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20 thoughts on “2018 Dog Bite Fatality: Recently Adopted Mastiff Kills Owner in Las Vegas, Nevada

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  1. I would not want a mastiff or a presa canario in my home, especially not around children. Do these people do ANY thinking at all? Any research before they pick up a large, unpredictable shelter reject? The large, dangerous power breed fetish strikes again.

    • I don’t really think it’s fair to blame the victims. If you tell the truth about certain dog breeds being dangerous then you immediately get attacked by a bunch of screeching harpies who make these dogs their religion. This makes it hard to properly educate people. Then on the other side of it you have so-called dog experts saying how they are sweet and kind and just like any other breeds and even nanny dogs. This is obviously going to lead to tragedies like this.

      They likely trusted that their pet had actually been tested for temperament in a reliable way and took the shelter’s word for that. I would blame the shelter and the dangerous dog worshipping hoards more than the people who adopted based on the biased information they were able to get.

      Sometimes the first time people really realize that not all breeds are the same and that treating a dog well won’t make them safe is when they get mauled.

      • If only there were a way to hold the irresponsible shelters and dangerous dog worshipers liable for the deaths and maulings.

        • Yeah one of the husband’s friends even posted on his wall that these types of dogs were friendly and good with kids. With “friends” like that who needs enemies.

          That person probably didn’t know any better either though. Perhaps they do now. I hope so and I hope they learned not to present dangerous dogs as safe.

          It’s heartbreaking to go back on the husband’s facebook wall and see the post about their anniversary and how he was looking forward to 26 more years with his wife, etc.

          I think he should sue them for wrongful death.

        • Well, there is. It’s called BSL. As in, Breed-Specific Litigation.

          I hope that the Sweeney family has a good lawyer. Because there are some big, juicy pots of gold for him or her to go after. Animal Foundation, I’m looking right at ya. Best Friends Animal Society, you too.

      • It’s not possible to accurately temperament test psychopath suicidal dogs, dogs intentionally created to be calm and sweet right up to the moment they become game-insane, when instinct to attack meets opportunity to reach a victim. Good mauling dogs attack and fight to the death over nothing, on mutant man-made instinct alone.

      • It’s not victim blaming, it’s facing reality. They guy himself is quoted below “never had this breed before so if anyone out there know anything about them please share”. It takes about 60 seconds to find out breed information using an online search engine. Here’s what I found: ” The Presa Canario is not an appropriate choice for an inexperienced dog owner. First-time dog owners and people who have had only “soft” breeds such as retrievers, spaniels, or toy breeds need not apply. In the wrong hands, the Presa is dangerous. Two Presas killed a woman in San Francisco in 2006. This dog is large, powerful, intelligent, and headstrong.” At some point I think we need to look at the failure of personal responsibility as well as the shelters failures.

  2. That FB post by the husband has a lot of foreshadowing in it….”never had this breed before so if anyone out there know anything about them please share”…. and “hope he is great indoors and not tear everything up.” Well, Patrick, that is the problem with shelters pushing these agressive breeds on unsuspecting people, they do “tear everything up” when they “bite” (maul is more appropriate for what they do).

    • On more thing, “brindle mix” is something my local news website is using instead of saying pit bull. He mentions this as part of the breed and I suspect this is how the shelter had it labeled since he doesn’t know anything about this breed.

      • I read an article calling this dog a mastiff/ presa canario mix. Presa’s are what killed Diane Whipple.

  3. Presa Canarios were, like pit bulls, bred for dog fighting. I’m sure they still are.

    I checked out the Animal Foundation website. They have mostly pit bulls and other fighting breeds. However, they do not list them as such and just have them listed as what colour they are. Many are just strays that were found in the street. Nice.

    • I see. They probably don’t want their shelter statistics reflecting the truth here: a massively disproportionate number of shelter dogs are pit bulls. Sensible people also aren’t going to want a pitbull so they have to hide what the dogs are. It’s also crazy how many of those dogs are strays. Who would want a stray fighting-breed dog without knowing anything about it? Yikes.

      I notice in the article they call a dog a “Staffordshire Terrier.” I know those are related to pit bulls, but purebred Staffordshire Terriers are quite rare. I suspect they call pit bulls “Staffordshire Terriers” because most people are familiar with pitbulls but may not know what a Staffordshire is.

      Of course, the American Staffordshires are just pit bulls with a different name.

  4. This dog looks EXACTLY like a fake service dog that a local homeless couple is always dragging into businesses and public places in my town. They could be littermates, it is so close. They call it a “boxer/mastiff”. It wears a silly little generic “service” vest and everything.

  5. English Mastiff and other Mastiffs are over a hundred pounds for a female much larger for a male to over 200 lb this dogs must be Mastiff Pitbull mix that’s why they use the word brindle so unsuspecting people think it’s a breed and not a Pitbull..The dog that killed her was a healthy weight of 83 lb.Presa Canario mastiff mix would be over a hundred and 30 lb.II think the new strategy is when people get killed by pit bulls they have the dogs listed as other breeds to change the statistics of pit bull deaths.

  6. I have a Mastiff as in English Mastiff! They are by far the most peaceful of the Mastiff breeds! A small English Mastiff female would be 130 plus pounds. My female got to almost 200 lbs before cancer! I wouldn’t at all be shocked if the attacking dog was a pit mix!

  7. It looks more like a family member’s pitbull than a mastiff to me.Either way, you’d think that you would want to see the parents to assess genetic temperament before buying a dog, or any animal.

  8. I had to put down my beloved English Mastiff , I had him since a puppy. He was raised with love , at 14 months he started ripping into his other pack members whom he had been raised with and loved . Then he went after my 81 year old mother who he also had known since a puppy. This dog was beloved, raised in our home . I adopted a Fluffy Mastiff who was huge , and had been abused and starved. He is my Angel, healed my Heart

  9. I watched a short “Inside Edition” segment on this story found on YouTube which had the audio of the 911 call. Reading the comments there is infuriating. The level of ignorance is hard to even grasp. Most people commenting say that the husband must have killed the wife, that there’s “no way” the dog could have done it. Part of their distrust is because the husband sounds calm in the call… I heard a man barely keeping it together.

    Some even speculated that the husband killed the wife and then covered it up by pressing the dog’s teeth into her to make it look like the dog had bitten her. (They seriously said this!) It makes me wish that in some cases photos of the body could be published to show the actual devestation of an attack like this. It might open some folks’ eyes to the reality of a fatal mauling.

    Ignorantly, many others just can’t believe that a dog which “only weighs 80 pounds” could possibly kill an adult. Some go so far as to say that this lady could have “easily” fought the dog off. Do people really have no inkling of the speed, power, tenacity and brute force of an attacking dog? A much smaller fighting breed could have easily done the same.

    I can only imagine the regret this husband must live with every day for having brought home this dog.

  10. It looks like a big pit bull to me.
    Is that what all mastiffs look like?

    It has the butt crack forehead,beady dead looking pig eyes and the muscled up jaws of a pit.

  11. These shelters and “foundations” that push fighting breeds on unsuspecting families need to be sued and stripped of millions of dollars every time a deadly attack happens. That would make them change their ways.
    People have no idea that shelters barely test dogs for aggression, that these tests can’t be relied on anyway, because the way this dog behaved with a trainer for 5 minutes doesn’t give you any idea about how it will behave with you and your children for the next decade; that more often than not people who work in those shelters are unethical dog worshipers who value dogs more than people; that if you try to research breeds online, your search results will take you to one of the countless websites bought and paid for by the same “foundations” and run by the same dog worshipers. Just because something is called a foundation and has an official sounding name, it doesn’t make it reliable.
    I understand that shelters, unlike “foundations”, are part of the government, and people generally trust the government, however, there’s obviously some catch there too. Maybe it’s said somewhere in fine print that shelters are not responsible for any damages, but people don’t know that and see shelters as reliable and trustworthy.
    Maybe if they get sued a lot, at least they’ll replace those fine print warnings with large and visible disclaimers hanging on walls, so naive people who want to “adopt” a dog will at least have some food for thought when they come to shelters.

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