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19 thoughts on “2018 Dog Bite Fatality: Adopted Dog Kills Baby Girl While in Foster Care in Clearwater, Florida

  1. This is the second child in recent times killed by pitbull while in foster care of a relative. I really don’t know how agencies assess peoples fitness for being a foster parent. I do have a friend who is trying to become a foster parent and the agency even came out to the home and took a water sample for testing. Amazing that a water sample could prevent somebody from being a foster parent but having a ticking time bomb of a dog in the house won’t.

    • I’m surprised they check the water. They are so desperate for foster families here that most people w out criminal records qualify. They would not complain about a dog at all, though that seems a common place threat.

      I cannot imagine how that mom feels right now. She’s going to blame herself forever, though it’s not her fault the foster parents made bad choices.

  2. This whole situation is terrible and it is going to be very difficult to the mother of the child to get any justice. Knowing that the foster father was a police detective and that his agency/employer is investigating this is just nauseating. Since this happened in Clearwater, Florida (Flag) and there is a significant possibility he/his parents are Scientologists, which means they would have significant protection by the Church of Scientology.

  3. Didnt see “Magic” in the (covert maulers) PDF but omg… listed as “Retriever/Labrador Mix” and RIGHT below in description it literally says: “He will brighten your day with that Pit Bull smile”

    These people are trash self serving lunatics & a mortal danger to all of us. Thank you for continuing the exposure w/research & FOIAs, full disclosure, transport records & rescue liability needs to be written into law. wish it could be plastered on the windows of every pit-pushing shelter/rescue in America… which is pretty much ALL of them now. Pinellas showing 72 dogs & only not bulldog mixes, and the majority of those “mixes” look like full on game bred pitbulls… it doesnt matter how many human injuries, traumas & deaths they cause (& avalanche of maimed/dead pet victims are barely even noted) only lawsuits threatening those at the top (& entire municipaties) can bring an end to this.

    Its so frustrating, by the time the truth is exposed the news has already run their “lab mix accident” & “weenie dog killers” stories & rarely cares about the follow up… but hopefully the records y’all dig up & preserve in these cases (before they’re wiped in the cover up) will eventually be able to back up enough victims lawsuits to turn the tide. We can only hope (& screenshot). Heres the “Magic Labrador (pitty smile)” listing to add to the nauseating records

  4. OMG you can not make this kind of stuff up. In looking at the For Sale page (I refuse to call them adoptions) The breeds. Pharaoh Hounds are EXTREMELY rare. They are not running around impregnating or getting impregnated on the street. I give them an “A” for creativity because usually Grey pit bulls are labeled Weimeraner mixes. As for the update, there was absolute criminal behavior here in delaying calling 911. An outside agency should be investigating this.

    • Trust me, we are not hopeful. Seems there is little to no chance the DA would even entertain criminal charges. This is on top of the Masers already being insulated by their own police department. The family has been lawyered up for some time. Hayslette wrote the letter on October 10 authorizing the euthanasia order.

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