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