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6 thoughts on “2018 Dog Bite Fatality: Pit Bull-Mix Attacks Two Family Members, Killing One Near Mount Shasta; No Media Reports

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  1. “Struck by dog deaths?” Please explain what means.

    My opinion is that death from sepsis culminating from dog bites should absolutely be included in the statistics since the cause of the sepsis infection IS the dog attack.

  2. This year seems worse for pit owners than usual.
    I bet there are many more such deaths. I always wonder about what happens after many of the severe attacks.

  3. Sounds like an elder abuse charge could be factored in. Pitbull-owning family members are clueless. Doesn’t sound like anyone is really thinking this event through.

  4. This poor woman worked hard her entire life, raised her children, giving all of her time, love and resourced to them. When she got old and helpless, she surely expected some gratitude from her adult children. Instead, they put her in a house with vicious beasts, and she died a horrible death, brought upon her by those children, whom she loved so dearly and to whom she gave all she had. Those ungrateful sick people, however, chose dogs over their elderly mother. Her blood is on their hands.

  5. “Pit bull collie terrier.” What a farce. These people will say anything to evade the fact that another pit bull killed another human being. Pretty soon it’ll be “pit bull hamster bunny mix.”

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