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14 thoughts on “2018 Dog Bite Fatality: Woman Dies After Being Attacked by a Pack of Dogs Near Ardmore, Oklahoma

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  1. They're trying to call these collie and dachshund mixes but " Carter County Sheriff Chris Bryant said the victim — whose name has not yet been released — was attacked by seven dogs and later died from her injuries.

    Bryant said the incident happened before 10 p.m. at a residence just east of Ardmore on Banyon Road. He said one of the dogs was a pit bull"… If ONE was pit wouldn't the others be pit mixes? They sure look like it to me.

  2. Unfortunate are you kidding? I can't believe the officer used the term unfortunate event. I'm disgusted that they don't have a leash law I'm disgusted that they're not going to bring charges against the owner having 7 dogs is not having pets that's a horder who doesn't care what their animals do. It's never going to change. Unless people who own the dogs are held responsible, maybe then less people will own this kind of dog and they will stop adopting them. Something has to be done.

  3. Yeah, these are definitely NOT "weiner dogs" as reported elsewhere in local media. They look short but predominantly terrier/pit to me. Check out the facial structure & ears.

    Oklahoma just had another pitbull attack in which a woman lost her arm & was badly injured…I think she's still in the hospital in critical condition as I speak. Meanwhile Kansas has banned pitbulls in the entire state. As long as this kind of carelessness is allowed, these dogs will continue mauling & KILLING innocent people. This needs to be treated as negligent homicide or manslaughter & maybe these jerks will do a better job of containing their "pets".

  4. Dear Carter County Sheriff Chris Bryan and Amanda Dinwiddie,

    Please google 'Bull Terrier'. I forwarded a photo of a bull terrier and dachshund. Those 7 dogs are not mixed with dachshunds. I forwarded that photo too.

  5. It's amazing how nutters ALWAYS claim "there's no such thing as a pit bull", "people call dogs pit bulls because they have a blocky head", "there's no way to confirm its breed (or "bread" if you're the ridiculously cliche nutter) without a DNA test"….
    BUUUUUT, they can readily identify the prominent breed in some sideshow freak dog that looks like something from a cryptid legend. Maybe they're chupacabras! That would actually make more sense than there NOT being pit bull blood in those nasty things.

  6. I just learned about another children's picture book promoting pit bulls, that was published less than a year ago. I'm not going to link it here or give too many details, for all of the obvious reasons.

    Anyway, the premise of this book is that there's a pit bull in a shelter who was injured by a person who was "prejudiced" against pits. Alack and alas, no one wants to adopt him either, because the public is also so "prejudiced." As a result, the dog lacks self-esteem because of all of this bullying! Finally, at the conclusion, an enlightened family comes along who doesn't believe the "awful stereotypes" and takes the pit bull home.

    Once again, I'd like to remind folks that this is a picture book for very young children. Sigh…

  7. Anytime the attacking pit mix has white front legs and chest on black body, they call it a border collie mix🙄. Like that dog that killed the Atlanta boy waiting for the bus.

  8. An innocent woman died. She was someone’s daughter, wife, sister, mother, aunt, best friend. First reaction from sick pit bull lovers? Defending the breed. Dead person means nothing to them, let’s go straight to defending dogs. How sick.

  9. PLease show the screenshot also where the vet talks about the owner statement. I like to back my arguments up with irrefutable proof when arguing with nutters… makes them look even more stupid than they already are.

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