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3 thoughts on “2018 Dog Bite Fatality: Texas Woman Dies After Being Horribly Mauled by a 'Solid White' Mastiff in Hunt County

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  1. I told my sister today that I will no longer be around her 2 dogs. One a 10 yr old pit mix 70 lbs, one 10 yr old boxer 60 lbs, both good dogs. The last time I was house sitting them, I was watching t.v. on the sofa when the pit mix got up on the sofa next to me, we were sitting eye to eye, our faces inches away, his eyes averting away, his mouth opened as he was panting. I could see all his teeth, and the very distinguished curved jawline of the pit. An uneasiness came over me, and I slowly moved away. Every time I see this dog, I remember that night, The last time I saw him, he put his nose on my hand and looked directly at me. So I told my sister today. She said that she was surprised that I was afraid of them, as I had been a zookeeper, and had worked with lions. Perhaps, that is the reason why, I replied, I have seen that look before on the face of a lion.
    Looks as if he is sizing me up

    • God help your sister and her family. Dangerous dog owners are always “surprised”. Surprised to hear their dogs are frightening, and later on surprised when someone gets injured or killed. Any normal person would be surprised that those dogs haven’t attacked someone already, but the owners are totally defiant. I understand they’ve been brainwashed, but you need to be really blind and easily brainwashed in order to be looking at an obviously dangerous animal that has the physical ability to destroy you anytime it wants, and believe someone who’s telling you this animal is sweet and will never hurt anybody. It’s really strange – to believe someone’s words more than you believe your own eyes.

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