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18 thoughts on “2018 Dog Bite Fatality: Child Dies After Deputies Arrive to Family Pit Bull 'Slinging the Child Around' in its Mouth

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  1. Pit bull mix? That’s a pit bull mixed with another pit bull.

    Poor little girl 🙁 I hope she makes it. Just a serious trauma is going to stay with her for life.

  2. I’ll bet dollars to doughnuts that there will be a petition created along the lines of “911 Operator Tells Owner to Kill Her Doggie!! Sign to get her fired!!”

    I know I’m cynical because I see so much of this crap, but I also am not the least bit surprised anymore by nutter behavior.

  3. All bully dogs should wear thin strong collars at all times. A wooden spoon or something similar can be used to twist and tighten the collar causing the bully dog to loose consciousness. A pit bull breeder explained this technique.

  4. I can’t even begin to imagine watching a dog trying to kill your child in a vicious, sustained, attack for TEN MINUTES. Screaming for help for ten frigging minutes while that beautiful baby girl’s near lifeless body was being slung around like prey in the jaws of a DOMESTICATED animal that is hell bent on killing her. There are no words.

    I feel terrible for children born into situations where either ignorance or the parent’s shitty, selfish choices put the children at risk. Little Triniti is one such child. The poor thing never had a chance in a house with a pit bull (or two) and a flaming white trash douche bag who puts his disgusting dog on a pedestal. And a mom that allows it.

    How heartbreaking, and so utterly preventable. I wonder what dipshit boyfriend thinks of his face licking “lil bitch” dog now. I doubt it will change his mind about the breed. At least the dog is where it belongs. Cold and dead. No nutters can do fundraising to save its worthless life.

    • Boy Colleen, I really triggered poor little “John”, huh? He seems nice. He was articulate and refined. His rational and civilized response nearly made me change my mind about pit bulls. HAHAHA! He didn’t reinforce the typical pit wacko sterotype at all!

      He embodies all the characteristics of the typical pit nutter: irrational, unhinged, foul mouthed, victim blaming (especially those babies), an almost sexual obsession with his dog, wishing death on people who won’t drink the pit bull Kool-aid, and I’d even bet he has a neck tattoo or two.

      He’s literally blaming a one year old baby for being slaughtered. “John” is an insult to the human race, and he’s the reason babies keep dying.

      Keep drinking the Kool-aid, “John”. Keep up the fine work of showing the world exactly what pit bull owners are made of. You’re psychotic, you’re dangerous, and you and all the low IQ morons like you have blood on your inbred hands. Suck it, tough guy.

  5. Utterly disgusting. I hope the boyfriend understands good and well that this little girl’s death is his fault. He knew the dog was a killer and still brought it around a child.

      • Any dog over 40 lbs can be dangerous if it attacks, the difference is all breeds of large guard dogs are extremely proficient in combat. European breeds where used to fight bulls, bears, predatory cats, untill the early 1900’s. Both of that poor child’s parents should be prosecuted for negligence homicide, no different than being untrained & irresponsible with a gun.

  6. No. The boyfriend will never learn. Neither will the mother. I hope child protective services has been informed and visits their home – they still have a child there and their friends/relatives also seem to be pitters.

    These people have to be ignored and the fight has to continue to pass laws banning and regulating these dogs. Kudos to DogsBite for keeping up the good fight.

    • My heart breaks for that poor baby. Law changes regarding pit bulls don’t work, here in New South Wales, Australia pit bull ownership is banned, so people call them American Staffies, which aren’t banned. My neighbours have a cocker spaniel and two kids aged 6 and 4, and they got a puppy, I asked what kind, he said American Staffie, I said oh a pit bull then, and he laughed and said yeah. They are lovely people who take really good care of their animals so pray this dog never turns on them.

      • American staffs are banned in the UK – they recognize that they are in effect the same breed ( just the show line version).

  7. The dog was known to rip bunnies apart and loved the taste of blood. They NEVER should have trusted this killer with a 1 year old child!!!!!!!

  8. Micheal Lee Gurganus. Another ahole using dangerous animals to feed his little ego. (And manhood too).

  9. Mommie’s boyfriend with pit bull should be looked at with the same level of derision as Mommies sex offender boyfriend. Neither should ever be around children.

  10. I can’t imagine the suffering of the little girl’s mother. She brought that diabolical man and his diabolical dogs in her life, didn’t have the critical thinking to see that the situation was dangerous, of course no one ever educated her about fighting breeds, and now she lost her precious child! As if grief wasn’t enough, she will also spend the rest of her life tortured by guilt, for not having protected her child and letting that trashy man ruin her life.

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