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13 thoughts on “2018 Dog Bite Fatality: Pit Bulls Kill Toddler, Injure Babysitter in Philadelphia's Port Richmond Section

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  1. It’s too bad that the police didn’t just kill them all. So many resources are wasted in dealing with these killer dogs, as if they are human and deserve due process.

    • And you can thank the No-Kill movement and organizations like Best Friends. They’re the money behind this insanity.

      • The No-Kill movement is one of the least intelligent things that I have seen. As a farmer, breeding with no end point is bad for the animals. You can’t keep all of them alive because there is a limit to resources available. The more individuals there are, the lower the quality of life for each one. What is the point of having them alive if they have to be kept in cages, alone? Pits are also the most abused of the dog breeds. We need to severely limit breeding and cull those that, well, in my point of view, all of them. But that’s as unreasonable to most people as No-Kill is to me.

  2. The only way to ward off a pack of attacking pit bulls is exactly the way the police did it. I hope to god these dog get put down.

  3. Well, these dogs look like they have a history of dog aggression. The brown dog on the left appears to have a chronic injury to the left eye with the eye appearing enucleated (blind with loss of volume of the orb. This same dog appears to have part of the left forefoot missing (toes gnawed off). The dog on the right appears to have alopecia either from mange or possibly from an attempt to breed a designer hairless pit bull. It also has a clearly fresh injury to the right side of its face.

    All this said, I am sure we are going to hear, very soon, that these dogs were never aggressive before and were well cared for, like that matters.

  4. I will bet money the image of the injured, bloodied pit bull is now being passed around social media with text to the effect that the mean officers shot the poor innocent puppy for no reason. There will be pleas to raise money for vet care and adopt out the dog. I’d bet the farm.

  5. I have come to the conclusion that pit nutters are no different than the brain washed followers of Jim Jones and David Koresh. They truly believe the crap that the pit bull movement spews to them. They lap it up like it’s gospel, and they shun and violently threaten those that oppose or defect from their sick belief system. And, in true Jones-esque fashion, they’re willing to sacrifice their lives and the lives of their children to prove their devotion to their “messiah”. There HAS to be an underlying mental illness connection to pit bull worship.
    In the same way that religion can be a wonderful thing in someone’s life (like a normal, healthy breed of dog) it can also be twisted and bastardized (like the pro pit bull movement.)
    Pit nutters are sick, plain and simple. They are unwilling to step away from the altar of pit worship and truly see how far beyond the pale they’ve gone.

    Rest peacefully in heaven, sweet beautiful little Javon. You never even had a chance.

  6. Five dog cages…ugh. It’s not uncommon for owners of multiple pit bulls to have to “crate and rotate” the dogs. In other words, the dogs are kept crated most of the time, and get turns having time out. This is done when dogs will kill each other if let out together.

    This practice is most common among pit bull or other fighting breed owners. If you google crate and rotate, you’ll find many pit bull sites. Why any one breeds such ill-tempered dogs is beyond me. Pit bull advocates often state that dog aggression doesn’t translate to human aggression but that is false. When a couple of pit bulls start fighting, they often end up directing their aggression to a person, which I think sadly happened here. An adult has no chance against five berserking pit bulls, let alone a small child.

  7. Pit bulls and other fighting breeds should be legally recognized as dangerous breeds. If a dog attacks and fatally injures someone, the owner should be charged for manslaughter, without having to prove that they “knew” the dog was dangerous. One look at these dogs tells you they are dangerous, by default. That sick woman had five dangerous dogs in the house, not even in cages, and allowed a child to walk around these dogs. It’s disgusting that she is not going to jail for that.

  8. I agree 100%
    Even the country these blood sport dogs were developed are banned. Only America allows dogs to kill people randomly. We don’t allow people to do this, why these dogs!
    You cannot change the genetic DNA of these blood sport breeds. America wake up!

  9. These dangerous animals needs to banned from every community in the United States, mandatory neutering and spay so they won’t be able to breed. How is it that wolf dogs are illegal to own but these killer dogs are in our communities?

  10. In Australia, a cage for a dog is unheard of! Nobody puts a cat or a dog in a cage/crate (new laws for wandering cats, to protect wildlife, but they are huge ass cages, sometimes built coming out of the owners house, window, so they still have run of the house too, or a massive outside, cage, far bigger than an American dog ‘crate’) I have never, ever seen a dog crate/cage in Australia… Aussies do NOT cage their dogs, except in a property fencing situation, they have a backyard…this must be bad for the dogs mental health? Some lazy owners must ‘crate’ them for days??

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