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12 thoughts on “2018 Dog Bite Fatality: Woman Who Uses Wheelchair Mauled to Death by Family Pit Bull in Michigan

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  1. Is wheel chair a new trigger? Maybe it’s just that she wasn’t young enough for the “nanny dog” reflex to kick in. A hospital or adult care home might have been a safer residence or are they still allowing stunt pitbulls to pay therapeutic visits?…all sarcasm aside this is terrible and unacceptable. Will be waiting to see who these dogs belonged to and what is done about it. If they were hers they were a danger to the whole community and she should not have had them. If the dog’s belonged to someone else this reeks of elder abuse.

  2. Cue the nutters………. “she had a seizure and dog was trying to revive her”…………”she ran over their tail with the wheelchair”……………. enter excuse here “______________” This is as horrific as it gets. A PET attacking a completely helpless person. Normal dogs do not do this!!!!

  3. So, let me get this straight, dogs have killed 33 people, so far, this year alone, 24 were killed by pit bull dogs, and yet it’s rarely seen in the media. An alligator kills one child in disney, and it’s in the news for weeks. What’s the problem here? What am I missing ? If this death toll were caused by a shooting, it would be all over the news. Why is this horrific problem being mostly ignored?

    • In our political correct age, it is not proper to say one race of dogs is more aggressive than another. There have been 559 victims of pit bulls in the U.S. who have had there throats ripped out by these so called nanny dogs. Three people from my community have been killed or attacked by pit bulls in recent years. The owners were pit bull advocates and stated so in their face book pages and encouraged others to get them.

  4. This phone has been pretty severe with a pitbull attacks. I suspect the year will continue like this in an much like December did last year, with the hyperphagia from pit dogs.

    The CDC has done such a disservice when the politicized dog attacked fatalities dog attacks and general, in their refusal to track them and educate the public.

  5. Cs, the reason these attacks don’t get so much publicity is because they are dog attacks. And dogs are worshipped in our culture. They can’t possibly do any wrong — or so the myth goes.

    Denial. It runs deep. And it’s not a river in Egypt.

  6. What a horrific end to this lady’s life. Undoubtedly the pro-pit side will claim that she must have had some sort of medical incident and that the dog was trying to “help” her as has been touted in previous mauling deaths. This is only made more likely by news coverage saying that she died from a dog “bite” and not a “gruesome and sustained mauling” as was almost certainly the case. But even so, even if the claim of “she must have had (insert medical problem here) and the dog was trying to revive her” could possibly be plausible (which of course it is not) … who in their right mind would want a dog that reacts in such a way if its owner suddenly suffers a medical emergency? For dogs that are advertised as “nannies,” who would ever leave a child in the vicinity of a dog that would attack them if they choke, or fall, or have a seizure? What adult would want a dog that might attack if they have a heart attack or a stroke? Even if their preposterous claims were true, shouldn’t that STILL show that these animals are dangerous dogs unfit for a home? Or to claim “it’s all in how you raise them” but then push shelter dogs with no known history out into adoptions? It’s sheer madness and people like this poor lady and scores of others pay the price.

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