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7 thoughts on “2018 Dog Bite Fatality: Infant Killed by Family Pit Bull While Under Care of Grandmother in Miramar, Florida

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  1. When I first read this story, I was, shall we say, triggered by the photo of the pit bull being loaded into the animal control truck. The dog photo on the truck had me going. Was that dog a pit bull? Thankfully, no. Here’s a link to the slideshow with an uncropped photo:

    However, one of the big problems that we face is infiltration of animal control agencies. Here in Pima County, Arizona, there’s a group that has been very successful at pushing its pro-pit bull policies, and that includes getting an AC director who’s very sympathetic to their cause. Link to the group:

    And here’s how this group puts all of us in danger. Note the use of the euphemism “pet-friendly housing.” Link:

  2. One of the news articles states that the dog was returned to the family after it was ruled an accidental death – is that possible after dog has killed a child??

    • No — that is not possible. The article misstated information. Remember that two family pit bulls were not involved in the attack. So yes, one or both may have been returned to the family. “Manner of death” can only be a few choices: homicide, suicide, accident or natural. For this reason, 99.8% of all fatal dog maulings are deemed manner of death accidental. This is true when criminal charges are brought too.

  3. I’d been hearing a puppy yapping at the duplex two houses down from mine. Yesterday, I finally saw it–it’s a pit bull. This is a family with two small children. On the other half of the duplex is a mom with a toddler and a toy breed dog. Sigh…

    • Better make sure you have a secure fence around your property. And carry a bear-strength mace when you walk your children or dogs. God help those little kids whose parents brought a pit bull in the home. I started carrying both pepper mace and a pocket knife after discovering there’s a crazy cat lady with a pitbull in my neighborhood; luckily, it’s old and fat, doesn’t seem very mobile, but in your case it’s a puppy, so your troubles may be just beginning.

  4. This began back at the time a neighbor accidentally lost control of her strong breed dogs that mauled the young woman outside her apt in San Fran. remember that incident? It caught on as a way to surreptitiously disrupt peace and quiet.

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