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5 thoughts on “2018 Dog Bite Fatality: Pet Wolf-Dog Hybrid Kills 8-Day Old Baby Girl in Virginia

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  1. So terribly sad. Those wolf hybrids should be banned in ALL states: they are NOT safe pets, especially around helpless children and babies.

  2. Ka D, that is a very enlightening post you shared from the Craven Desires blog. Once again we see some dog owners' strange and twisted fetishes and ideas about what dogs should be. Disgusting.

    I can't even begin to imagine the trauma inflicted on a tiny baby. There just aren't words for this horrible tragedy.

  3. I'm not the least bit surprised by what that social services department did. It reminds me of those three years that passed while I was trying to report a case of child abuse and neglect that happened in my neighborhood. It took that long for me to get an agency to actually listen to me.

  4. Rest in peace, precious child, may you be in heaven with God’s angels.
    Common sense, people, turn on your common sense.
    No dog should ever be left unsupervised with an infant.
    Dangerous dogs (that can kill an adult, never mind a child) should not be kept as pets.
    Wolves are not pets, they should not be kept as such, or be crossed with domesticated dogs.
    The fact that this particular dog hasn’t attacked anyone before doesn’t make it safe. It’s an animal, guided by animal instincts, and any minute there can be a glitch in it’s animal brain that will cause it to attack.

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