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9 thoughts on “2018 Dog Bite Fatality: Woman Dies After Being Mauled by Family Pit Bull in Southeast D.C.

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  1. That is clearly a pitbull. In fact it is a “red-nose pitbull” which is a pricey, designer color. The only other dog that I can think of with that color is the Vizsla and that no is no Vizsla. Real stretch trying to call that ugly thing a mixed breed dog.

    • Vizslas are all genetically ee bb if I recall correctly.

      The ee alleles (recessive red) cause the red coat and are very common in many breeds (all yellow labs and golden retrievers are this colour, except that the red is diluted to a cream / yellow colour by a different modifying gene).

      The bb alleles cause the skin of the nose, paw pads and eyerims to be brown or red, and cause a brown coat in individuals who are not ee (recessive red). bb is also common in many other breeds (border collies, labradors, spaniels) and is sometimes referred to as “chocolate” or “liver”.
      The combination of both ee and bb isn’t as common in purebreds but can easily crop up by chance in mix breeds.

      I believe podencos (a Spanish hunting breed) are also ee bb but since it’s not a show breed it’s difficult to find studies / colour test results for them.

  2. Another rescue group lying about what the dog really is? I am shocked! SHOCKED! that they would do such a thing.

  3. And I see where yet another children’s novel, published just this month, is featuring the child hero promoting “misunderstood” pit bulls and fighting her city’s proposed pit bull legislation.

      • I don’t like to go into too many details because it will just give these books free advertising, plus the authors can then claim that they are being “discriminated against on Dogsbite,” as another way to drum up sales and sympathy.

        Just go on Amazon, specify Children’s Books, and type in “pit bull.” You’ll see plenty of the types of books I’m referring to.

    • These fighting breed lovers are really sick and hypocritical people. They are the ones promoting dangerous breeds, encouraging families with small children to “adopt” those ferocious dogs, often times deceiving people and hiding dogs’ aggressive behavior history;
      every time you hear about a child’s death after a vicious dog attack, these people are the ones who have zero empathy for the family and the first thing out of their mouth is victim-blaming;
      and as for the rest of our children, the ones that these people’s beloved pitbulls didn’t kill, the same people are targeting those kids’ young minds with their shameless propaganda. That’s something your kids ned to know: the author of this book, who seems to be your friend and to want to entertain you, would be the first one to defend pitbulls and blame you if, God forbid, you were attacked. Your kids need to know how much they can trust those books and their authors. Show them some comment section where rabid pitbull lovers react to a horrifying news story about a deadly attack – it sends chills down your spine. The victim means nothing, their life means nothing, the suffering of the family means nothing – it’s all about defending the breed.
      It’s really scary how often some sick activists who never had any children of their own, because they’re too crazy to live normal lives and have families, and actually do things that hurt other people’s children both in the short and in the long run, try to get to our kids and teach their sick values to them.

  4. Classic pit bull behavior. They can be fine for years then suddenly snap. Too bad people never learn- pits are not pets.

  5. That Humane Rescue Alliance refuses to state the dog is a pit bull is not surprise to anyone who lives in the DC area. If you subscribe to the WTOP Facebook page, you will regularly (read: daily) see them posting adoptable Dog-of-the-Day segments from their radio station. I would guess approximately 90-95% of the dogs they show are pits, solidly pits too, not fungible ‘mixes’. Most of these come from HRA, and many of them check off the whole list of read-between-the-lines red flags.

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